Ruthin primestock sale - April 23

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 367 prime lambs to 364.7ppk / £140; 1,547 prime hoggets to 247.5ppk / £115; 575 cull ewes and rams to £120.00 and five prime cattle to 230.5ppk / £1,256.23.

Spring lambs:

There was another good entry of strong lambs.

All types and weights sold very well, and more are required to meet the current demand.

Top priced per kilo: 322.2 by G Morris & W Evans, 12 Maes y Llan; 319.5 by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg; 318.0 by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro.

Top priced per head: £134 by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg; £131 by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg; £130 by T C & O & E C Lloyd, Criccor Hir.

Standard to 322.2 Average 287.2; Medium to 319.5 Average 280.0; Heavy to 250.1 Average 250.1; Overall Average 280.2; SQQ 282.1.

Old season lambs (auctioneer - Richard Lloyd):

A good number were forward and it was another good trade with a lot of buyers present.

Top priced per kilo: 247.5 by T A Roberts, Fach Gau; 245.2 by D J & M J Hughes, Ty Cerrig, Prion; 241.9 by C Williams, Rednall.

Top priced per head: £110.00 by D J & M J Hughes, Ty Cerrig, Prion; £108.00 by D J & M J Hughes, Ty Cerrig, Prion; £105.00 by J G & E V Roberts, Simdde Hir.

Light to 228.6 Average 220.4; Standard to 238.2 Average 219.0; Medium to 247.5 Average 215.0; Heavy to 245.2 Average 205.2; Overweight to 188.7 Average 164.8; Overall Average 205.6; SQQ 216.3.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

A brisk trade on all breeds and all categories of ewes were in demand.

Top priced rams / ewes: £120 by G W Jones, Nant Erw Haidd.

Texel ewes to £120; Suffolk ewes to £112; Texel rams to £116; Lleyn rams to £99; Charolais ewes to £98; Beltex ewes to £95; Welsh ewes to £62; Welsh rams to £66; Mule ewes to £82; Lleyn ewes to £115; Cheviot ewes to £75; Overall ewes / rams average £66.11.

Prime cattle:

The cattle entry had lots of quality as usual.

A 23m Limousin heifer from H J & F J Williams, Maes Gadfa achieved the top price per kilo of the day at 231ppk / £1,256.23.

Other entries included 18m Limousin heifers from T Edwards Brithdir achieving 230ppk to £1,205.75.

St Asaph livestock market - April 18

NEW season lambs (182):

A smaller entry of spring lambs as expected on the Easter weekend were again an excellent trade throughout, especially for the best.

Top price Light 294p/kg shown by R G & C Jones, Ysgubor Newydd and £110/head shown by R J & M Evans, Pontfaen; Top price Standard 361p/kg shown by R J Morris, Erw Goch and £137/head shown by the

same vendor; Top price Medium 353p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £141/head shown by the same vendor; Top price Heavy 256p/kg shown by A Jones, Glan y Mor and £128/head shown by the same

vendor; SQQ 283.81.

Light ave 274.47p/kg to 294.00p/kg to £110.00/hd; Standard ave 284.32p/kg to 361.00p/kg to £137.00/hd; Medium ave 283.77p/kg to 353.00p/kg to £141.00/hd; Heavy ave 256.00p/kg to £128.00/hd.

Old season lambs (1,714):

A very good entry for the Easter weekend were an exceptional trade on the week for all weights, breeds and types, but especially the very best.

Top price Overweight 204p/kg and £110/head by E Davies; Top price Light 222p/kg shown by R & E Williams, Hendre and £80/head shown by W Griffiths, Tyn Y Maes; Top price Standard 291p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £121/head shown by the same vendor; Top price Medium 300p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £124/head shown by G & E Jones, Garth Pigau; Top price Heavy 254p/kg shown by A Jones, Glan y Mor and £122/head shown by the same vendor; Top price Overweight 204p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £110/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 215.52.

