Ruthin primestock sale - April 16

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 327 prime lambs to 364.7ppk / £140; 1,975 prime hoggets to 241ppk / £110; 640 cull ewes and rams to £130.00 and three prime cattle to 232.5ppk / £1232.25.

Spring lambs:

There was an increased entry and good quality about.

Strong lambs topped at 364.7ppk, returning a very good average of 275.9ppk.

Top priced per kilo: 364.7 by A G & M T Davies, Llys; 359.0 by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro; 350.0 by A Handley & Partners, Oaktree Farm.

Top priced per head: £140.00 by A Handley & Partners, Oaktree Farm; £140.00 by J S Davies, Derwen Deg; £140.00 by J S Davies, Derwen Deg.

Light to 240.8 Average 240.8; Standard to 241.9 Average 240.6; Medium to 364.7 Average 279.0; Heavy to 350.0 Average 275.9; Overweight to 278.7 Average 252.3; Overall Average 272.5; SQQ 275.9.

Old season lambs (auctioneer - Elfor Morris):

There were good numbers forward with good demand.

Medium weight lambs were at a premium with a number of heavier lambs about.

Top priced per kilo: 241.0 by G O Roberts, Dolfeurig; 235.4 by T A Roberts, Fach Gau; 234.7 by H W Williams, Llawr y Betws.

Top priced per head: £110.00 by J D Pierce, Bryn Deunydd; £108.00 by G J Walton & Partner, Llyn Tro; £105.00 by J D Pierce, Bryn Deunydd.

Light to 217.2 Average 184.2; Standard to 241.0 Average 199.2; Medium to 235.4 Average 203.5; Heavy to 228.3 Average 189.1; Overweight to 186.8 Average 165.3; Overall Average 196.2; SQQ 201.2.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

Another excellent trade throughout, together with a good entry.

Top priced rams/ewes: £130 by J O Griffith, Ty’n Rhos.

Texel ewes to £105.00; Suffolk ewes to £84.00; Texel rams to £130.00; Lleyn rams to £62.00; Charolais ewes to £70.00; Charolais ram to £130.00; Beltex ewes to £88.00; Welsh ewes to £58.00; Welsh rams to £55.00; Overall Ewes / Rams Average £56.71.

Prime cattle: The entry of heifers sold to 233ppk by H J & F J Williams, Maes Gadfa (£1,232.25) returning an overall average of 231.2ppk.

St Asaph livestock market - April 11

NEW season lambs (800):

A total of 800 spring lambs were forward, which were very well sold, especially the best quality.

The judge Jordan Jones, of Messrs Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge, Wrexham awarded the following prizes:

Best single lamb shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr weighing 36kg selling for £128 to David Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge.

Second prize single lamb shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr weighing 41kg selling for £145 to John Morris for Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Best pair of spring lambs shown by Miss S Hughes, Claypits Farm, Sontley weighing 35kg selling for £124/head to David Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge.

Second prize pair of spring lambs shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr weighing 35kg selling for £115/head to David Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge.

Best pen of four Texel x lambs shown by T Lewis, Penycefn weighing 38kg selling for £134/head to David Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge.

Second prize pen of four Texel x lambs shown by T Lewis, Penycefn weighing 38kg selling for £124/head to A Birtwistle, Manchester.

Best pen of four (any other breed) shown by H L Williams, Cefn Gwyn weighing 36kg selling for £96/head to Philip Smith for West Scottish Lamb.

Second prize pen of four (any other breed) shown by H L Williams, Cefn Gwyn weighing 34kg selling to £85/head to R G B Webster Ltd, Rhyl; SQQ 272.43

Light ave 277.15p/kg to 321.00p/kg to £94.00/hd; Standard ave 279.62p/kg to 391.00p/kg to £140.00/hd; Medium ave 265.51p/kg to 354.00p/kg to £145.00/hd; Heavy ave 238.39p/kg to 261.00p/kg to £120.00/hd; Overweight ave 181.46p/kg to 196.00p/kg to £110.00/hd.

