A TWO-YEAR-OLD had a lucky escape after a ceiling collapsed on her following a two-month long leak.

Lorna Henry and her daughter Jamie Proctor live in a flat in Willow Street, Llangollen but have been unable to use their kitchen properly due to an extensive leak.

Partner Arran Moulton told the Leader they originally spotted a leak in the kitchen and contacted North Wales Housing who said it was an issue with the rain water, rather than a burst pipe.

The pair have been left unable to use the room properly due to the leak and a fear of it being close to a light, however the ceiling collapsed on Wednesday, November 27 whilst the two-year-old was in the kitchen.

Mr Moulton added: “They originally sent a plumber out to look and they said it wasn’t a leaking pipe, it was just the rain water. We’ve been chasing them for two months.

“We haven’t been able to use the kitchen properly. It’s left my partner out of pocket as well having to find alternatives.

“They were in the kitchen at the time and the ceiling just fell through. When they came out to fix it they found it was actually a burst water pipe causing the leak.

“It’s just been a nightmare. We have plaster from the ceiling all over the floor, there was water everywhere.

“It was a pretty scary experience. Her daughter is fine luckily, it was just a few bits of plaster but it could have been so much worse.”

Mr Moulton added: “It’s been a distressing few months. I’ve been repeatedly fobbed off by them and had no help at all

“Our issue is with the housing, they should have sorted it straight away.

“There was a fear that it was unsafe because of the water leaking near the light. It could have been so much worse.

“We are still waiting for a new roof and have been left with the mess but they have found the cause of the problem.”

A spokesman for North Wales Housing said: “We can confirm that we are aware of the situation and are in contact with the resident to discuss any concerns they may have.”