Ruthin primestock sale - December 17

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports entries of 3,262 prime lambs to £2,619ppk / £110 and 170 cull ewes and rams to £135.

New season lambs:

The best quality lambs were in demand and there was a brisk trade on all others.

Top priced:

Light lambs to 2.25 by D H Jones, Clywedog and £72 from the same vendor; Standard lambs to 2.46 by GW, HL & DW Roberts, Cil Llwyn and £95 from the same vendor; Medium lambs to 2.61 by GW, HL & DW Roberts, Cil Llwyn and £110 from the same vendor; Heavy lambs to 2.07 by TC & O & EC Lloyd, Criccor and £98 by D H Jones, Clywedog

Light to 2.25 Average 1.71; Standard to 2.46 Average 2.02; Medium to 2.61 Average 196.6; Heavy to 2.07 Average 1.85; Overall average 193; SQQ 197.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

Top price: £135 by Gwion Morgan, Ty’n y Wern.

Texel rams to £101; Texel ewes to £110; Welsh rams to £60; Welsh ewes to £42; Beltex ewes to £135; Mule Ewes to £70; Lleyn ewes to £64; Overall ewes / rams average £60.39.

Prime cattle:

Prime heifers to £179.5ppk by WO, OE Jones & Son, Hendre Bryn Cyffo.

St Asaph livestock market - December 12

NEW season lambs (2,819):

A smaller entry forward were again an excellent trade.

The best quality were especially dear.

Top price Light - 203p/kg shown I W Price, Plas Heaton and £62.50/head shown by R Morgan, Bodgynda.

Top price Standard - 257p/kg shown by Heaton Farms and £98/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Medium - 261p/kg shown by O T & H C Williams, Hendre Blaenau and £116/head shown by Miss S Hughes, Claypits.

Top price Heavy - 245p/kg shown by Miss S Hughes, Claypits and £115/head shown by D C Evans, Penywaen.

Top price Overweight - 185p/kg shown by P Barlow, Mossgiel and £103/head shown by G O Lloyd, Bryn Goleu; SQQ 194.57.

Light ave 191.16p/kg to 203.00p/kg to £62.50/hd; Standard ave 192.59p/kg to 257.00p/kg to £98.00/hd; Medium ave 196.12p/kg to 261.00p/kg to £116.00/hd; Heavy ave 186.50p/kg to 245.00p/kg to £115.00/hd; Overweight ave 164.32p/kg to 185.00p/kg to £103.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (993):

Ewes were another good trade, with Texel ewes to £102/head, Welsh ewes to £47/head, mule ewes to £98/head and tups to £80/head.

Ewes to £102.00, ave £58.87; Rams to £80.00, ave £60.41.

Mold primestock sale - December 16

THERE was another excellent entry of beef cattle and cull cows.

Beef cattle trade remained similar to previous few weeks – well finished and shapely cattle met with a flying trade.

A total of 96 barren cows were forward, with some good meat about resulting in another fast trade.

There was a larger entry of lambs, with demand again very good for all types.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 225.10 (1473.31); Top 20 Beef 218.50 (1423.25); Top 30 Beef 213.23 (1398.45).

Prime cattle (115 entries - 39 hfrs, 61 strs, 15 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 229 (1488.50), Av 200.08; Medium Continental Heifers to 222, Av 192.72; Heavy Native Heifers to 194 (1270.70), Av 175.67; Medium Native Heifers to 150, Av 150; Light Native Heifers to 120, Av 120; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 129, Av 129.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 226 (1480.30), Av 202.78; Medium Continental Steers to 234 (1482), Av 197.88; Light Continental Steers to 205, Av 170.25; Heavy Native Steers to 176, Av 161.67; Medium Native Steers to 202 (1292.80), Av 183; Light Native Steer to 155, Av 142.50; Heavy Friesian Steers to 169 (1174.55), Av 156; Medium Friesian Steers to 160 (1032), Av 156.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 210 (1606.50), Av 196.25; Medium Continental Bulls to 180, Av 178; Light Continental Bulls 150, Av 149.67; Medium Native Bulls to 172, Av 172; Medium Friesian Bulls to 149, Av 149; Light Friesian Bulls to 125, Av 120.

