A COUNCIL carried out an emergency housing initiative for homeless people during freezing winter weather.

Denbighshire County Council initiated its rough sleeper severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP) from Friday, November 29 and Sunday, December 1 after weather forecasts of sub-zero temperatures. It provides temporary accommodation for people without shelter whose well-being is at a greater risk during cold weather.

Two people accessed the initiative and have ongoing support plans in place.

“The rough sleeper severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP) was initiated on Friday morning due to weather forecasts showing freezing temperatures across Denbighshire over the weekend,” a Denbighshire County Council spokesperson said.

“The council’s Homeless Prevention Team found accommodation for two individuals. Both have engaged with the team previously and have ongoing support plans in place.”

A 2018 report into homeless deaths by the Office of National Statistics said that there was not a seasonal pattern in incidents of deaths, however temporary shelter can have a “protective effect”.

The spokesperson said the SWEP protocol is in addition to the services provided by the Homeless Prevention Team, which includes free information, advice and assistance.

They added: “Denbighshire residents who find themselves at risk or are homeless can present themselves to the Ask Centre, Water Street, Rhyl to talk to members of the Homeless Prevention Team.”