FROM Peaky Blinders... to Denbigh Green!

The main ring attraction at this year's Denbigh and Flint Show will be the Atkinson Action Horses.

With recent credits from Poldark, Victoria, Peaky Blinders, The Living and the Dead, and Hippopotamus, it is guaranteed this elite force has at some point invaded your TV screen!

Now for 2019, it is time to saddle up, strap in and hold on tight - as this fearless team of stunt riders are taking their unique display on a tour all around the UK.

On Thursday, August 15, the Atkinson Action Horses will be stampeding their way to the Denbigh and Flint Show.

Get ready for an astounding display of tricks and stunts, normally reserved for only TV and the Big Screen.

Tricks and stunts will include Roman riding, drags, falls, pick ups, flips, horses rearing and laying down.

Those in attendance are urged to be prepared for their heart to be in their mouth as they watch the riders demonstrating astounding acrobatics.

The show also includes a short but stunning section dedicated to the art of Liberty – displaying the seamless harmony between the horses and their on-screen trainers.

Atkinson Action Horses excel in the art of equestrian performance.

From the beauty of Liberty, the thunder of the Cossack and artistry in classical dressage, they are the only company in the UK to offer a performance containing all of these breathtaking elements in every single show.