PUPILS from Ysgol Tremerchion recently visited the Fifth Wheel company in Rhuallt as part of their World of Work project to develop a better understating of careers and the workplace.

The Fifth Wheel company manufactures a bespoke range of products with a diverse range of roles and skills such as accounting, product design, sales, joinery, plumbing and electrical engineering.

Collaborations such as this between industry and education are vitally important to the future of manufacturing in the UK. The Fifth Wheel company being particularly keen to develop a See Inside Manufacturing initiative to educate pupils and teachers alike as to what kind of skills are really required in this sector.

Pupils from years two to six were given an exclusive tour of the company’s factory in Rhuallt, Denbighshire and talk to staff and discuss the skills they need for their particular roles.

This concluded with a challenge to the pupils to design and build their own model caravan using waste household materials to spark their imagination and motivate their learning from the day. The day proved successful and the Fifth Wheel company hopes to inspire future generations and make them aware of the various employment opportunities available to them in the region.

Technical Director Gethin Whiteley said “We’ve has significant success with employing both apprentices and new graduates at Fifth Wheel and each individual has flourished. They’ve gained both new skills and confidence whilst embarking on an exciting career path that we fully support.”

Mr Gethin H Jones, Ysgol Tremerchion’s Headteacher, added “We had an excellent day visiting Fifth Wheel. The pupils had a fantastic opportunity to see a local company that produces luxury caravans. The pupils saw the full process from receiving orders, to designing, building, advertising, and selling. The pupils really enjoyed collecting information and will now be busy designing their own caravan.”