A FORMER wildlife ranger has published a new book.

Malcolm Ingham, of Ruthin, has published a new book entitled From Badgers to Nighthawks: Adventures of a Wildlife Ranger.

Mr Ingham worked as a ranger, then head ranger and wildlife ranger on the Wirral for a number of years.

During that time, he successfully released a group of badgers to a disused sett in Wales in 1986, the sett still being active.

He has now retired to Ruthin, but still works with local wildlife issues.

Recently, he helped with training police officers tackling wildlife crime in a dedicated wildlife unit, has helped in the investigation and prosecution of badger baiters and conducts talks.

He also found a clan of badgers living in his back garden when he moved to Ruthin, so his work pretty much followed him.

Mr Ingham said: "Badgers fascinated me, but I would have to wait many years before I actually saw one in the flesh.

"The conservation seed was sown at a very early age with me knowing the path I wanted to follow but not having a clue how to find it."

The book has been published by Beul Aithris Publishing and it is priced at £10.99.