HISTORY will repeat itself for a family from Llansannan this Christmas as they step back in time to celebrate in 1960s style.

Carys Newton and her will take part in S4C’s Christmas special programme Cofio ‘Dolig Teulu Ni - 'Remembering Our Family Christmas' - where they will go back in time to 1961 to celebrate the season in the same way as her grandparents.

Mrs Newton’s grandfather, Hefin Jones, who recently turned 90, shared his memories of his 1961 Christmas at the family farm at Bryn Draenan, to help re-create Christmas day as part of the programme. Mrs Newton’s father was four years old in 1961 - the same age as her youngest daughter.

Mrs Newton said: "My grandparents were successful with their bid to take over Bryn Draenan farm in Ysbyty Ifan following a tender back in 1958. But they came from poor families and had barely nothing.

"They turned up at the farm with a motorbike and nothing else - their Christmas celebrations were very different to how we celebrate today."

As of 2019, four generations of Carys’ family have lived at Bryn Draenan, with Carys’ brother now raising a young family on the farm.

Mrs Newton and her husband Stephen, who are both GP’s, and their three children, nine year old Lleucu, Macsen, eight, and Eos aged four will re-live the special day through her family’s treasured memories.

Mrs Newton added: "I wanted my children to learn what my grandparents went through when they were young. Back then, they didn’t have much.

"Today, everything is so over the top, but making the programme made us all appreciate what we have.

"The children got four gifts each on Christmas day – a main present, which were dominoes for Lleucu, a football for Macsen and a jig-saw for Eos. The three also received a book each and an apple and an orange. They appreciated the gifts so much, even though they were nothing compared to what they usually get from Santa Claus."

From the gifts to the decorations, and from the board games to the food on the dinner table, the Newtons will enjoy all that’s great about Christmas - all with a 1960s twist.

Mrs NEwton said: "The best thing about the experience was simply doing it as a family. All generations of the family got involved and it was fantastic to learn more about my family’s past," Carys added.

To find out how the family enjoyed harking back to a simpler time for Christmas, catch the show on S4C on Sunday, December 22 at 8.00pm. Alternatively, catch the show later via S4C Clic or BBC iPlayer.