St Asaph livestock market - November 9

NEW season lambs (983):

There was a better trade on all types of store lambs, with plenty of buyers in attendance.

A top price of £79/head was witnessed from E & R D Owen, Plas Panton.

Super Super Light ave 138.22p/kg to 164.00p/kg to £27.00/hd; Super Light ave 137.99p/kg to 178.00p/kg to £44.50/hd; Light ave 151.94p/kg to 197.00p/kg to £60.00/hd; Standard ave 171.40p/kg to 206.00p/kg to £79.00/hd; Medium ave 163.08p/kg to 168.00p/kg to £73.00/hd; Heavy ave 156.12p/kg to 162.00p/kg to £78.00/hd; Overweight ave 120.00p/kg to £72.00/hd.

Old ewes (32):

Ewes to £62.00 ave £33.23; Rams ave £20.00.

Breeding ewes (3):

Beulahs to £31/head; Herdwicks to £31/head.

Stock rams (1):

Welsh rams to 100gns/head.

Ruthin primestock sale - November 12

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,798 prime lambs to 242.0ppk / £107; 311 cull ewes and rams to £100 and three prime cattle to 207ppk / £1,274.10.

New season lambs:

A total entry of 2,796 prime lambs met a very good trade, with an SQQ of 196ppk.

Averages: Lights £1.78; Standard £1.82; Medium £2.01; Heavy £1.92; SQQ £1.96.

Top pence per kilo was £2.42 - or £98 - for a 40.5kg from I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn, Cerrigydrudion.

Top price of the day was £107 for 46kg lambs from D C Evans, Pen y Waen, Llanrhaeadr.

A very high percentage of well finished medium weight lambs were averaging well into the £2 per kilo.

Cull ewes:

There was a smaller entry forward, with Texel x Mule ewes topping £100, Welsh ewes to £43, Mule ewes to £78 and Welsh rams to £60.

There was good demand as less numbers were forward.

A lower average due to the large entry of Welsh ewes.

Mold primestock sale - November 11

ANOTHER good number of 230 beef cattle and cull cows were forward.

Good quality well finished “in spec” beef met an excellent demand.

Four heavy bulls forward sold to 223 (1856.40) and averaged 220.75 or £1681.25!

Cull cows also met a reasonable trade.

An increased entry of lambs met very good demand, resulting in brisk trade.

Meanwhile, a pleasing entry of 107 cull ewes again met a fast trade.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 220.40 (1504.19); Top 20 Beef 208.40 (1402.38); Top 30 Beef 201.53 (1348.13).

Prime Cattle (140 entries - 46 hfrs, 66 strs, 28 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 225 (1305), Av 174.85; Medium Continental Heifers to 225, Av 184.86; Light Continental Heifers to 189, Av 189; Heavy Native Heifers to 171 (1248.30), Av 162.60; Medium Native Heifers to 185, Av 170; Light Native Heifers to 189, Av 174.50; Medium Friesian Heifers to 120, Av 120.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 194 (1435.60), Av 177.72; Medium Continental Steers to 194, Av 170.38; Light Continental Steers to 202, Av 173.50; Heavy Native Steers to 180 (1260), Av 165; Medium Native Steers to 174, Av 163.28; Heavy Friesian Steers to 151 (1004.15), Av 149.50; Medium Friesian Steers to 150, Av 140.77; Light Friesian Steers to 145, Av 121.25.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 223 (1856.40), Av 220.75; NB 4 heavy bulls forward sold to 223 (1856.40) and averaged 220.75 or £1681.25! Medium Continental Bulls to 220, Av 195.50; Light Continental Bulls 196, Av 167.17; Medium Native Bulls to 171, Av 163.33; Light Native Bulls to 157, Av 152.50; Light Friesian Bulls to 125, Av 115.67.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 174 (1235.40), Av 167.50; Medium Continental Heifers to 170, Av 156; Light Continental Heifers to 153, Av 153; Heavy Native Heifers to 163 (1149.15), Av 163; Medium Native Heifers to 158, Av 158.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 176, Av 176; Medium Continental Steers to 180, Av 169.33; Heavy Native Steers to 164, Av 164; Medium Native Steers to 164, Av 164.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 137, Av 133.50; Heavy Native Heifers to 140, Av 135.50; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 127, Av 123.50.

