SUSPECTING there was drug dealing, police raided a home three times last year.

But in fact the trio in the house at Maes y Goron, Denbigh were not selling drugs but using them personally, a mother claiming it was for her pain relief.

The story was told at Llandudno court today FRI and involved Janet Roberts, 52, her partner Russell Schofield, 41, and her 25-year-old son Karl.

All three pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, and Schofield to having cocaine.

Diane Williams, prosecuting, said the police raids took place in May, July and October last year.

Drugs and paraphernalia had been discovered including a syringe, grinders, and scales. Schofield had said drugs were for his personal use and that he took cocaine "after a tiring day".

"Mrs Roberts said she smoked cannabis for medical reasons and denied selling drugs," said the prosecutor.

Alex Fitzgerald, defending, said Mrs Roberts, a grandmother, maintained that cannabis made her pain disappear but was now using proper medication. A syringe had been for tooth whitening.

Schofield, her long term partner, had taken cocaine because of stress. Karl Roberts had been found with a single joint of cannabis on just the one occasion during the May raid.

Mr Fitzgerald said the cases had been hanging over their heads since last October and being suspected of dealing had "come as a huge wake-up call."

This afternoon Mrs Roberts was fined £100 on each of three charges for having cannabis, and with costs must pay a total of £415; Schofield was fined £140 on each of two charges for having cocaine and £100 for a cannabis offence, and with costs must pay £495; and Karl Roberts was given a conditional discharge and told to pay £105 costs.

A destruction order was imposed for drugs and paraphernalia.

Court chairman Robert Bradley commented : "These offences are quite appalling."