AS the nation was encouraged to ‘Wake up to Organic’ by the Organic Trade Board, Rhug Estate used the event to highlight the difference organic farming can make to the crisis facing our climate.

‘Wake up to Organic’ is an annual event organised by the Organic Trade Board to encourage more people to try organic.

Corwen's Rhug Estate supports the event each year with free tasters in the farm shop to encourage visitors to try more organic products.

Rhug Estate owner Lord Newborough said: “Finally, there is tangible momentum and energy on one of the most important issues of our time.

"Climate change is an emergency and the way we eat and farm lies right at the heart of it.

“A recent study by French think tank IDDRI has shown that agroecological farming, such as organic, can make a major contribution towards keeping global warming below 2C.

"Organic farming can sequester carbon in soils and trees and proves we can survive without the chemicals that destroy wildlife and our health, whilst giving our animals a good life without using endless antibiotics, and - crucially - that we can feed people well."

To celebrate 'Wake up to Organic' on June 12, the Rhug Estate farm shop offered visitors free organic samples.

Lord Newborough said: “Organic farming is part of the solution.

"Evidence shows that organic farms generally emit fewer greenhouse gases, use less energy and store greater amounts of carbon in soils per hectare than non-organic farms."

He added: “While not everyone agrees with the tactics of the recent climate change protests, their message is spot on, and well overdue.

"This is a wake-up call, not just to governments, but to consumers.

"Inspired by this grass roots activism, we should be more confident that all of us can, in our own ways, make change happen.

"We must be bolder, braver and faster.”

Anyone who would like to order Rhug organic meat can do so at the butcher’s counter in the Farm Shop, in Borough Market in London and online at