ONE of Shakespeare's most iconic characters will be on stage in the Vale of Clwyd next month.

Shylock will be on stage at Theatr Twm o'r Nant, in Denbigh, on Saturday, September 21 (7.30pm).

Is Shylock the Jewish moneylender from The Merchant of Venice a villain or victim?

Gareth Armstrong’s award-winning solo play confronts these Jewish stereotypes through the eyes of his only friend – and the only other Jewish man in the whole of Shakespeare – Tubal.

Promoted to centre stage from his minor role in The Merchant of Venice, he proves a born comic storyteller.

Celebrating the richness of Shakespeare’s language and conjuring up a whole cast of characters from Portia to Pontius Pilate, from Romeo to Max Reinhardt, and from Barabbas to Richard Burbage, this dazzling, moving, often hilarious play is a fascinating exploration of Shylock and his people.

It will be performed by Rhodri Miles.

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