A TOTAL of 12 members of Wales YFC are currently travelling around Europe on an inter-railing trip which is part of the Wales YFC international programme.

The team flew from Manchester Airport to Zagreb, Croatia on Saturday, August 10, and they will be travelling around some of Europe’s major cities before returning home on August 25.

The intrepid dozen will be visiting six countries altogether.

After they began in Croatia, they then travelled to Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic, while they will finish their journey in Germany.

After the success of the previous inter-railing trip, this is the third time that it has been offered through the Wales YFC international programme, which holds up to 10 different trips all around the world each year.

The programme is an excellent opportunity for Wales YFC members to expand their horizons and gain experiences, both within and beyond agriculture, through travelling the world.

After submitting their applications at the end of last year, each of the 12 members went through a process of interviews at the Wales YFC international programme selection day, and this ensured that the trip was offered to individuals who would really make the most of their experience.

Angharad Edwards, Wales YFC international committee chairman, said: "The inter-railing trip is a great opportunity for members to explore Europe’s greatest attractions.

"Not only this, it gives them the opportunity to meet other Wales YFC members through the trip, and they will hopefully make friends and memories for life."

The trip is also a great way to promote the work of Wales YFC’s international programme, and the organisation will continue to expand and improve this great initiative each year.