A TOWN nursery has gone that extra mile to support a worthy cause.

Corwen Day Nursery is committed to improving children’s health and wellbeing and has recently introduced 'The Daily Mile' as part of its daily routine.

The Daily Mile promotes physical activity for every child, every day. Carmen Roberts Davenport, owner of Corwen Day Nursery, said: “I believe that the children should be outside as much as possible because sunlight and fresh air are important for our wellbeing.

"I signed up to do The Daily Mile after speaking to another nursery owner from Essex who has seen many benefits since introducing it.”

The Daily Mile was introduced by a headteacher in Scotland, named Elaine Wyllie, to get children outside and fit for learning.

The aim is that children aged between two and 11 years run or jog for 15 minutes outside in the fresh air.

It is the time that is important, not the distance.

Children will be fitter, healthier and able to concentrate for longer when indoors.

A total of 68 countries are involved and 463 schools or nurseries are already doing the Daily Mile in Wales.