Heifers (30-36m): Light Continental Heifers to 185, Av 185; Heavy Native Heifers to 156, Av 152; Medium Native Heifers to 147, Av 147; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 140, Av 132.50.

Steers (30-36m): Medium Continental Steers to 158, Av 158; Medium Native Steers to 146, Av 146; Medium Friesian Steers to 105, Av 105.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 155, Av 147; Medium Continental Heifers to 145, Av 132.50.

Cull cows (96 entries - 84 dairy, 12 beef): Young Beef cows to 145; Aged Beef Cows to 140, 139 etc; Overall beef cow av 112.20; Dairy cows to 140, 125, 123, 120 (4 times) (£1008), £936), (£924.30); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 122.30 (910.36); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 117.80 (864.81); Overall dairy cow av 97.

Cull bulls (2 entries): Here to 126 (1190.70).

Lambs (478 entries): Light to 191, Av 187.40; Standard to 191, Av 185.90; Medium to 200, Av 186.60; Heavy to 196, Av 178.70; Sqq 186.50.

Ewes: Ewes to 90, Av 69.36.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - December 12

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 48 cattle to £1,200; 47 calves to £370; one OTM cattle to £962; 918 store lambs to £87.50; one cow and calf to £1,100 and one stirk to £120.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

BB Bulls to £365; BB Heifers to £290; Lim Bulls to £370; Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £75; Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £180; Holstein Friesian Bulls to £120.

Top price calf: £370 by JD, BJ & EW Evans, Ty Isa.

There was a good show of calves once again during the week with the highest price calf going to Evans, Ty Isa for a 5 week old Lim bull calf selling to £370.

Other Lim bulls from Hughes, Ffrith Isa sold to £340 and a Lim heifer to £240 from Williams, Plas Coch.

Williams, Bryn Dansi got their best 1 month old British Blue bull to £290, with a British Blue close behind to £280.

A 1 month old Aberdeen Angus bull to £180, with a Holstein Friesian to £120.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

There was an exceptional trade on cattle.

More are required weekly to meet demand, call Glyn Owens to discuss.

Heifers: 19 month Charolais to £1,200 by M Williams, Llys; 21 month Lim to £1080; 15 month Charolais to £955; 18 month Lim to £935; 15 month British Blue to £870.

Steers: 26 month Aberdeen Angus to £1085 by W L Jones, Fron; 19 month Simmentel to £1020; 19 month Lim to £985; 21 month British Blue to £975; 12 month Charolais to £885; 16 month British Blue to £930.

OTM cattle:

A 102 month Lim cow weighing 740kg achieved £1.30p/k.


A 5 month Ayrshire Stirk achieved £120

St Asaph livestock market - December 14

NEW season lambs (529):

There was a good trade on lambs, with plenty of custom forward, topping at 232p/kg shown by J C & G M Evans, Ty Isaf.

Super Super Light ave 134.90p/kg to 147.00p/kg to £28.00/hd; Super Light ave 158.92p/kg to 232.00p/kg to £58.00/hd; Light ave 178.32p/kg to 202.00p/kg to £64.50/hd; Standard ave 180.35p/kg to 212.00p/kg to £71.00/hd; Medium ave 167.57p/kg to 180.00p/kg to £75.00/hd; Heavy ave 155.03p/kg to 163.00p/kg to £76.00/hd; Overweight ave 143.52p/kg to £77.50/hd.

Old ewes (12):

Ewes to £65.00, ave £37.75.

Miscellaneous: 3 Kelpie pups sold from £40 to £55.

Mold stock sale - December 13

ANOTHER strong show of cattle and trade seemed to strengthen even further.

There was demand from start to finish.

Strong numbers of calves and dairy, although trade for both was down somewhat on the previous weeks.

Store cattle (182 entries): BB str (23m) to 1175; HER str (24m) to 1055; LIM str (23m) to 1050; SIM str (33m) to 1035; AA str (23m) to 1000; CHAR str (22m) to 975; Monty Str (24m) to 800; SHO str (23m) to 795; FLECV str (22m) to 790; BF str (25m) to 785; HF str (23m) to 780; LIM hfrs (23m) to 940; SIM hfrs (23m) to 920; CHAR hfrs (20m) to 850; AA hfrs (23m) to 835; BB hfrs (23m) to 830; BF hfrs (22m) to 740; JER hfrs (21m) to 720.