Steers (over 36m): Medium Continental steers to 100, Av 100; Light Continental Steers to 100, Av 100; Medium Friesian Steers to 134, Av 129.

Cull cows (87 entries - 60 dairy, 27 beef):

Beef cows to 140; Top 10 Beef Cows Av 119.30 (838.04); Overall beef cow av 108.20; Young Dairy cows to 127(879.80); Aged Dairy cows to 111; Top 10 Dairy cows Av 106.30 (812.80); Overall dairy cow av 83.80.

Lambs (440 entries): Standard to 196, Av 187; Medium to 199, Av 187.90; Heavy to 186, Av 179.90; Sqq 187.80.

Ewes (107 entries): Ewes to 86.50, Av 58.06.

Llanrwst market - November 12

THERE was an increased entry of lambs and an improved trade, with the best lambs selling to 220ppk.

Lambs (1,414):

Lights (230) to 185p, av 175p; Standards (428) to 210p, av 185p; Mediums (567) to 220p, av 189p; Heavy (189) to 210p, av 184p.

Ewes / Rams (65):

Welsh ewes to £50; Xbred to £97; Rams to £82.

Beef (7):

Limx hfrs to 188p; Simx hfrs to 178p; Chx steers to 185p; Limx strs to 193p; OTM hfrs to 162p.

OTM Cows (1):

AA to 110p.

Highest priced:

Lambs (ppk): P P Jones, Rhydycreau, Betws y Coed.

Lambs (per head): G Evans, Nantyglyn, Tafarn y Fedw, Llanrwst.

Ewes / rams: O L Roberts, Tyn Celyn, Capel Garmon, Llanrwst.

Beef: H Hughes a'i fab, Ddolcastell, Rowen, Conwy.

OTM cows: K Davies, Cae Roger, Trofarth, Abergele.

Bryncir store sale - November 11

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 48 store cattle and suckling calves, and 120 store lambs.

Store cattle trade was similar to recent weeks.

Store lambs were much sharper.

Store cattle:

Charolais heifers 18m to £930; Limousin heifers 18m to £880; Limousin heifers 24m to £800; Limousin steers 24m to £900; Charolais steers 18m to £870.

Highest priced store cattle: A M Williams, Gelliwig.

Suckling calves:

Limousin male suckling calves to £790; Charolais male suckling calves to £790; Blonde male suckling calves to £750; Limousin female suckling calves to £680; Charolais female suckling calves to £555.

Highest priced suckling calves: R & CM & RW Jones, Crugan.

Store lambs:

Texel x to £68; Suffolk x to £57; Mules to £55; Welsh to £55.

Highest priced store lambs: G Morgan, Plas Y Bryn.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - November 7

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 191 cattle to £1,680; 52 calves to £285; nine OTM cattle to £1051.20; 1,497 store lambs to £75; 58 breeding ewes to £60 and 51 breeding rams to 280gns.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There was a modest entry of 52 during the week and a busy ringside full of buyers.

Trade on the better calves was up on the week whilst keeping a consistent trade on others.

BB Bulls to £410; BB Heifers to £230; Lim Bulls to £365; Her Bulls to £170; Her Heif to £150; AA Bulls to £130; AA Heif to £180; Fresian Bulls to £110.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

Heifers: 18m Charolais x to £1,185 by W J Williams Ty Ddewi; 22m Limousin to £930; 42m Limousin to £1,080; 27m FKV to £955; 18m Limousin to £895; 7m Charolais to £615; 12m Limousin to £740.

Steers: 28m Aberdeen Angus x to £1,190 by Hughes Cynant Isa; 29m Charolais x to £1,105; 23m Brit Blue to £950; 18m Charoilais to £920; 18m Limousin to £920.

Production sale of Limousin cattle on behalf of ‘Garnedd’ Limousins:

An entry of strong Limousin heifers as per usual from the Garnedd Limousins with faces returning following last year’s sale, along with other buyers fully aware of the quality up for auction.

Topping the day was lot 4, Garnedd Olivia selling for 1,600gns.

Next in line on the list were lot 2 and 7, Garnedd Omari and Garnedd Olau, both achieving 1,500gns.

Following on from the Limousin cattle, there was a consignment of British Blue cattle from Maes Tyddyn selling to 1,580gns.