Light ave 214.46p/kg to 222.00p/kg to £80.00/hd; Standard ave 211.39p/kg to 291.00p/kg to £112.00/hd; Medium ave 218.63p/kg to 300.00p/kg to £124.00/hd; Heavy ave 202.41p/kg to 254.00p/kg to £122.00/hd; Overweight ave 159.83p/kg to 204.00p/kg to £110.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (855):

Less ewes forward met a very fast trade, with the best continental ewes to £116/head, Tups to £130/head, Welsh ewes to £62/head and mule ewes to £100/head.

Ewes to £116.00 ave £76.65; Rams to £130.00 ave £90.84.

Mold primestock sale - April 23

ANOTHER new buyer in attendance for lambs ensured they were in good demand, with more needed each week.

A large bank holiday entry of cattle met another brisk trade for all types.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 216.40 (1403.15); Top 20 Beef 211.40 (1348.23).

Prime Cattle (104 entries - 45 hfrs, 44 strs, 15 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 211 (1266), Av 198.50; Medium Continental Heifers to 226, Av 198.56; Light Continental Heifers to 226, Av 211; Heavy Native Heifers to 192, Av 166; Medium Native Heifers to 220, Av 192.83; Light Native Heifers to 178, Av 177.50.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 220 (1441), Av 198.40; Medium Continental Steers to 212, Av 207.40; Heavy Native Steers to 195 (1316.25), Av 186; Medium Native Steers to 211, Av 201.20; Heavy Friesian Steers to 170 (1207.50), Av 159.50; Medium Friesian Steers to 194, Av 167.86; Light Friesian Steers to 105, Av 105.

Bulls (under 30m): Medium Continental Bulls to 219 (1390.65), Av 210; Light Continental Bulls 219, Av 209; Medium Native Bulls to 196, Av 180; Light Native Bulls to 190, Av 190; Medium Friesian Bulls to 156, Av 153.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 194 (1251.30), Av 183.33; Medium Continental Heifers to 205, Av 175.67; Light Continental Heifers to 195, Av 192.50; Medium Native Heifers to 158, Av 158.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 201 (1407), Av 187.50; Medium Continental Steers to 199, Av 185; Heavy Friesian Steers to 150, Av 150; Medium Friesian Steers to 165, Av 164.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 152, Av 151; Medium Continental Heifers to 133, Av 131; Heavy Native Heifers to 155, Av 154.50; Medium Native Heifers to 137, Av 137.

Steers (over 36m): Medium Continental Steers to 110, Av 110; Heavy Native Steers to 150, Av 150; Heavy Friesian Steers to 110, Av 107.50.

Cull cows (44 entries - 25 dairy, 19 beef): Lim cow (8 yr old) to 165 (1072.50); BR Cow (6 yr old) to 157 (1208.90); Lim cow (4 yr old) to 155 (986.90); Lim cow (16 yr old) to 140 (966); WB Cow (8 yr old) to 140 (1113); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 144.56 (965.95); Overall beef cow av 137; Dairy cow to 120 (864); Overall dairy cow av 1.20.

Cull bulls (1 entry): Lim to 130 (1280.50).

Lambs: Standard to 303, Av 284.70; Medium to 256, Av 256; Sqq 280.10.

Hoggets: Standard to 223 Av 206.60; Medium to 232, Av 213.70; Heavy to 203, Av 199.20; Sqq 213.10.

Ewes: Ewes Av 56.

Bala market - April 18


Old season lambs: Light (62) ave 176.5p/kg; Standard (3) ave 173.0p/kg; Medium (47) ave 174.6p/kg; SQQ 175.6.

Welshpool April store cattle fair - April 23

MORRIS Marshall & Poole with Norman Lloyd are pleased to report a highly successful sale of store cattle at the April fair.

Bunches of quality store cattle were well in demand, with over 1,200

cattle going through the ring in seven-and-a-half hours.

The bullocks were on fire and with over 50 purchasers acquiring cattle, demand was strong all day.

Smaller heifers were a little harder sold and any plainer cattle were more difficult to place.

A fantastic average of 230.07ppkg and £990.50 per head was achieved on all the bullocks sold, with heifers averaging 206.87ppkg and £833.15 per head.

