DENBIGH celebrity chef Bryn Williams will offer a very special 'donut' at his restaurant for the upcoming Wales GB Rally.

The car park of Mr Williams' Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay will serve as the centre piece of a special stage at the Welsh leg of the FIA World Rally Championship on Saturday, October 5.

This latest coastal route for the tournament - which features chicanes, a hairpin bend and a donut at Porth Eirias - follows last year's circuit around the Great Orme in Llandudno and more than nine years of events in North Wales since its first test in 2010.

Mr Williams said: "I'm a big, big petrolhead. and as a rally fan, to come in to our own car park on our own street is amazing.

"I don't think I'll be do much work that day, I'll mostly be watching it from the roof. To be able to stand in one place and see 80 percent makes it really big.

"Worldwide, pictures of the event will beamed around the world so it can only be a positive, good thing to portray everything we have here and shows North Wales at its best."

Although the full competitive route for this year's rally is yet to be revealed, the newly minted 3 km route has been unveiled as part of the 'A World Apart' rebrand, which aims to bring the sport out of the forest to a more spectator friendly setting and a whole new fanbase.

Adults tickets are £15 in advance, with free admission for under 15s, and are expected to go on sale later this month at