AN MP has been speaking out in about the possible impact of a no-deal Brexit.

On September 3, Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones spoke out in Parliament in support of Welsh hill farmers.

The Welsh Labour MP used a debate that challenged the UK Government over the issues that will impact the UK’s sheep industry in the event of the UK exiting the EU without a deal.

Concern is mounting over the loss of markets and the burden of tariffs and barriers following a No Deal Brexit. Many believe that this will severely harm the UK’s sheep industry, with Wales’ sheep flock making up nearly 33% of the British total.

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “This was an important debate highlighting the dangers faced by the UK sheep industry should Boris Johnson and his cronies force a No Deal Brexit.

“There is substantial evidence that a No Deal Brexit will have a devastating impact on our local farmers in North Wales and I was utterly shocked by the complete lack of response from the UK Government on this matter.

“This is yet another example of privileged, idle old Etonians who could not care less about the lives and livelihoods of our working hill farmers in Wales and across the UK.”