The auction had some Limousin in calf heifers from Ellis Tan y Garth selling to 1,220gns for a 18 month old heifer.

OTM cattle:

A 90-month-old Limousin cow, weighing 750kg, achieved £1.47 per kilo.

A Limousin 69 month bull weighing 1,010kg, achieved £1.26 per kilo.

Added to this, an 80m British Blue at 740kg sold for £1.33 per kilo.

Breeding bulls:

A 23-month breeding bull sold for 1,620gns.

Sheep section:

Store lambs:

Another excellent entry of 1,497 multibreed store lambs with an abundance of purchasers present, including some new faces.

An increased trade on prime lambs during the week was reflected in this store lamb section, with a better trade on all lamb breeds and weights throughout.

Larger framed crossbred types topped the market at £75, whilst several pens of smaller cross bed lambs sold for £65-£70.

Welsh lambs were also in keen demand from £27 to £50 and in general, long-term lambs were certainly a premium.

Breeding ewes:

A seasonal entry of store ewes forward, with full mouth cheviots to £60 and Welsh to £42.

Breeding rams: Texel rams to 230gns; Char x Beltex rams to 180gns; Berichon rams to 280gns; Aberfield rams to 260gns.

St Asaph livestock market - November 7

NEW season lambs (3,300):

A good entry were again well sold.

There were a lot more hill lambs in the selection, which also sold very well.

Top price Light - 219p/kg shown by H & E Vaughan, Hafod y Gog and £70/head shown by same vendors.

Top price Standard - 235p/kg shown by E Pritchard & Son, Pant yr Onnen and £90/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium - 228p/kg shown by E Jones, Gosen and £94/head shown by G O Lloyd, Bryn Goleu.

Top price Heavy - 229p/kg shown by E W Parry, Tir Garw and £110/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Overweight - 175p/kg shown by G Howatson, Aberkinsey and £98/head shown by E Pritchard & Son; SQQ 181.55.

Light ave 175.68p/kg to 219.00p/kg to £70.00/hd; Standard ave 180.15p/kg to 235.00p/kg to £90.00/hd; Medium ave 182.08p/kg to 228.00p/kg to £94.00/hd; Heavy ave 175.93p/kg to 229.00p/kg to £110.00/hd; Overweight ave 161.01p/kg to 175.00p/kg to £98.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (647):

A smaller show of ewes were again on show, but again a good trade with the best up to £117/head, Welsh to £44/head and tups to £90/head.

Ewes to £117.00 ave £58.89; Rams to £90.00 ave £66.65.

Mold stock sale - November 8

TRADE seemed to strengthen on previous weeks.

There was excellent demand for cattle from start to finish.

Fewer buyers ringside for dairy, although quality commanded a premium.

Calves were still in good demand, with stronger calves commanding more interest during the week.

Store cattle (189 entries): LIM str (22m) to 1060; AA str (24m) to 1035; BB str (24m) to 995; SIM str (24m) to 990; HER str (23m) to 960; SHO str (22m) to 930; BA str (22m) to 920; BF str (23m) to 690; HF str (22m) to 660; SIM hfrs (25m) to 1025; LIM hfr (23m) to 945; HER hfrs (24m) to 900; BB hfrs (24m) to 850; AA hfrs (23m) to 830.

Stirks (112 entries): LIM strs (14m) to 700; BB strs (13m) to 640; AA str (12m) to 680; WB str (13m) to 490; BF str (12m) to 400; BB str (2m) to 275; Lim hfr (12m) to 600; BB hfrs (12m) to 590; WB hfrs (11m) to 450; AA hfrs (5m) to 275; BB hfrs (2m) to 245.

Dairy (14 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1580, others to 1560, 1480, 1380, 1280, etc.

Cows: HF 6th calvers to 1060.

Calves (103 entries):

Bulls: Lim bull to 320; BB bull to 290; SIM bull to 175; Her bull to 110; BF bull to 98; HOL bull to 45.

Heifers: BB hfr to 180; LIM hfr to 175; AA hfr to 170; HER hfr to 95; BSH hfr to 80.

Bryncir primestock sale - November 13

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 785 lambs, 100 cull ewes and 15 cull


Lamb prices were still heading upwards, with the best types achieving



Lights to 192p - R.G Evans, Garlan; Standard to 205p - I Hughes, Bryn Eithinog; Medium to 195p - WE & DB Williams, Tyddyn Llewelyn; Heavy to 192p - J Hughes, Bryn.

