A BOOK about work to boost the beaver population and create small woodlands where they might have existed hundreds of years ago will be launched in Denbigh next month.

The launch will include a photography evening and concert at Denbigh Town Hall to engage the audience with rewilding and how it can help our landscapes, make them more sustainable and friendly to wildlife.

The book consists of more than 50 essays by leading conservationists in Britain and Ireland about how they have practically established their projects and the challenges they faced in establishing them.

The event will commence with a 25 minute illustrated talk by David Woodfall, who has documented rewilding for more than 30 years as both a photographer and conservationist, followed by a 45 minute illustrated piece of music by Huw Warren, an award-winning pianist and composer who has written music for the project.

Mr Woodfall said: "Rewilding is an attitude as much as anything. When we are able to incorporate it into our landscapes we are able to live in a much more balanced way.

"It can be bring about more diversity in wildlife, cultural interests and the economy."

The event takes place at Denbigh Town Hall on Thursday, June 20 from 7pm. Ticket are £6.