NURSERY children have been experiencing life on a farm.

The Rhug Estate, in Corwen, recently offered a warm welcome to children and staff from Corwen Day Nursery.

The group of 15 children and staff was eager to learn about all the different types of animals on the farm.

Whilst visiting Rhug, the children aged between three and nine years old, were given a tour of the farm by Gareth Jones, the farm manager. On their way around the farm, the visitors got to see the farm’s sheep, bison, cows and chickens.

The group then completed their visit in the Rhug playground.

Carmen Roberts Davenport, from Corwen Day Nursery, accompanied the children on the visit.

She said: “We are always grateful to the staff at Rhug for accommodating our visits.

"We are regular visitors to the estate as the children always enjoy going around the farm.

"All the children were absolutely fascinated by all the different types of animals they saw during our tour.

"We were even lucky enough to see a chick close up.

"It is of vital importance that this young generation understand where their food comes from.”

The Rhug Estate encourages groups to arrange a tour of the farm to learn more about how organic food is produced in a sustainable way.

Educational groups are especially welcome.

During the visit, nine-year-old Isabel Jones said: “I loved seeing the new lamb close up and the tiny chick looked so fluffy and cute.”

Eben Pritchard, aged six, added: “I just loved everything about the trip to Rhug.”

Rhug Estate owner Lord Newborough said: “I believe it is part of our job as custodians of this land to impart the knowledge we have to the next generation.

"I feel it is vitally important to spread the word about how important organic farming is to providing a better, more sustainable and healthy future for the next generation.

"I am horrified by newspaper articles that state children do not know where their food comes from.

"I want our future generation of consumers to make an educated choice when it comes to where they buy from.”

At the heart of Rhug is Lord Newborough’s commitment to an organic lifestyle.

Rhug Farm is self-contained and a true ‘field to plate’ operation applying the highest standard of sustainability.

Using the most sustainable farming practices Rhug prides itself on superior tasting meat products from the North Wales countryside.

The organic farming enterprise extends to two farms and has grown over the past 20 years to nearly 8,000 acres.

Organic beef, lamb, pork, bison, chicken, turkey, goose and game, when in season, are reared on the farms.