Llangollen’s two county councillors say they are “surprised and angry” that the town’s youth club and football field have been included in a list of possible development sites by council officers.

And they claim that most of the sites are likely to be rejected anyway as Llangollen “could not stand” the amount of development proposed.

llanblogger recently revealed the 11 sites which have been put forward as candidates for inclusion in Denbighshire’s next Local Development Plan (LDP) for possible housing development.

Among them are the land occupied by the youth club and nearby football field.

But Cllr Graham Timms said: “Cllr Melvyn Mile and myself were surprised and angry that the youth club and football field has been put forward by Denbighshire for consideration as a housing development.

“The county department responsible had not even told us as councillors what they were up to.

“We have written to the Chief Executive to ask for the removal of this land, but at the moment it is still on the list.

“I urge residents who agree with us about saving the youth club site and football pitch for public use to send in a response to the consultation.”

Cllr Timms added: “There was a ‘call for sites’ for development earlier this year and 11 sites were proposed in Llangollen.

“All but one of the proposals were for housing - the most lucrative way to increase land value.

“Many of the sites are likely to be rejected for a range of reasons, not least because Llangollen could not stand anywhere near that amount of development.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about the sites proposed by landowners but only those who make a formal submission will be considered by Denbighshire.

“Making comments on Facebook or any social media will not count. I am urging residents to re-spond either by email or by using the forms available at Llangollen Library or on Denbighshire’s website.

“The easiest way is to write an email to planningpolicy@denbighshire.gov.uk. It must contain your name, the sites you want to make a comment about and your contact details. Your name and com-ments will be made public but your contact details will not.

“I encourage residents to send in their comments over the next two weeks as the consultation ends on Friday August 30.

“The Llangollen Library staff are very helpful and will guide you to the information you require. People would be surprised at how few responses are often received in consultations, but their effect is certainly worth the time taken in submitting a response.”

Cllr Timms has outlined some more detailed information on how to respond.

If people only want to make comments on the candidate sites only, the easiest way is to email the county at planningpolicy@denbighshire.gov.uk.

They only need to include the following:

- Their name, which will be published in the public domain.

- The site to which they are referring - use the reference number or make it clear (eg. the Llangol-len Youth Club site), and their comment about the site. This will also be published.

- Their contact details, either an email address, their home address or a contact phone num-ber. Contact details will not be published.

If they wish to be updated about the next stages of the LDP and if they wish to be contacted in Welsh or English this should also be included in the email.

Anyone wishing to make a more detailed response would probably find it easier to respond using the online form or the printed form in the library.

All the documents for the consultation are online https://countyconversation.denbighshire.gov.uk/project/447 or at the Llangollen Library.

The 11 sites in Llangollen are here:


The response form, if people want to use it, is at:


The library has copies too.