Leading the way with the top price achieved per head were:


Limousin (1) 18 months 665kg - £1330 GC & CA Morgan, Llidiardau; Limousin (1) 15 months 685kg - £1320 WM & ME Jones & Sons, Fronhaul; Limousin (1) 15 months 540kg - £1310 Red House Farm, Aberhafesp; Charolais (1) 19 months 615kg - £1305 AG Jones, Llwyndu; Limousin (1) 15 months 495kg - £1280 Red House Farm, Aberhafesp; Salers (1) 21 months 600kg - £1275 DV Bebb, Gelli


Limousin (1) 24 months 610kg - £1350 JT & AW Davies, Tynygraig; Limousin (1) 23 months 615kg - £1340 JT & AW Davies, Tynygraig; Charolais (4) 26 months 610kg - £1200 DV Bebb, Gelli; Limousin (1) 12 months 445kg - £1200 Red House Farm, Aberhafesp; Charolais (1) 9 months 490kg - £1170 RE Evans & Son, Dinnant; Charolais (2) 25 months 640kg - £1150 DV Bebb, Gelli.

Top priced per kilo were:

Steers: Charolais (1) 12 months 360kg – 276.4ppkg JE & SJ Roberts, Pantybriallu; Limousin (1) 9 months 395kg – 270.9ppkg Red House Farm, Aberhafesp; Limousin (1) 15 months 395kg – 268.4ppkg DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands; Limousin (1) 11 months 430kg – 267.4ppkg DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands; Limousin (1) 7 months 305kg – 267.2ppkg IE Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant.

Heifers: Limousin (1) 12 months 445kg – 269.7ppkg Red House Farm, Aberhafesp; Limousin (1) 11 months 365kg – 260.3ppkg IE Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant; Limousin (2) 11 months 352kg – 259.9ppkg IE Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant; Limousin (1) 10 months 340kg – 258.8ppkg IE Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant; Limousin (4) 11 months 350kg – 258.6ppkg Red House Farm, Aberhafesp.

Ruthin store and breeding sale - April 18

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 313 store cattle to £1,350.00; 46 calves to £420; 10 stirks to £790; three OTM cattle to 138.0ppk; 319 ewe and lamb couples (716 head) to £228; 170 store lambs to £76 and 40 pet lambs to £15.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There was another lively calf trade with 46 calves forward.

The highest price of the day went to a one month old Charolais bull calf eventually selling for £420.

As with recent weeks, all types, breeds and age of calves were in keen demand due to the packed ringside of buyers.

Another Charolais calf one month old sold for £290 and a Hereford bull to £250.

Of the British Blue consignments, a one month old bull calf topped at £355 and a 2 week old Brit Blue was to £340.

Of the Friesian entries, a six-week bull calf sold to £55.

Farmers may also like to add their number to the database, informing them of the weekly entries.

Contact Dafydd or the office to add your details.

Stirks (auctioneer: Richard Lloyd):

There were a few consignments of stirks in the stirk section.

11m Limousin £790; 12m Simmental £670; 11m Brit Blue £600.

Plenty more are required.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

There was a total of 313 cattle.

Strong cattle remains in keen demand, as well as younger cattle.


21m Limousin to £1,335.00 by T & J Jones, Ty Newydd; 24m Limousin to £1,005.00; 11m Limousin to £985.00; 23m Charolais x to £1,190.00; 22m Charolais x to £1,180.00; 20m Charolais x to £1,160.00; 20m Brit Blue to £1,040.00; 22m Brit Blue to £1,040.00; 20m Simmental x to £940.00; 16m Simmental x to £970.00; 22m Aber Angus x to £960.00.

Steers: 22m Limousin to £1,350.00 by J B & E Evans, Faenol Bropor; 15m Limousin to £1,010.00; 18m Limousin to £1,155.00; 13m Limousin to £1,130.00; 22m Charolais x to £1,240.00; 21m Charolais to £1,090.00; 11m Charolais to £1,015.00; 19m Hereford to £920.00; 16m Simm x to £970.00; 12m Simm x to £910.00; 22m Brit Blue £1,270.00.

OTM: Brit Blue aged cows to 138ppk.

