SOME say they have seen them, others say they can sense them, while most don’t believe in them at all.

However a team of paranormal investigators due to visit a derelict Victorian mill in Llangollen say they have communicated with them… Ghosts!

The Mile End Mill was a busy textile factory in the 1830s but has been damaged by five fires, one of which was caused by an explosion.

The team, United by Spirit, led by medium Nick Humphries, believe that there is spiritual activity inside the Llangollen building that can reveal more about its 190-year history.

Mr Humphries, who moved to Llangollen last year, said that on previous investigations in buildings in Wales and north west England the team has received contact from spirits.

“As soon as I saw the old factory I felt an immediate connection,” he said. “Spirits are intelligent and they can communicate. We have heard footsteps, voices and even had objects thrown at us."

Denbighshire Free Press: The old textile mill has been damaged by five fires since it opened in the 1830s.The old textile mill has been damaged by five fires since it opened in the 1830s.

But he is adamant that he is not in the business for scares or profit, rather he wants to find out about the history of old buildings, which he says gets absorbed by the spirits that live in them.

“We ask questions and gain information through activities such as spirit boards, table tipping and glass divination, while using static night vision cameras and electronic voice phenomena.

“Typically we will go into a building without any prior knowledge, and we are always amazed by the information that we find, which gets backed up afterwards by the owner of the building and further research.”

United by Spirit informs the police about their investigations on the night and has a first aider present because participants can, unsurprisingly, feel unwell during the experience.

“There is also the issue that these buildings are very old and it is dark, so there is a risk of injury,” Mr Humphries said. “We have to take it very seriously.”

The first visit takes place on July 13 (not a Friday, you needn’t fear), followed by trips later in the summer and autumn. Participants must be over 18.

For more information visit the United by Spirit Facebook page.