Cull ewes:

Suff to £97 - Arron Owen, Maes Gwyn; Mules to £90; Crossbred to £87; Welsh to £62; Cull Rams to £85.

Cull cows:

Stabilizers to 113p - M & G Parry, Orsedd Fawr; Saler to 111p; Lim to 110p; Charolais to 108p; Dairy to 97p.

Gaerwen auction - November 4

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 18 store lambs and six store stock rams.

Store lambs met a firm trade, while the sale of stock rams resulted in a total clearance, despite being late in the season.

Market prices: From £32 to £60; Texel from £47 to £60.00; Mule to £53.00; Suffolk to £39.50; Easy Care £49 to £54.50; X Bred £45 to £48.00; Welsh to £32 to £38.50; Speckled to £42.00.

Stock rams: Welsh to 65gns; Wiltshire Horn to 75gns; Easy Care to 50gns; Romney to 95gns.

Welshpool pedigree Charolais cattle sale - November 7

THERE was an increased demand for Charolais bulls at Welshpool.

Topping at 6,100gns with an average of £3,615.94 for the 32 bulls sold, an increase of five from last year’s tally.

The sale at Welshpool also saw the clearance rate rise by an impressive 14 per cent.

It was a great day for David Thornley, Hartshorne, Derbyshire, who not only secured the sale's top price, but in addition his bulls produced the top herd average for the day at £5,180 for his three sold, his herd’s top average to date.

David said: “Welshpool is my main sale and I produce my bulls with the commercial man in mind, aiming for good calving figures with an emphasis on health and longevity.

"While at the market this week, three of my previous buyers made a point of coming to talk to me to tell me how pleased there with their Dooley bulls.

"I was delighted to hear this and this is the reason I keep coming back here to Welshpool.”

David’s sale topper at 6,100gns was the 16 month-old and yellow ticket winning Dooley Ocean, whose sire Davally Igolo was twice crowned champion at national shows.

His dam is the 10,000gns Balmyle Dingle daughter Balnuith Inspire, and he goes on to work at Pentrefoelas for new owners A and M Owen.

Mr Thornley’s other top priced lot was Dooley Orville, also sired by Davally Igolo but this time out of Blelack Headgirl, another Balmyle Dingle daughter.

The July 2018-born Orville was knocked down sold for 5,200gns to VB and H Davies, Llanafanfawr, Powys.

Earlier in the sale, a 17 month-old son of the 8,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Gretnahouse Jugular sold for the second highest price of the day to BA and O Jones, Criccieth, Gwynedd.

Montgomery Orly, who is out of the Blelack Digger-sired Montgomery Havard realised a price of 5,600gns for his breeders and exhibitors Roberts and Jones, Llangadfan, Powys, whose Montgomery herd also did well, seeing five bulls going on to new homes for an average price of £4,452.

Their next top selling lot which commanded a 5,200gns bid from ET Bound and Co, Llangurig, Powys, was the May 2018-born Montgomery Odessa, who stood second in his class at the morning’s show.

Odessa is sired the same way as his aforementioned shed mate and his dam Montgomery Ffydd also goes back to Blelack Digger.

Another in the money for the Montgomery herd was Montgomery Owain.

This time it was sired by the 9,000gns Balmyle Harlequin.

This 18 month-old is out of another Blelack Digger daughter Montgomery Little and the man behind the money on this lot was E Edwards, Cerrigydrudion.

Following on at 4,800gns was Caylers Oreo who was offered for sale the Barker family of Caylers Charolais, Nuthampstead, Hertfordshire.

TT Thomas and Son, Three Crosses, Swansea, was the purchaser of this 19 month-old son of the Irish-born Rosanna Jupiter and the Thrunton Dominator-sired Caylers Gytha.

Next in the trade stakes was the March 2018-born Belan Orlando.

Belan Jennie, a daughter of the 18,000gns Thrunton Fairfax is the dam here while he is sired by the 7,000gns Tweeddale Marcus.

He was bred and exhibited by J S Abel, Cwmbelan, Powys and the final bidders on this 4,800gns lot were D Jones and Son, Corwen, Denbighshire.

Minutes earlier, a class winner from Alwyn and Medwyn Williams went under the hammer at 4,200gns.