Old season lambs (3,186):

A very big show of hoggs, which were a mixed show quality wise, but very well sold with the best in keen demand.

Judge Philip Smith of Caernarfon awarded the following prizes:

Best pen of 10 Texels shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr weighing 41.5kg selling for £131/head to David Jones of Jones Bros, Stansty Lodge.

Best pen of 10 any other breed shown by D Roberts, Cornel y Cae weighing 55kg selling for £94/head to Philip Smith for Euro Quality Lamb, Craven Arms; SQQ 214.83

Super Light ave 192.87p/kg to 196.00p/kg to £47.00/hd; Light ave 223.91p/kg to 233.00p/kg to £72.00/hd; Standard ave 212.96p/kg to 240.00p/kg to £91.00/hd; Medium ave 213.56p/kg to 316.00p/kg to £131.00/hd; Heavy ave 193.57p/kg to 253.00p/kg to £120.00/hd; Overweight ave 168.64p/kg to 253.00p/kg to £120.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (1,653):

Top price pen of five old ewes went to Eynon Farms, Newcastle Emlyn selling for £115/head and purchased by Pak Mecca Meats.

A much larger show of old ewes were again a good firm trade throughout with the best continental ewes to £125/head, tups to £128/head and Welsh ewes to £60/head.

Ewes to £128.00 ave £71.52; Rams to £125.00 ave £81.16.

Beef cattle (5):

The top price heifer went to E G Wynne, Bronydd Ucha and sold to Conway Valley Meats for 192p/kg.

Heifers (5) ave 188.39p/kg to 192.00p/kg to £1,001.70/hd.

Mold stock sale - April 12

THERE was a record-breaking weekly sale with 632 stores and stirks forward on the day.

A packed ringside meant cattle of all breeds and ages met a solid trade throughout.

Dairy cattle met excellent demand, with heifers to 1780.

More buyers ringside for calves resulted in an increased return for sellers.

A total of 322 stores topped at 1165 for 22m BSH steers and 1085 for 18m Lim heifers.

Some 310 stirks topped at 940 for 15m AA steers and 720 for 6m Char heifers.

A total of 32 dairy cattle topped at 1780 for HF heifers and 820 for 9m BF bulling heifers.

Meanwhile, 75 calves topped at 350 for 3-week-old CHAR bull and 340 for 3-week-old BB heifer.

Store cattle (322 entries):

Steers: BSH (22m) to 1165; SIM (21m) to 1145; Here (22m) to 1140; BR (22m) to 1130; Lim (22m) to 1120; Char (18m) to 1100; SAL (20m) to 1080; BF (24m) to 1080; AA (23m) to 1035; HF (23m) to 950.

Heifers: Lim (18m) to 1085; Sim (22m) to 1080; BB (23m) to 1065; CHAR (18m) to 990; HER (21m) to 965; AA (22m) to 960.

Stirks (310 entries):

Steers: AA (15m) to 940; Lim (13m) to 850; BB (12m) to 810; CHAR (7m) to 805; SIM (12m) to 800; HER (12m) to 690; BSH (12m) to 665; HF (11m) to 565.

Heifers: Char (6m) to 720; BR (10m) to 690; Lim (11m) to 685; SIM (11m) to 680; WB (12m) to 655; AA (11m) to 640.

Dairy (32 entries):

Cows: HF calved heifer to 1780; BF calved heifer to 1660, others to 1600, 1580; BF bulling heifers (9m) to 820, others to 700, 660.

Calves (75 entries): CHAR bull to 350; BB bull to 345; LIM bull to 340; Monty bull to 248; BA bull to 240; BAZ bull to 230; AA bull to 185; BF bull to 88; HF bull to 82; BB hfr to 340; LIM hfr to 320; BA hfr to 270; HER hfr to 210.

Llanrwst market - April 16

THERE were excellent entries once again in all sections in the Easter sale, with trade slightly easier due to the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend.


