PARTY-GOERS seem to have had a lucky escape after a festival set for Denbighshire has been moved for a second time.

The Su Casa event, initially planned for Ruthin Farmer’s Auction, has now been moved by organisers who have changed the venue from The Morfa Stadium in Conwy to the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool.

Acts such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Kaluki, Dense & Pika and Shapeshifters were set to appear in North Wales for the event which attracted 3,000 people to Bodelwyddan last year.

The controversial change of venue, which comes just weeks before the festival takes place on July 27, has left ticket holders felling angry and confused.

Some are claiming that refunds have been hard to come by, but Su Casa director Dale Rankmore insists that they have “been offered since the start”.

Disappointed ticketholders, many of whom have booked hotels in the Conwy area ahead of the event, have taken to social media this week to vent their frustration at the news.

One user wrote: “Absolute Joke that a so called “festival” is now going to be hosted indoors in a venue that clearly isn’t going to be big enough and is located 34 miles from its original location, what a shambles”

The separate ‘Party in the Park’ event also set for Y Morfa the night before Su Casa has also moved - to Tivoli nightclub, Buckley.

In this case, organisers have said they will be “laying on a complimentary return bus service from Conwy to Buckley”.

The listing on The Tivoli website states the reason for the change as “complexities with the license” and tickets are now being sold at a cheaper price.

Commenting on the confusion surrounding the two festivals being linked, Mr Rankmore added: "Party At The Park is owned by Red Shark Promotions who entered into an agreement with us to be our financial backers and partners for Su Casa..

"We chose to work with Y Morfa Stadium after assurances that the relevant license was in place at the venue. After signing a contract with the venue and requesting a copy of the license, we found out it wasn’t suitable for our needs.

"Conwy Council worked with us extremely fairly and it was and still is my firm belief that with their help this event would still have been granted a license but Red Shark pushed a venue change on us that we didn’t want.

"At this point we decided to part ways, i would continue with my event Su Casa Festival and they would continue with theirs Party At The Park."

"This is a very unfortunate situation, for ourselves and mainly for all the customers of both events as they now have been let down and dragged into this situation and we can only apologise."