WE live in a time limited world.

If a website won't load in four seconds, we leave.

We want faster computers, quicker broadband and speedier deliveries.

We want fast-food. We want to experience the max.

We have long daily to-do lists.

If we have to watch a three-minute advert, we huff and puff.

We click on images rather than read text these days.

We send messages rather than speak to people... 'cos it's quicker.

We want the same with fitness and weight loss.

We buy designer bags to make us look better fast.

We get our nails done to distract eyes from a large waistline without any dieting or exercise.

We buy from a shop where size 10 is bigger to make us think we've lost weight, effort free.

We buy Spanx to pull everything in, zero work involved. We want instant gratification. A click and it's gone. A payment of money and it's solved.

But hey, the body and brain don't work like that.

If a person wants that from me they’ll be disappointed, I'm afraid.

ALL of the people you see on my success stories pages, in our before and after galleries, and giving us great reviews ... all these amazing women have all made changes, spent time and worked their flippin' rocks off to get their results.

They are all rightly so proud of themselves.

They changed. They eat and drink differently.

They think different thoughts. They've worked on their obstacles and their attitude.

Their leisure time is changed. They committed to something wholly.

When they didn't get results for some reason, they found out why.

They asked for support when they needed it... sometimes lots of it.

There were tears, tantrums, times of desperation, feelings of failure... and that was just from me!

But then... sweet success, where they started to look and feel truly fabulous.

They got it sorted, found out what worked and then they kept on doing what worked.


Easy. You do whatever is easiest and simplest to get you started on your health journey.

You take the first step. And that will lead to the next one... and the next.

And many steps add together clearly to make a path.

Small chunks of change = weight loss breakthrough!

If you would like help, or don’t know where to start, just asking could be your first easy step.

Simply find me online or on Facebook, tell me you’ve seen me in the Free Press (that gets you to the front of the queue), and just say HELP!