IT HAS been a year since three Shih Tzu dogs were found abandoned on a busy road.

The dogs, named Rory, Teddy and Lucky, were found on the A543 between Bylchau, near Denbigh, and The Pet Joint at Cwm Y Rhinwedd Farm on Saturday, October 14 in 2018.

All three dogs were found in terrible condition. It was believed that Rory had been hit by a car; he had scars and scabs and some ulceration on the inside of his eyes.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Teddy is looking happy and well

The dogs were kindly taken in by the The Pet Joint and nursed back to health, before a huge appeal went out to find new loving home for the dogs. A fundraising drive was also launched to help with vet bills.

The little dogs were taken in by new owners prior to Christmas 2018.

Steve Belgrau, owner of The Pet Joint, is still in touch with the owners and has provided an update about how the dogs are getting on.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Rory (top) Teddy (bottom) the night they were this point Lucky was still on the run and would remain so for several more days

He said: "We are over the moon seeing them now. Thinking about the state they were in previously, they are different dogs now.

"We went to visit Rory's owners and we received a lovely gift; she had produced a book all about Rory's journey.

"Rory recognised me which is amazing. He was jumping at me and he looked so groomed, well and so loved. A far cry from when we picked him up at the side of the road. He was scared of everything and everyone."

All three dogs were adopted by individual owners. Steve said as time passed, it became evident that they were quite snappy with each other.

"Their background and how they became abandoned on the busy road never became clear. They could have come from a puppy farm," Steve said.

"We saw how we could assist. It was a case they might have had to go to the RSPCA, but then they said because they were found on the road it was a local authority issue.

Denbighshire Free Press:

The Pet Hotel received this gift to mark the anniversary of the rescue from Rory's owners

"We were stuck between a rock and a hard place. We decided we had to take them in and we rehabilitated them, re-socialised them and got them healthy.

"It was difficult as well as emotional. We are so glad we did it now and it was the right thing to do.

"The public were really generous, they were just amazing how they supported us. We had so many commenting on the post on our Facebook that our computer was freezing.

"Money raised paid for vet bills, vaccinations and other items for the dogs and anything we had left over was given to the Abandoned Animals Association."

Teddy's owner said: "He’s full of life, brilliant with our grandchildren and the most loving little addition to our family.

"He means the world to us, he’s just such a fun little guy."