SCHOOLS in Denbighshire need to have more checks on their fire risks, councillors will be told this week.

A meeting of the council’s audit committee on Wednesday will hear that, while there have been significant improvements to the checks, more will need to be done.

Of the six areas examined, the need that still raises the highest concerns was around the fact that some schools’ fire risk assessment may no longer be relevant as they have not been reviewed within the last three years.

Members of the committee will be presented with a report on the situation which warned that a lack of assessments means that there is a potential for the fire safety measures to be inadequate.

The report said: “Based on the work carried out by both services and schools, we found that significant progress has been made in addressing the issues identified during the original review.

“A number of the agreed actions have been implemented, which have strengthened the controls in place.”

It added: “Further improvement is required to address the remaining two moderate risk issues relating to the development of an action tracking system and maintaining complete records of school staff who have attended the required health and safety training.

“Based on the scope of the original review, and the improvements carried out, we have increased the assurance rating from low to medium. Internal Audit will continue to monitor the outstanding actions which are partially addressed to ensure that they are completed.”

Out of the county’s 65 school sites, five were assessed in 2018, down from 25 the previous year.

Denbigh county councillor Glenn Swingler wants assurances that the issue will not be allowed to continue.

He said: “This is a concern. Everything must be done to ensure that the safety of our children is paramount.

“It is good that there have been improvements in this field and I am sure the committee will continue to scrutinise this very important issue.”

Cllr Huw Hilditch-Roberts, the cabinet member for education, said: “We recognise the need for improvements. We have already started on that journey.

“Children’s safety is a non-negotiable in Denbighshire. We strive to do everything in our gift by working with the schools to make sure we have the best possible safety procedures in place so our children can enjoy their education.”