LORRIES using a narrow road in Denbigh have caused traffic jams which have made parents late taking children to school.

One resident fears the jams could delay fire engines and ambulances getting to an emergency.

The road, Love Lane, is so narrow that with cars parked on one side, it is very difficult for larger vehicles to get past.

County councillor Gwyneth Kensler said: “I think the problem is that certain vehicles follow their sat navs which don’t take into account the narrowness of the lane.

“There is existing signage for lorries going to Clocaenog wind farm directing them away from Love Lane, but, I think, some drivers are not keeping their eyes on their sat navs. It is very frustrating and I don’t know what else can now be done. The signs say the road is unsuitable for vehicles over a certain weight.

“Without extra resources to police the entrance to Love Lane there is little more we can do.”

Denbighshire Free Press: A resident fears the traffic jams could delay emergency services. Picture: Louise B-C/Facebook/Denbigh Town TalkA resident fears the traffic jams could delay emergency services. Picture: Louise B-C/Facebook/Denbigh Town Talk

Cllr Catherine Jones, mayor of Denbigh, said: “I know there have been problems with lorries trying to get up Love Lane. I don’t know why they try to go up there, it could be because they follow their sat navs. It is very tight up there for lorries to get by.”

Denbigh county councillor Glenn Swingler said: “Traffic going to the wind farm should be diverted away from there because it is very narrow and there are usually cars parked on one side of the road. Lorries would have difficulty getting up there even if there were no cars parked.

“I think the problem is sat navs take lorry drivers up there.”

Residents voiced their concerns on Facebook group Denbigh Town Talk about the lorries’ frequent use of the roads.

Bronwen Rutter said: “I was stuck behind these lorries for over 45 minutes. They all got stuck at the top of love lane at the narrowest point. It was ridiculous, the chaos it caused at peak time. Parents couldn’t get cars out to go to school, others were protesting they were late for work. Surely this can be avoided.”

Michaela Lloyd-Williams commented: “It’s about time something is done about this. The sign at the bottom is useless, a lorry driver said they didn’t see it. We need a height restriction barrier installed.”

Brett Lloyd said: “They do see the signs, they just can’t be bothered and want to save 15 minutes and a bit of fuel.”

Helen Williams added: “God forbid an ambulance or fire engine is needed to go that way.”

A Denbighshire County Council spokesperson said: “The council has asked the contractors to put signs up at the location, urging lorry drivers not to travel along Love Lane but to carry on the main road towards Lenten Pool. The company responded very positively to the request by locating signs at the location which provide clear guidance.

“Unfortunately, some lorry drivers seem to be ignoring the advice, so we will be asking the contractors to reiterate the message.”