Best single spring lamb by J & A J Davies & Son, Trelan, Cilcain weighing 40k and bought by the judge Arwel Jones, Butcher, Llanrwst for £135.

Best pair of spring lambs by G Roberts, Carregyfran, Siloam, Rhydlanfair weighing 35.5k and bought by Arwel Jones for £110.

Best pen of 4 or more lambs by G A Hughes, Tu Hwnt i'r Fawnog, Maenan weighing 39k and bought by Conwy Valley Meats for £95.

Market prices:

Lambs (115): Lights (3) to 258p, av 258p; Standards (79) to 310p, av 250p; Mediums (33) to 338p, av 240p.

Hoggets (809): Lights (227) to 203p, av 190.6p; Standards (294) to 205p, av 193p; Mediums (246) to 215p, av 195p; Heavy (42) to 188p, av 175p.

Ewes / rams (263):

Welsh to £50; Xbred to £104; Rams to £95.

Beef (14): Chx hfrs to 180p; Limx hfrs to 200p; BB hfrs to 190p; Salx hfrs to 205p; Chx strs to 190p; Salx strs to 190p.

OTM cows (1):

Limx cows to 125p.

Highest priced:

Lambs (per head and per kilo): J & A J Davies & Son, Trelan, Cilcain.

Hoggets (per kilo): G & E Hughes, Hafod Dre Isa, Pentrefoelas.

Hoggets (per head): J Roberts & Sons, Tyddyn Coed, Llanbedr, Conwy.

Ewes / rams: J & A J Davies, Trelan, Cilcain.

Beef (per head and per kilo): D H Roberts, Ty Croes, Pentraeth, Anglesey.

OTM cows: R G Owen a'i Gwmni, Foel Gadeiriau, Llangernyw, Abergele.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - April 11

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 316 store cattle to £1,300.00; 70 calves to £490; 113 stirks to £970; six OTM cattle to £1,016.80; 298 ewe and lamb couples (703 head) to £202; 208 store lambs to £82 and 48 pet lambs to £24.

Calves (auctioneer - Dafydd Parry):

Once again, calves at Ruthin were met with plenty of demand, with all types in keen demand.

The main ring was full of potential buyers once again, with a good selection on offer and a lively trade.

Topping the day was a strong 4 month old British Blue bull at £490 from Gwyndy, Llannefydd.

The consignment also included topping Aber Angus x calves achieving £395.

Younger Aber Angus x calves were also creating a lot of interest, with a 4 week old Aber Angus x to £210.

Four week British Blue bulls sold to £360 and a 4 week Brit Blue heifer calf went to £300.

Of the Limousin entries, there was a 4 month old Limousin bull calf to £290, with a strong 4 week old Lim bull calf to £360.

Four month Hereford x bull calves were selling to £340 and 4m Hereford x heifer calves to £350.

Stirks (auctioneer - Richard Lloyd):

A special sale of weanlings cattle of all breeds also created a lot of interest pre-sale, with a lot of interest from potential purchasers.

The auction will shortly be holding another special sale of weanling cattle in a fortnight with entries required to meet demand.

Contact Richard Lloyd on 07557 230777 with enquiries.

The latest prices included: 10m Brit Blue to £970; 11m Brit Blue to £900; 8m Brit Blue to £820; 12m Limousin to £865; 10m Limousin to £800; 8m Simmental x to £770; 9m Limousin to £770; 6m Limousin to £760.

Store cattle (auctioneers - Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

The total entry of 504 cattle included 316 store cattle, which remained in very good demand again.

Once more, cattle from both low and intermediate areas were in keen demand.

Heifers: 22m Limousin to £1,185.00 by G B Jones Ltd, Fron Bella; 24m Limousin to £1,160.00; 18m Charolais to £1,170.00; 19m Charolais to £1,100.00; 22m Charolais to £1,095.00; 21m Charolais to £1,145.00; 23m Aber Angus x to £1,150.00; 21m Brit Blue to £1,075.00; 22m Brit Blue to £1,070.00.

