A FOUL mouthed man of 81 convicted of two counts of threatening behaviour towards a neighbours’ carer has insisted: “I’m not paying a penny.”

Terence Amos, of Plas Foryd flats at Kinmel Bay, was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the young woman, £620 costs, and conditionally discharged for two years. He’d denied the offences in March and April.

Magistrates at Llandudno also imposed a two-year restraining order. Court chairman Robert Bradley warned his lawyer: “He’s taking the patience of this bench far too far.”

At one stage during his evidence, the pensioner had asked the magistrate: ”Are you the hanging judge?”

Amos said he’d lived at the Wales and West Housing complex for 15 years and he had an X type Jaguar. He claimed drivers parked too close to his car and damaged the bumper and door. “I’m sick of touching it up,” he declared.

He agreed he called the visiting carer abusive names. The OAP remarked: ”It’s not a hanging offence is it?”

Amos was accused of waving his walking stick as he threatened to smash the scared care assistant’s “Teeth in” and break the windscreen of her van.

Prosecutor Julia Galston said during a second visit the woman had to move quickly out of the way when Amos’s car lunged forward as she walked past.

The pensioner told police he was concerned about parking in the car park and very protective of his car. He’d insulted the carer.

William Hingston, defending, said prior to the case Amos was of previous good character.

“I don’t intend to pay nothing. I’m appealing against this conviction,” Amos maintained. “This is a set up.”