Sheep section:

Store lambs (auctioneer: Richard Lloyd):

Texel to £76.00; Welsh to £59.00; Easy care to £28.00.

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

A very good entry again was a flying trade.

Texel £175 (singles), £228 (twins); Lleyn £128 (singles); Welsh £90 (singles), £112 (twins); Cross bred £98 (singles), £100 (twins); Speckled £98 (twins); Mule £142 (singles), £208 (twins); Suffolk £200 (twins); Cheviot £155 (singles), £205 (twins); Beulah £100 (singles).

Pet lambs:

Selling to £15.

St Asaph livestock market - April 20

OLD season lambs (48):

Less entries forward, but still a good trade topping at £85.00 from M T Jones, Bedwyn Isa.

Super Light ave 135.66p/kg to 143.00p/kg to £30.00/hd; Light ave 166.02p/kg to 200.00p/kg to £60.00/hd; Standard ave 183.34p/kg to 211.00p/kg to £79.00/hd; Medium ave 150.00p/kg to 177.00p/kg to £78.00/hd; Heavy ave 168.75p/kg to £81.00/hd; Overweight ave 148.25p/kg to 156.00p/kg to £85.00/hd.

Old ewes (19):

Ewes to £71.00 ave £48.59; Rams to £63.00 ave £61.50.

Couples (82):

Lleyn doubles to 162, singles to £100; Welsh doubles to £96; Beulah doubles to £128, singles to £85; Mule doubles to £145; X bred singles to £85; Texel singles to £140.

Pet lambs (2):

Pet lambs to £8.

Mold stock sale - April 19

THERE was another excellent show of cattle for a bank holiday, with a total of 505 forward.

No let-up in demand or trade for all types, with plenty of buyers going home empty handed.

A total of 305 stores topped at 1180 for 22m BB steers and 1040 for 20m BB heifers.

Meanwhile, 200 stirks topped at 905 for 13m LIM steers and 885 for 12m LIM heifers.

Dairy heifers reached 1750 and cows to 1450.

A total of 79 calves topped at 330 for a BB bull and 350 for a BB heifer.

A special entry of couples drew a large crowd, with plenty making over £55/life.

Store cattle (305 entries):

Steers: BB (22m) to 1180; SIM (23m) to 1140; Here (23m) to 1115; Lim (23m) to 1100; Char (20m) to 1090; BF (25m) to 1040; AA (22m) to 1000; HF (23m) to 890.

Heifers: BB (20m) to 1040; Lim (21m) to 1030; Sim (23m) to 1000; CHAR (20m) to 995; AA (23m) to 890; HER (23m) to 860.

Stirks (200 entries):

Steers: Lim (13m) to 905; SIM (10m) to 840; BSH (11m) to 835; AA (12m) to 785; BB (13m) to 770; CHAR (9m) to 765; HER (12m) to 705; HF (12m) to 540.

Heifers: Lim (12m) to 885; Char (11m) to 880; BR (12m) to 865; SIM (13m) to 845; BA (12m) to 740; AA (12m) to 680.

Dairy (35 entries):

Cows: HF calved heifer to 1750; BF calved heifer to 1740, others to 1700, 1580. BF cows: 3rd calvers to 1450, others to 1400, 1380, 1340; 4th calvers to 1320, others to 1300, 1250, 1200; BF heifer calves (2m) to 400.

Calves (79 entries): BB bull to 330; LIM bull to 320; FLECV bull to 312; HER bull to 312; BA bull to 235; BAZ bull to 200; AA bull to 190; BF bull to 100; HF bull to 92; BB hfr to 350; LIM hfr to 300; BA hfr to 292; HER hfr to 230; AA hfr to 188.

Dolgellau market - April 5

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 215 store cattle, including organic stores, and 154 cast ewes, rams, hoggets and sheep couples.

