A pensioner has been fined after she was found to have a pet dog and cat despite being banned from owning animals.

Florence Williams, 77, was banned in 2011.

But a court heard how on February 22 an RSPCA official attended her home in Stanley Park, St Asaph.

Solicitor Glenn Murphy, for the RSPCA, said that she was found to have a dog and a cat.

North East Wales Magistrates' Court at Mold was told that she had breached the order in the past.

The court was told that she had the pets for companionship and did not leave the house.

She was warned that multiple breaches of the order could lead to custody.

But in her circumstances it was decided that she would be fined £80 with

a£150 costs and a £30 surcharge.

The defendant was described as not being a well woman who was regarded as vulnerable.

There was no complaint about the way pets were being looked after.

They would now be rehomed.

Williams, who lived on her own, had planned to return to court to ask for the disqualification to be lifted but that was unlikely to happen now, the court was told.