THE early morning starts, longer evenings and workouts outdoors. Summer is the best time of the year to be active and get out of just using the gym.

Also, summer can be a time where people are prone to putting on weight.

But then autumn creeps in and then winter comes.

The days start getting shorter, darker and colder.

The commute to work is dark. The commute home is dark.

We all want to just go home, snuggle up in bed and not get back out until we have to.

It's hard to keep up your training during the colder seasons, but alas, nature won't adapt to us: so, we must adapt to nature!


Get up and get moving! During the summer, we tend to just get up and get it done before it gets too hot and also whilst it is light outside.

This is a great routine we embrace as getting it done and dusted and out the way first thing helps us to make healthier choices throughout the day.

All we need to do when transitioning into autumn is... not change anything!

Keep that routine and mind-set. Commutes home from work get darker and colder, so don't leave it to the evening and risk feeling de-motivated by the time you leave work.

Keep hold of the summer morning workout routine - don't break the habit.


Sometimes its best to have an action plan throughout the autumn and winter months - this will keep you focused and give you the determination to succeed during the colder and darker mornings / nights.

Write your goals down so you can physically visualise them and make sure the list is accessible to you at all times to remind yourself of why you're doing what you're doing.

Track your progress weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whether this is in the form of measurements, how many times you been exercising or monitoring your nutrition via the app myfitnesspal.


Make training mandatory. Ditch the excuses and don't let the seasonal changes affect your mood or motivation.

Weather is not an excuse! You need to find new motivation or ways to train that you enjoy, to prevent any excuse from doing what you should be doing... training!

A great way to make sure your training is a priority is scheduling your workouts into your diary as if they are just as important as every other task in your day-to-day life. Treat it like an important meeting or anything else on your to-do list.


During summertime, we naturally focus more on hydration because we are often very hot, sweaty and thirsty, but as the cooler weather creeps in, we tend to forget to hydrate as we are colder and less thirsty and head towards the hot drinks like tea, coffee, etc.

But lack of hydration can lead to lack of energy, feeling under energised and sleepier.

This can then lead to unnecessary snacking, mistaking thirst for hunger. Drinking water also helps you feel fuller and only eat when you're hungry.

If you are craving something warm in the colder months, try going for herbal teas - at least you are still getting a percentage of hydration in this way.


Make sure you are getting a minimum of 7-8 hours per night so you have the essential energy to fight the dark morning struggles and stay motivated. Getting ample sleep is also important for recovery, preventing your body from being in a state of stress and aids fat-loss.


Always have a Plan B just in case you cannot get to a class or if the weather is horrendous outside. Home workouts can be just as effective, set aside 20-30 minutes and do HIIT training (high intensity interval training).

I would suggest downloading the music TABATA and replicate two exercises.

By doing 4-6 tabatas this will most defiantly spike the heart rate and elevate your perspiration.

Tabata 1, Press ups / steps ups; Tabata 2, Star jumps / squats; Tabata 3, Lunges / crunches; Tabata 4, Mountain climbers / tricep dips; Tabata 5, Burpees / air punches; Tabata 6, Plank / sprint on the spot.