Prices: 29m Organic WB Heifers to £850; 26m Limousin x Heifers to £1000; 24m Organic Pedigree WB Heifers to £950; 24m Simmental x Heifers to £1045; 22m Organic Charolais x Heifers to £952; 22m Charolais x Heifers to £940; 22m Organic Limousin x Heifers to £948; 18m Organic Charolais x Heifers to £950; 18m Organic Limousin x Heifers to £950; 16m Organic Charolais x Heifers to £1150; 12m Organic Charolais x Heifers to £898; 12m Organic Simmental x Heifers to £872; 10m Organic Limousin x Heifers to £795; 10m Charolais x Heifers to £898; 10m Limousin x Heifers to £770; 26m Pedigree WB Organic Steers to £1360; 24m Pedigree WB Organic Steers to £1330; 22m Organic Charolais x Steers to £1130; 22m Simmental x Steers to £1060; 22m Organic Limousin x Steers to £1225; 22m Charolais x Steers to £1058; 20m Organic WB Steers to £1015; 20m Organic Limousin x Steers to £1100; 20m Organic Charolais x Steers to £1165; 18m Organic Limousin x Steers to £1092; 16m Organic Saler x Steers to £925; 16m WB Steers to £1035; 16m Organic Pedigree WB Steers to £1040; 16m Saler Steers to £1098; 14m Organic Simmental x Steers to £918; 10m Organic Charolais x Steers to £932; 10m Limousin x Steers to £1018; 10m Organic Welsh Black Steers to £940; 10m Charolais x Steers to £804; Welsh Cast Ewes to £42; Suffolk Cast Ewes to £85; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £72.40; Welsh Ewe hoggs to £48; Welsh Rams to £60; Suffolk Rams to £60; Crossbred Double Couples to £140; Crossbred Single Couples to £140; Suffolk Single Couples to £148; Crossbred Yearling Twin Couples to £160; Welsh Ewe with Single Crossbred Lambs to £76; Welsh Ewe with Twin Crossbred Lambs to £86.

Rhayader market - April 23


Old season lambs: Standard (62) ave 183.1p/kg; Medium (37) ave 204.2p/kg; Heavy (50) ave 193.8p/kg; SQQ 191.0.

Total cull ewes (34): Ave £47.70/hd.

Llanrwst market - April 23


Steers: Heavy (1) ave 188.0p/kg.

Heifers: Light (1) ave 190.0p/kg; Medium (1) ave 182.0p/kg; Heavy (5) ave 193.0p/kg; All heifers ave 191.0p/kg; All prime cattle ave 190.6p/kg.


New season lambs: Medium (21) ave 269.0p/kg; Heavy (3) ave 239.0p/kg; SQQ 269.0.

Old season lambs: Light (9) ave 187.2p/kg; Standard (133) ave 212.1p/kg; Medium (54) ave 206.1p/kg; Heavy (37) ave 192.9p/kg; SQQ 209.3.

Total cull ewes (147): Ave £50.30/hd.

Welshpool market - April 22

Barren and cull cows (21):

A similar number of OTM cattle were on offer, seeing a top price of £1164.02 (143ppkg) for a Simmental OTM weighing in at 814kg from TE Lewis & Son, Abergwenlas.

The same home also made 141ppkg for a Salers x weighing 765kg making £1078.65.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1113.84 (136ppkg) for a British Blue x weighing 819kg from E Jones & Son, Goitre. The same home also made 135ppkg for a British Blue x weighing 750kg making £1012.50.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £838.10 (145ppkg) for a heifer weighing 578kg from TE Lewis & Son, Abergwenlas.

Averages of the day were: OTM Cows (14) 124.03ppkg / £838.45; Cows 48-72 Months (6) 124.93ppkg / £830.19; Heifers Under 48 months (1) 145ppkg / £838.10; Overall Average 125.15ppkg.

Prime lambs (438)

Prime lambs sold to a very strong trade to return an average of 281.98ppkg, with a top price of 311ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 38kg lambs making £118 from BR Corfield, Rhos Royal, and £122.50/head for 41kg lambs from EG & AW Pugh, Cefn.

There was an excellent trade for all weights of lambs with the overall average being up just over 30ppkg compared to the previous week.

The best quality medium weight lambs sold to the best trade, with plenty of lots selling around the £3 per kilo mark.

