POLICE have issued a statement warning residents of Ruthin that firearms training will be taking place within the Town over the coming weeks.

The former Rhos Street School site will be the location used to carry out the training, Police have clarified.

A statement from the Ruthin policing team read: "We would like to make you aware that North Wales Police will be using the grounds of the former Rhos Street School site for Firearms Training in the coming weeks.

"The training will be held inside the infant school building and on the open fields between both buildings. This is purely a training exercise, with no real firearms or ammunition being used.

"The purpose of this post is to make you aware should you see Police officers coming and going or see officers on the fields, there is nothing to worry about."

Whilst most Facebook users were grateful for the clarification, some were unhappy about the location of the training.

One man wrote: "You’re telling me that you’re using a open area next to the main Road as a training camp for guns that make a NOISE?! My dog goes mental over you’re sirens let alone a gunshot! Do it somewhere else."

Another person commenting on the Police's post said: "What about the noise? Lots of elderly people live near there. Ruthin hospital very close."