Steers: 15m Brit Blue to £1,300.00 by A Roberts, Garnedd Fawr; 27m Brit Blue to £1,270.00; 29m Brit Blue to £1,160.00; 22m Limousin to £1,240.00; 21m Limousin to £1,220.00; 24m Limousin to £1,200.00; 20m Charolais to £1,205.00; 21m Charolais to £1,205.00; 23m Hereford to £1,170.00.

OTM: 6 year old Limousin cows to £1,016.80.

Sheep section:

Store lambs (auctioneer - Richard Lloyd):

Texel to £82.00; Welsh to £70.00; Lleyn to £67.00.

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

Texel £160 (singles), £202 (doubles); Suffolk £150 (singles), £162 (doubles); Mule £135 (singles), £150 (doubles); Welsh £132 (singles); £200 (doubles); Lleyn £100 (singles), £132 (doubles); Cheviot £115 (singles), £140 (doubles).

Pet lambs: Selling to £24, averaging £12.57.

St Asaph livestock market - April 13

OLD season lambs (141):

Store lambs were a touch easier, with a top price of £89 from B Spencer, Dyffryn Aur.

Super Super Light ave 108.11p/kg to £20.00/hd; Super Light ave 161.67p/kg to 165.00p/kg to £40.50/hd; Light ave 182.52p/kg to 186.00p/kg to £53.00/hd; Standard ave 165.88p/kg to 188.00p/kg to £61.00/hd; Medium ave 142.90p/kg to 189.00p/kg to £85.00/hd; Heavy ave 155.10p/kg to 187.00p/kg to £89.00/hd; Overweight ave 145.45p/kg to £80.00/hd.

Old ewes (17):

Ewes to £60.00 ave £49.44; Rams to £35.00


Couples (318):

Mule Doubles to £165, Singles to £98; Suffolk Doubles to £110, Singles to £102; Lleyn Doubles to £145, Half Bred Doubles to £112; X Bred Doubles to £85, Singles to £130; Welsh Doubles to £88, Singles to £96; Speckled Doubles to £98, Singles to £85; Herdwick Doubes to £70, Singles to £75; Badger Face Doubles to £68, Singles to £75; Texel Singles to £130, Beulah Singles to £85; Dorset Singles to £88.

Mold primestock sale - April 15

THERE was a pleasing show of lambs, with some excellent quality on show.

New buyers in attendance ensured a fast trade.

More lambs are needed each week to satisfy demand.

A large show of beef met another firm trade.

Less cows were about, with another outstanding trade.

Easter prize sale:

Spring lambs (Judge – Daniel Morris, Butcher, Denbigh):

1st prize single awarded to J & A J Davies, Trelan, Cilcain and selling for 353p/k (£127) - purchased by the judge Daniel Morris for his Denbigh shop.

1st prize pair awarded to J & A J Davies, Trelan, Cilcain and selling for 339p/k (£129) - purchased by the judge Daniel Morris for his Denbigh shop.

1st prize pen of 4 or more awarded to J & A J Davies, Trelan, Cilcain and selling for 350p/k (£133) - purchased by the judge Daniel Morris for his Denbigh shop.


Awarded to the highest price p/k:

Heifers: A S & G D Jennings, Convent Farm, Pantasaph, weighing 610kg and selling for 231p/k (1409.10) to CJs Butchers, Daniel Owen Precinct, Mold.

Steers: G W & S Jones, Cae Goronwy, Llansannan weighing 600kg and selling for 224p/k (1344) to Emyr Williams, who purchased on behalf of Field Fresh Ltd.

Bulls: D Roberts, Cornel y Cae, Lloc weighing 635kg and selling for 220p/k (1397) to G P Jones Wrexham on behalf of Najib & Son, Derby.

Prime cattle (139 entries - 58 hfrs, 60 strs, 21 bulls):

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 221.10 (1433.98); Top 20 Beef 216.75 (1396.08); Top 30 Beef 211.77 (1364.22).

