A COUNCIL has said that formal proposals for a Gypsy and Traveller stop-off site have not yet been lodged amid anger from residents that it could be situated in their community.

Denbighshire County Council stressed to residents that no decision has been taken “on any proposed sites” for a transit unit for Gypsy and Traveller communities travelling through Denbighshire.

The council is legally bound by the Welsh Government to provide the accommodation due to concern that a national shortage of authorised stopping places is affecting the traditionally nomadic way of life.

Five potential locations, including three in Rhuallt and two in Upper Denbigh, were tabled for early debate at a council meeting in October.

However they received public backlash from residents while a Rhuallt councillor said they would “object most strongly” to any proposal for their community.

The site will be included in the council’s upcoming Local Development Plan (LDP), which will designate land for development during 2021-33.

But Denbighshire County Council said its LDP discussions will continue “over the coming months” before any transit sites are proposed for consultation.

“Last month, the Council announced five possible sites that could potentially be put forward for consultation as proposed sites in the new Local Development Plan that is being prepared over the coming months,” the statement said.

“The Council wishes to stress that no decision has been made to include these sites in the Local Development Plan. It’s very early days for the process and these sites are merely suggestions at this stage.”

The statement added: “There would be a full formal consultation on those sites (or any other sites) that would be put forward for formal consideration.”