"IT'S a cold wind that blows no good."

So the saying goes... and that was very true of Llyn Brenig earlier this month, writes seasonal ranger JIM JENKINS.

The weather overall was dull, cloudy, wet, windy and, quite frankly, not what one expects of June.

Contrast the weather over the course if the week with a year ago when we were experiencing a heatwave and it’s like comparing Harry Kane to Messi!

Hope those Spurs supporters won’t get on their high horse!

This time last year, for instance, the water temperature was 19C, whilst at the same time this year, the water temperature is a cool 11C.

I did like a comment from one fisherman, David Banks, who was, funnily enough, fishing from the bank.

He wrote: "Tried ring of stones bank – too windy, retired hurt!" Well, that’s the depressing news out of the way and now for some more positive news.

Anyway, which fisherman actually wants to be fishing in the sweltering heat?

The good news is that, once again, we had an exceptional week of fishing with a rod average of 5.2 fish per angler (including returned fish) and with some really lovely fish being stocked over the last few weeks, we have had some real top quality fish being caught.

The fish are near to the surface of the water and an intermediate line was the go to method during the week, although a number of fish have been caught on the dry fly.

The fish have also been caught all over the lake, which is a real bonus as last year they tended to be found only in tower bay.

A number of fish weighing in at 4lbs have been caught, with both Mr Palin and Mr Caskall recording fish of this weight.

However, the biggest fish of the week, landed by Graham Land, tipped the scales at an impressive 4lbs 14ozs.

The biggest bag of the week was recorded by Ken Wall and it weighed in at 15lbs 2ozs for six fish caught.

Keep your catch returns and comments coming in as it is the life blood of the fishing report, particularly your comments.

There didn’t seem to be too many comments during the week, as I think everyone was so disillusioned with the weather that there was nothing left to say.

Last month’s catch return prize draw was won by Les Dawkin, from Rhuddlan, who wins a free boat for the day.

The top flies were fabs, crunchers, Montana, Mrs Simpson, cormorant, tadpole, daddy long legs, hare's ear, cat's whiskers and various blobs and boobies.

The names given to different flies are fantastic and evoke a sense of tradition and the natural world.

As I have said, fish were found all over the lake during the week and there weren’t really any particular hot spots.

Bank fishermen, however, had some excellent fishing off the Nant Glyn shore, whilst boat fishermen found particular success around barrow island towards Nant Glyn shore.

Don’t forget that the early bird catches the worm and that the next early morning boat session will be coming up shortly on June 29 and 30.

The next try the fly day is this Saturday, June 22.

To book any of the above events, please ring the visitors' centre.

This year’s innovation of a loyalty card has been a great success with fishermen getting a free boat for every eight boats booked. So, make sure you ask for a loyalty card and don’t forget to get it stamped.

We do sometimes take things for granted, but every working day as I drive to Llyn Brenig I realise how lucky I am to work in such a beautiful part of the world and it is reinforced by such comments as John Beck's.

He wrote: "Two hours fishing Sunday evening – a pleasure to be out."

Indeed it is and we should always cherish those special moments of peace and tranquility.

Tight Lines.