Henllan WI

IN mid October, Henllan WI hosted an open day in the Henllan Church Institute to celebrate the village’s bee garden and to hear the results of a bee survey conducted this summer by mid Wales-based entomologist Janice Vincett.

The Henllan WI president gave an introduction outlining a brief history of the bee garden, from its conception in January 2010 and how it has been turned over the years from a scrubland at the back of the Church Institute into the wonderful bee garden we have today.

The president thanked all the many volunteers who undertook the work in the early days.

In recent years, the volunteering continues by a small group who work tirelessly in maintaining and making improvements in the garden.

During discussions about the WI national bee project, it was discovered that a member's sister-in-law Janice was an entomologist and conducted freelance basis surveying and recording for bees.

As a result, Janice kindly gave her services in her own time and surveyed the garden three times during the summer.

The open day was well attended by 50-plus local residents who listened attentively to a presentation given by Janice who praised how well the garden is designed, its key features and stated what a great wildlife friendly place it has become, especially for pollinating bees.

Janice described her findings and a description of the bees present, and offered suggestions for improvements.

It was certainly an interesting and informative presentation, followed by questions from the floor.

The afternoon was rounded off by refreshments of bee-themed tea and cakes while browsing the stalls.

Many thanks go to the community council, who donated money to run the event and to enable new items for the bee garden to be purchased at a later date.

Monies from the raffle and a local resident's donation will also be spent on planned improvements.

Thanks also go to the Clwyd Denbigh Federation of the WI tree project, donating funds for the purchase of four new trees, recommended by Janice, as good for bee habitation.

Two of these trees were planted on the day by Janice.