A county council has split a car park in two to stop boy racers driving at speed across its property.

The Park Street car park in the centre of Ruthin had been the scene of anti-social behaviour for several years with local residents complaining to the police and council.

In 2017, Denbighshire council responded to the issues raised about the boy racers by putting blocks across the car park to stop it from being used as a race track.

The authority has now come up with a permanent solution by putting in a raised footpath across the site, splitting it in two.

The initiative was welcomed by town representatives.

Ruthin county councillor Bobby Feeley said: “The blocks looked rather unsightly but at the time we needed a quick response to the problematic anti-social behaviour in Park Road car park.

“A better more permanent solution has now been found and, in addition to solving the anti-social behaviour problem, also forms part of a safer route to the new schools at Glasdir.

“I hope the car park has now ceased to be a focus for anti-social behaviour, as it is close to residential areas and is opposite a care home for the elderly.

“The redesign should ensure the area is purely a functional car park in close proximity to the town centre and the Gaol tourist attraction, which can also  be safely crossed by children walking to their schools.”

Her fellow Ruthin county councillor Huw Hilditch-Roberts also welcomed the move.

He said: “Anti-social behaviour from a few drivers has had a huge impact on residents on Park Road.

“I have lobbied the police hard for this. This is a great new initiative  and a sign that the council and police will not tolerate this behaviour in our wonderful town.”

Denbighshire Council has been asked to comment.