Denbighshire’s cabinet is set to approve plans that could see almost 4,000 houses built in the county.

Members of the cabinet will discuss the replacement Local Development Plan (LDP)  which sets out how many houses need to be built and where they should go in the county.

The plan before councillors would set a target of land for 3,775 new homes to meet a housing requirement of 3,275 homes.

It will also designate 68 hectares of employment land to accommodate a forecasted land requirement of 47.6 hectares.

The new plan will provide the framework for land use and planning in the county up to 2033 after the current model runs out in 2021.

In a draft report to members of the cabinet, the lead member for planning, Cllr Brian Jones, called on the public to have their say on the plans.

He said: “The draft LDP preferred strategy is only the first stage in the process. This public consultation represents an opportunity for everybody to be involved in influencing the LDP. We therefore urge you to respond to the proposals set out and ensure that your views are known in determining the future of your county.”

The plan will go before a special sitting of the full council for approval next month.

This option preferred by officers would see growth in a single major mixed use site in Bodelwyddan for which outline permission was granted in 2016, with lower levels of growth in other parts of the county.

A public consultation will be held on the land allocated in the plan as well as the housing targets that have been agreed by the council.

Plaid Cymru group leader, Cllr Rhys Thomas, argued more needed to be done for young families in the county.

He said: “In Denbighshire many families can not even dream of owning their own home because prices are way out of their reach. My present concern is that this new LDP will not provide the affordable homes that our people need. Developers want to make profits from selling large, expensive houses and Denbighshire needs one and two bedroom homes that are affordable to keep our young people and younger workers in the county.

“The next stage of the LDP requires all of us, councillors and the public, to make it clear in the consultation that we want new houses that ordinary, local working people can afford.

“Plaid Cymru also wants the council to develop a plot shop where land can be made available to individuals and small groups who can get together to build their own houses.

“Denbighshire’s corporate plan wants us to live in resilient communities. What could be better at showing that we are resilient than having a ‘plot shop’ so that we can build the kind of homes that we need and not have to depend on developers building the kind of houses that make them the most profit.”

Welsh language campaign group, Cymdeithas yr Iaith said it would be monitoring the LDP process closely.

Robat Idris from Cymdeithas yr Iaith said: “What’s needed is a plan that is based on local need rather than growth for its own sake. We’ll be scrutinising the draft documentation carefully when it’s published. We’ll be giving special attention to the location and size of any developments, the need for a full assessment of its impact on the Welsh language, and also to ensure a supply of genuinely affordable housing to meet local needs. We would certainly have concerns if there were plans for large housing developments in Bodelwyddan.”