Llyn Brenig

I BEGAN the previous week’s fishing report with the words "this week began in splendid and glorious sunshine but ended on rather a dull and windy note".

Well, I could almost use the exact same words to describe last week’s weather, writes seasonal ranger JIM JENKINS.

We indeed had some fine sunny weather during the week, with the weekend turning duller and wetter.

Personally, I am a lover of the British climate as it is at present as we do get some lovely days, but they never last too long, especially in our western Celtic hills where the cold, wind and rain has moulded the people of the Celtic nations into the resilient and tough people that they are.

The four seasons are all glorious in their own ways.

A climate without our seasons would be like a rod without a reel! Besides, what would we talk about if we didn’t have such variable weather?

I suppose that we can always talk about the fishing!

With a rod average of 5.1 fish, we can safely say that it was a splendid week of fishing.

Don’t take my word for it, as you only have to read the many comments last week to realise how well the lake is fishing.

David Owen wrote: "Are they on steroids? Took me to the backing twice! Fabulous!"

Meanwhile, Dave Gartside said: "Great fishing, great fish."

Jim and Ian Walker gave 10 out of 10 to Jack and Stef, the fish farmers, for the great fish that are being caught.

I could go on, so I will!

Dave and Clive Gilbert said it was "like the old days".

Lastly, Russ Naylor summed it all up by writing: "Beautiful fish, beautiful lake, beautiful country, Diolch!"

However, I must mention one fisherman’s comment, after giving in a nil catch return and writing "fabulous day".

I don’t know if he was being ironic or reflecting the true enjoyment of fishing which is that, no matter what you catch, it is the act of fishing which is truly pleasurable.

With the water temperature at a very high 19.5C at the start of the week, it dropped to a more manageable 16C... more manageable for the fish that is!

The fish were still near the top of the water and still being caught on the dries.

Again, don’t take my word for it, as Mr Owen wrote: "Seven fish returned all caught on mixed dry flies, fish in lovely condition, a credit to the lads on the fish farm."

A number of fish of 4lbs and over were caught during week.

However, two fish of 5lbs have been caught by Glyn Jones and Dave Gartside, claiming the prize of biggest fish of the week.

The biggest bag was recorded by John Davies and it weighed in at 24lbs.

We have a number of competitions coming up over the next few weeks.

On August 10 and 11 we will be hosting the Anglian Water competition, with over 40 boats booked for the Sunday.

We are very pleased to welcome our new visitors' experience manager Rick Ward.

Rick has worked in a number of managerial roles since leaving the RAF in 2010.

We are all looking forward to working with Rick and continuing to build and develop Llyn Brenig into a first class visitors' centre and fishery.

Due to the forthcoming competitions, the fish farmers increased the number of fish stocked last week and have put 1,500 fish into the lake.

They have stocked by the coves, tower bay, the visitors' centre and sailing club bay.

The hot spots for the boats last week were tower bay, along the dam wall and Hafod Lom shore.

The bank fishermen had success along Nant Glyn shore, Hafod Lom, tower bay and the visitors' centre.

The top flies were much the same as the previous week and included sedges, olive nymphs, cat’s whiskers, daddy long legs, buzzer, black hopper, nomad, black gnat, Mrs Simpson, cormorant and various blobs and boobies.

We are also very excited to see that the new osprey chick Roli has taken to the air and it is certainly a splendid sight to see three beautiful birds circling over the Brenig.

The osprey project has undoubtedly created a huge interest and a greater awareness about our wildlife amongst the general public.

Tight Lines.