A CLINICIAN is hosting a support and advice event on safety in the cosmetic industry.

Sara Cheeney, of Llangollen, is director of Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, Wrexham.

Sara, 37, is leading a campaign to rid the aesthetics sector of “unscrupulous practitioners” while raising standards in education and training.

“We will also be promoting the use of dermal fillers, botox and safe injectable alternatives, as we are seeing an alarming rise in the number of botch treatments and people coming to us asking if these procedures can be reversed,” said Sara, who has more than a decade of experience.

“This is the big problem with our industry, the number of under-qualified and even non-qualified people opening beauty salons rather than accredited and certified medical clinics where you can be safe in the knowledge that won’t happen.

The event will be held at Sara's Chester Road clinic and include talks, demonstrations and a question and answer session.

The free event runs on Thursday, May 23 from 4pm until 8pm. Visit Pure Perfection Clinic on Facebook. There will also be refreshments.