AN UNHAPPY party activist and former county councillor said he heckled Prime Minster Theresa May because she was “destroying” the Conservative Party.

Former mayor of Llangollen and Denbighshire County Council deputy leader, Stuart Davies, was a member of the audience for the Prime Minister’s speech at the Welsh Conservative party conference in Llangollen today.

But as Mrs May started to speak Mr Davies rose to his feet and shouted that she should resign.

“Like a few of the others that I spoke to in there we are absolutely furious at what she has done to our party and what she has done to Brexit and she needs to be gone, the sooner the better.

“She should go now, we’ve had terrible results in the local elections we’re going to have even worse results in the European elections. I know loads of Conservatives are going to be voting for the Brexit Party anyway.

“All she is doing is destroying the party. The sooner Boris or Raab or Mogg gets in, takes back control, wins back the trust of the country the sooner the Conservatives can get back on course and continue what they should be doing.”

Mr Davies was a lone voice against the Prime Minister at the conference and as he started his protest other members sat in the room shouted back that they didn’t want him there.

He added the reaction from the members at the conference did not reflect their sentiments from earlier in the day.

“I think the reaction from the room was a bit strange because some of the people who were saying whatever they were saying to me as I went out … they were people I was talking to earlier and they supported me privately. I will do what other people are afraid of doing.”