THE plight of two young girls has inspired a mum to take on a unique fundraiser that will see her undertake 52 park runs.

Sally Smith, 42, has decided to complete a parkrun every Saturday morning for a year in aid of Wales Air Ambulance. She hopes to raise £5,000 and will carry out her first event on Saturday, September 7 at 9am.

Sally, who has son Kieran, 21, was inspired to do the challenge after the accident in June on the B5105 between Efenechtyd and Ruthin. Olivia Alkir, who came from the Efenechtyd area, died in the crash.

Mia Roberts and Sophie Davies were involved in the incident.

Sally, who works at TRAC Project at Denbighshire County Council, heard from Mia and Sophie’s parents how important the Wales Air Ambulance helicopters had been.

She said: “I have known Sophie’s family forever. Sophie’s mum was great friends with my sister when in Ysgol Brynhyfryd and remembers me being born. I know Mia’s family through a mutual friend and my son, Kieran, is friends with both girls.

“Following the accident, the girls landed in Stoke hospital and both needed life saving surgery for their internal injuries. They were both in Stoke's critical care unit in under 30 minutes.

"They had further operations to mend various broken bones but are now both home and recovering well.

“Sophie and Mia’s parents said how the Wales Air Ambulance helicopters had literally saved the lives of the girls.

“I wanted to do something to raise money for a cause I had supported before.

“I spoke with the families of Sophie and Mia and, with their full support and input, I decided to complete a parkrun every Saturday morning for a year in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance.

“It is a huge commitment but so worth it. I’ve already had to plan to do a parkrun in Erddig, Wrexham in September as I need to be in Cheltenham for a wedding by 3pm.

“All holidays are off until September 2020.”

A JustGiving page has been set up. Already more than £1,900 has been raised.

Sally added: “Mia is a middle distance runner and with that in mind, I thought doing something like this would be inclusive from everyone.

“Both Sophie and Mia's families were really pleased and have been incredibly supportive.

“They questioned the commitment of the full year but to raise that target amount, I have to go big or go home. I can’t think of a better way to support the Welsh Air Ambulance and to help both families say thank you so they can concentrate on the girls’ recoveries.

“February in the snow, ice and freezing rain will be tough, but I know I can rely on friends and family to get me through.

"I will always go the speed of the last person, so if we walk it, we walk it, just having the support there will be incredible."

Sally is inviting all readers and residents to join her on any of her parkruns. Sophie and Mia will be at the first event at Conwy ParkRun at 9am with the last one being on September 5 2020.

She also has a Facebook page - 52 ParkRuns - which lists every parkrun she will be attending.

To donate, head to