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 231 (1409.10), Av 205.83; Medium Continental Heifers to 220, Av 197.85; Light Continental Heifers to 224, Av 203.29; Heavy Native Heifers to 201 (1276.35), Av 174.89; Medium Native Heifers to 194, Av 183.20; Light Native Heifers to 146, Av 146.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 213 (1431.15), Av 196.50; Medium Continental Steers to 224, Av 201.54; Light Continental Steers to 224, Av 224; Heavy Native Steers to 196 (1350), Av 187.13; Medium Native Steers to 204, Av 177.71; Light Native Steer to 180, Av 176.67; Heavy Friesian Steers to 170, Av 170; Medium Friesian Steers to 176, Av 168.20; Light Friesian Steers to 182, Av 182.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 216 (1458), Av 190.75; Medium Continental Bulls to 220, Av 207.50; Light Continental Bulls 201, Av 186.50; Heavy Native Bulls to 170, Av 170; Medium Native Bulls to 172, Av 172; Light Native Bulls to 160, Av 160; Medium Friesian Bulls to 130, Av 125.80.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 180, Av 175; Medium Continental Heifers to 178, Av 178; Heavy Native Heifers to 115, Av 115; Medium Native Heifers to 160, Av 153.50; Light Native Heifers to 125, Av 125.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 194 (1425.90), Av 187.67; Medium Continental Steers to 190, Av 179.86; Heavy Native Steers to 186 (1311.30), Av 186; Medium Native Steers to 182, Av 182; Heavy Friesian Steers to 139, Av 139; Medium Friesian Steers to 110, Av 110; Light Friesian Steers to 105, Av 105.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 194 (1488), Av 172.80; Medium Continental Heifers to 143, Av 143; Light Continental Heifers to 142, Av 142; Heavy Native Heifers to 154, Av 154; Medium Native Heifers to 149, Av 149.

Steers (over 36m): Heavy Friesian Steers to 156, Av 129.50; Medium Friesian Steers to 125, Av 124.

Cull cows (56 entries - 34 dairy, 22 beef): Lim cow (6 yr old) to 194 (1484.10); Lim Cow (4 yr old) to 180 (1125); Lim cow (12 yr old) to 170 (1232.50); BR Cow (4 yr old) to 159 (1049.40); Top 8 Beef Cows Av 155 (1087.10); Overall beef cow av 135.70; HF Cows to 129 (1012.65); BF Cows to 122 (910.15); Ho Cows to 120 (852); BH cows to 120 (849.30); MRI Cows to 118 (808.30); BS Cows to 118 (737.50); Fr cows to 116 (846); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 119 (850.18); Overall dairy cows av 107.40.

Cull bulls (1 entry): BF Bull to 109.

Lambs (76 entries): Standard to 353, Av 310.20; Medium to 350, Av 278.50; Heavy to 246, Av 243.50; Sqq 301.70.

Hoggets (106 entries): Standard to 211, Av 200.50; Medium to 207, Av 203.60; Heavy to 190, Av 185.80; Sqq 202.40.

Ewes (31 entries): Ewes to 79; Rams to 80; Overall Av 62.35.

Gaerwen Easter prime lamb show and sale - April 10 

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 331 new season lambs, 284 old hoggets and 390 cull ewes and rams in the Easter show and sale.

The sale was kindly sponsored by Geraint Evans of Tiethbarn Ltd and the show was judged by Emyr Williams, Delfryn, Llithfaen.

An excellent show of lambs was forward this year which sold to a fast trade. 

The award for the best single spring lamb was given to Gareth Rowlands, Bryndernog for a 31kg Beltex lamb, which was later bought by the judge for £120 at 387 pence per kilo.

The best pair of Spring Lambs was awarded to a pair of 36.5kg Texel lambs owned by Mr H A P Jones, Penhesgyn with the pair realising £122 (334 pence per kilo), with the judge also purchasing these  prize winners.  