Heavier lambs also found a much stronger trade, but these continue to be more difficult to sell so vendors are encouraged to draw their lambs early.

Light weight lambs found a competitve demand, especially the better meated types.

Lights (16) to 278ppkg from DK Higgins, Upper Gwarthlow and also AP & NW Jones, Fronalchen. Average of 277.73ppkg.

Standards (119) to 311ppkg from BR Corfield, Rhos Royal. Others to 308ppkg from Jones & Jones, Cefnrhuddlan. Average of 276.83ppkg.

Mediums (285) to 301ppkg from JT & EB Kinsey, The Green and also EG & AW Pugh, Cefn. Others to 299ppkg from EG & AW Pugh, Cefn. Average of 284.06ppkg.

Heavies (14) to 250ppkg from ED & ER Davies, Marton Hall. Others to 249ppkg from G & H Jerman, Tynyrwtra. Average of 247.24ppkg.

Prime hoggets (2,959):

A slightly smaller entry of hoggets forward sold to a very strong trade to return an average of 220.05ppkg, with a top price of 244ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 43.5kg hoggets making £106 from CJ & LM Davies, Lawn Farm, and £108/head for 55.5kg hoggets from M C Davies, Lower Brynelen.

A few less hoggets forward for the bank holiday sale sold to a very strong competitive trade throughout for all weights and grades of hoggets.

In most demand were the better meated hoggs, especially between 40-50kg, with these types being 10-15ppkg up on the previous week.

Heavyweight hoggs also sold to an improved trade especially the better bred types.

Lighter weight hoggets sold to a good trade at similar price levels to the previous week, with this mostly being due to the quality of the hoggs on offer.

Overall, it was a very competitive trade and with numbers nationally reducing, trade for all types of hoggs should remain strong.

Lights (133) to 234ppkg from EL Evans & Co, Green Farm. Others to 231ppkg also from the same home. Average of 223.31ppkg.

Standards (620) to 240ppkg from HM Powell & Son, Whitehouse. Others to 238ppkg from JA Gwalchmai, Minffordd. Average of 220.21ppkg.

Mediums (781) to 244ppkg from CJ & LM Davies, Lawn Farm. Others to 241ppkg from JA Wood & Sons, Kinnerton Farm. Average of 219.54ppkg.

Heavies (825) to 232ppkg from GO & JA Jones, Wern Farm. Others to 227ppkg from JE Evans & Son, Middle Nantserth. Average of 208.31ppkg.

Cull sheep (1,958):

Another good entry was seen that once again sold to a solid trade

throughout, with an overall average of £67.13 (up £2.68 on the week).

The trade was very similar to the previous week, with many of the heaviest Suffolk x ewes selling between £95-105 and many Welsh ewes

reaching the £70 mark.

The top price of £148 went to JR & RM & JP Andrew, Bronheulog for a Texel ewe, closely followed by J Ruggeri, Gwaelodyrhos who sold ewes at £140.

A total of 57 rams were present, averaging £69.86 and selling to £100 from JF Morgan, Tyncoed and DG Jones, Tynrhos.

Texel Ewes to £148; Suffolk Ewes to £108.50; North Country Mule Ewes to £90.50; North Country Cheviot Ewes to £80; Welsh Ewes to £75; Welsh Hill Speckled Face Ewes to £64.50; Dolgellau Type Welsh Ewes to £57.


An increased entry of 600 couples sold to a slightly improved trade with a large number of buyers in attendance.

Trade peaked at £305 for one Blue Texel ewe with twins from I Jones, Bromebyd.

Texel ewes were again in demand, with twins hitting £217 from JR Edwards, Fir House and singles to £160 from JBC Gwilliam, Bwlchgarth.

Suffolks reaching £182 for singles from GH & ME Phillips, Delfan and twins to £152 from BL Griffiths, Lower Pengelli.

DW & JM Meredith, Maesteg presented mules with singles and twins that reached £190 and £200 respectively.

Beltex ewes with Beltex lambs reached £254 for singles and £230 for twins.

A large number of Welsh ewes again traded well, with twins hitting £130 and singles to £91.

Averages: £118 a unit / £50.38 a life.