A THEATRE teacher who believes community workshops have the power to change lives is set to launch his own with the aim to help residents get back on track.

Mark Hughes has himself benefited from getting involved in theatre workshops, which helped him growing up with low confidence and during a period of isolation as a young parent in Denbigh. He would go on to perform at the Echo Arena, Liverpool and Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End of London.

“Going to Stagecoach Performing Arts School really helped me to develop my confidence and assisted me to find out who I really was,” Mark said. “I developed my skills and realised that this is something which I wanted to pursue as a career.”

He went on to study for a degree in theatre, television and performance at Glyndwr University followed by a PGCE, during which he taught forms of drama from dancing musicals to camera performance. And now he wants to help others who might be in the same position as he was in his hometown, when he launches Ignite Community Theatre Company (ICTC) in September.

“As a person working in theatre has enabled me to find out who I really am,” Mark said. “It has given me so much confidence and skills and the understanding that it’s important to take time for yourself away from the stresses of day-to-day life.”

The company does not have a limit to the number of members it has and it is open to anyone over the age of 16, regardless of experience or ability.

Mark believes drama also provides an “emotional outlet” and improves physical fitness and memory.

The workshops will include but not be confined to theatrical drama, acting to camera, musical theatre, dance and physical theatre. “We’re also going to see where the company’s interests lie, and we will then attempt to get a professional in to do a workshop for their area of interest,” Mark added.

However to provide specialist classes and an end-of-year production to give the company the thrills he has experienced, Mr Hughes wants to fundraise about £6,000.

“Of course this is quite a large figure but I’m wanting to give the people of Denbigh the most professional experience and education as possible,” he said.

ICTC will host an open day at the Stagecoach Performing Arts in Salem Chapel, Denbigh on September 8.

For information and updates, call 07769294198 or go to the Ignite Community Theatre Company Facebook page.