Mr Jones, Penhesgyn also came out on top in the best pen of 5 or more spring lambs category with five lambs weighing 41kg and achieving £125 (304 pence per kilo).

These were bought by Phillip Spith Esq, Cefn Ynysoedd. 

Schedule of prizes: 

Best single spring lamb: 

1st: G Rowlands, Bryndernog, Llanddeusant.

2nd: B Owen, Bodnolwyn Hir, Llantrisant.

Best pair of spring lambs:

1st: H A P Jones, Penhesgyn, Llanfaethlu.

2nd: B Owen, Bodnolwyn Hir, Llantrisant.

Best pen of 5 or more spring lambs:

1st: H A P Jones, Penhesgyn, Llanfaethlu.

2nd: E I P Jones, Gwenfro, Llanbedrgoch.

Best single lamb from a member of the Anglesey Young Farmers:

1st: Philip Jones, Fadog, Llanfaethlu.

2nd: Owen Evans, Caer Engan, Llangristiolus.

Highest priced pen of 5 or more hoggets:

1st: O Williams, Ponc Refail, Marianglas.

2nd: P Roberts, Bryn Medd, Llanerchymedd.

Highest priced pen of 5 or more Welsh ewes:

1st: D W Jones, Chwaen Newydd, Llantrisant.

2nd: W M Hughes, Garn, Llanfairynghornwy.

Highest priced pen of 5 or more cross bred ewes:

1st: T J Hughes, Cleifiog Isaf, Valley.

2nd: A & N Williams, Ysgellog, Rhosgoch.

Highest priced pen of 5 or more continental ewes:

1st: D P Evans, Tyddyn y Ffrwd, Llanallgo.

2nd: W S  & E J Hughes, Graeanfa, Llanfaethlu.

Market prices: 

Highest priced pen of lambs (p/kilo): 387ppk by G Rowlands, Bryndernog, Llanddeusant; 334ppk by H A P Jones, Penhesgyn, Llanfaethlu; 314ppk by H A P Jones, Penhesgyn, Llanfaethlu.

Highest priced pen of lambs overall: £125 by H A P Jones, Penhesgyn, Llanfaethlu; £122 by H A P Jones, Penhesgyn, Llanfaethlu; £120 by G Rowlands, Bryndernog, Llanddeusant.

Highest priced pen of hoggets (p/kilo): 250ppk by O Williams, Ponc Refail, Marianglas; 227ppk by J T Rowlands, Mynydd Adda, Llanddeusant; 221ppk by W J & E C Hughes, Ty Coch, Rhostrhewfa.

Highest priced pen of hoggets overall: £117 by R G & D N Pritchard, Frigan Farm, Brynteg; £115 by O Williams, Ponc Refail, Marianglas; £110 by P Roberts, Bryn Medd, Llanerchymedd.

Highest priced pen of cull ewes: £105 by O Hughes, Tan y Graig, Pengraigwen; £102 by D Ll Williams, Ty’n Rhos, Gwalchmai; £102 by W & M Parry, Pengelli Isaf, Caernarfon.

Highest priced cull rams: £118 by R G & D N Pritchard, Frigan Farm, Brynteg; £110 by R G & D N Pritchard, Frigan Farm, Brynteg; £94 by R G & R G Parry, Treban Meurig, Bryngwran.

Market averages:

Lambs (331): Average 265ppk.

Light to 387ppk, Average: 387ppk; Standard to 334ppk, Average: 269ppk; Medium to 304ppk, Average: 262ppk; Heavy to 243ppk, Average: 233ppk; Overs to 217ppk, Average: 217ppk.

Hoggets (284): Average 202ppk.

Light to 218ppk, Average: 218ppk; Standard to 227ppk, Average 210ppk; Medium to 213ppk, Average: 202ppk; Heavy to 250ppk, Average: 205ppk; Overs to 178ppk, Average: 200ppk.

Ewes (367): Average: £72.

Heavy to £105, Average £79; Light to £50, Average £42.

Rams (20): To £118, Overall Average £92.