Castellmawr Outstanding, a 20 month-old by the Irish-bred Goldstar Gentleman and out of Castellmawr Jade, who goes back to the French-bred Riri, was purchased by TH Williams and Son, Welshpool, Powys.

Matching the 4,200gns price tag was Trefaldwyn Oliver, and this blue ticket winner was snapped up by JT and A Davies, Oswestry, Shropshire.

The youngest lot of the sale at just 13 months old, the Balthayock Darcy-sired Oliver, was offered for sale by local breeder Arwel Owen, Garthbeibio, Powys.

His dam is the homebred Trefaldwyn Joy who goes back to the popular AI sire Goldies Eddy.

Four bulls then came under the hammer for 4,000gns with the first being offered for sale by Kevin Thomas, Capel Iwan, Carmarthenshire.

Moelfre Orion who is bred out of Moelfre Ianna, a daughter of the 16,000gns Royal Welsh reserve male champion Anside Foreman, is sired by the 12,500gns Balmyle Impression and G Davies, Tywyn, Gwynedd, was the purchaser of this 18 month-old lad.

The second to sell at a 4,000gns price tag was the May 2018-born Caylers Osprey, who stood third in his class at the pre-sale show.

The 10,000gns Stirling reserve senior male champion Blelack Fabulous is his sire and his dam is Caylers Ella, a daughter of Maerdy Uniroyal. Purchased by J Brown, Minehead, Somerset, this bull was another entry consigned by the aforementioned Caylers Charolais.

The class winning Esgob Oswyn was the third bull knocked down to 4,000gns, when he caught the eye of Mr Evans, Bryncir, Gwynedd.

Gareth Jones, Cwmtirmynach, Gwynedd, was the breeder of this 17 month-old, sired by the 12,000gns Caylers Hustler and out of the Blelack Digger daughter Esgob Jade.

Another to bring 4,000gns when chapped down to Billy Turner, Skelton on Ure, North Yorkshire, was Esmor Evans champion Maerdy Orpheus from Mold, Flintshire.

One of the younger lots, this 15 month-old who is sired by the aforementioned Blelack Fabulous is out of Maerdy Martha, a 26,000gns Maerdy Hearthrob daughter.


Four heifers found new homes and the best seller of the day was the two year-old Mortimers Nononsense, who realised a top bid of 3,000gns.

She has an impressive pedigree behind her, being sired by the South East Calf show bull calf champion Mortimers Hurricane and her dam Mortimers Genie, a national show champion, is in turn sired by the 16,000gns Perth senior champion Ravensworth Alder.

She went home with J Rudkin, Thrussington, Leicestershire, who purchased her from Messrs Mortimers Farm, Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Graiggoch Natalie, an October 2017-born heifer from Gerwyn Jones, Nebo, Conwy, was next top priced at 2,300gns.

Purchased by Sandbach Charolais, Sandbach, Cheshire, she was tapped out first in her class at the morning’s show and is sired by the 15,000gns Carlisle supreme champion Burradon Talisman, while her dam Edenhurst Rhapsody goes back to the 14,000gns Royal Ulster junior champion Killadeas Jack.

At the finish of the sale there was a dispersal of the Hackleton Charolais herd of Hackleton, Northamptonshire.

The herd, which was established over 25 years ago with purchases from the Lendor and Gurteen Charolais herds, has bred two national show champions and is sadly dispersing due to the development of the farm buildings and other commitments.

Their top lot was the cow and calf outfit Hackleton Hetty and Hackleton Petra which were knocked down at 2,600gns.

The 2012-born Hackleton Hetty is by the Irish-bred Mulroog Alpine and her dam Redheughs Blanche is a Redheughs Sinatra daughter.

She and her seven month-old heifer calf Hackleton Petra, by Hackleton Largerlout, were purchased by Andrew Stott, Canonbie, Dumfries-shire.

Averages: 32 bulls: £3615.94; two cow and calves: £1391.25; four heifers: £2270.70. Hackleton Dispersal: one bull: £840.00; 10 cow and calves: £1683.15; one dry cow: £945.00; one calf £693.00

Auctioneers: Welshpool Livestock Sales

Show Judge: Paul Stobart, Kirklington, Cumbria

Sponsor: Rea Avlley Tractors Ltd &KLF Insurance.