Stirks (64 entries): LIM strs (8m) to 630; HER strs (9m) to 620; CHAR strs (7m) to 580; BF str (10m) to 390; Lim hfr (8m) to 770; BB hfr (8m) to 730; BA hfr (8m) to 715; SIM hfr (8m) to 675; AA hfr (8m) to 665; SHO hfr (11m) to 480.

Dairy (29 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1850, others to 1820, 1740, 1620, etc.

Cows: HF (3nd calvers) to 1300, 1200, 1150; HF (5th calvers) to 1100, 1050, 1000.

IC heifers: FLECV hfrs to 980.

Calves (116 entries):

Bulls: SIM bull to 262; Lim bull to 240; BB bull to 230; AA bull to 175; Her bull to 165; Monty bull to 100; BF bull to 72; HOL bull to 48; HF bull to 38.

Heifers: BB hfr to 225; SIM hfr to 210; LIM hfr to 200; BSH hfr to 182; Her hfr to 130; AA hfr to 118.

Bryncir Christmas sale - December 11

THERE was an entry of 850 fat lambs, 156 cull ewes and 15 cull cows.

It must be stated that this year's show was the best seen in many years, which is a great credit to local producers, and underlines the importance of local livestock markets and shows to ensure the future of our rural communities.

The honour of judging was awarded to John Williams of Wrexham, who, after long deliberation, awarded the champion pair of lambs to local shepherdess Mari Hughes of Ffridd, Nantlle for an outstanding pair of Beltex x lambs weighing 43kg.

These later sold for £125 to the same purchaser who bought the champion beast in the cattle show, Carol Pugh, to be served through her catering business at Abersoch Golf Club.

The reserve champion pair were awarded to Ifan Huw Hughes, Bryn Eithinog for

lambs weighing 39kg, which sold for £87

Prime lambs: Overall average 183.6p; Lights to 220p Av 182.3p; Standard to 223p Av 185.4p; Medium to 291p Av 182.8p; Heavy to 200p Av 180p.

Cull ewes:

Char Ewes to £118 by Ifan Huw Hughes, Bryn Eithinog; Tex Ewes to £106 by B Owen, Coch Y Clwt; Mules Ewes to £76 by W Owen, Gwnhingar; Crossbred Ewes to £95 by D J Roberts, Ty Corniog; Welsh to £58 by M & G Parry, Orsedd Fawr; Cull Rams to £96 by R A Hughes, Rhydelian, Llanfair PG.

Cull cows: Char x to 135p by M Jones, Hendre Forion; Lim to 128p by G Williams, Pant gwyn; Sim to 120p; WB to 108p; Dairy to 117p by D Williams, Brynhunog, Pwllheli.

Christmas schedule 2019:

Champion Pair of Lambs: Mari Hughes of Ffridd, Nantlle.

Reserve Champion Pair Lambs: Ifan Huw Hughes, Bryn Eithinog.

Pen of 4 or more Texel X: 1, Sion Lloyd Williams, Gelliwig; 2, H Williams, Hen Gaeau.

Pen of 4 or more Suffolk X: 1, Roberts, Llystyn Cyf; 2, Roberts, Llystyn Cyf.

Pen of 4 or more Beltex X: 1, T Jones, Bodychain; 2, G H Lloyd, Castellcoed.

Pen of 4 or more other X bred: 1, Sion Lloyd Williams, Gelliwig; 2, S Williams, Ty Mwg

Pen of 4 or more Welsh to 34kg: 1, JL & C & G Williams, Ysgubor Goch; 2, C Rowlands, Cwm Cilio.

Pen of 4 or more Welsh over 34kg: 1, M G Roberts, Croesor; 2, M G Roberts, Croesor.

Young Exhibitor (under 20): 1, Math and Cian Rhys, Garnedd Wen; 2, Math and Cian Rhys, Garnedd Wen.

Pen of 4 or more Texel Ewes: 1, B Owen, Coch Y Clwt; 2, AC & DT Hughes, Brychyni.

Pen of 4 or more X bred Ewes: 1, AC & DT Hughes, Brychyni; 2, D J Roberts Ty Corniog.

Pen of 4 or more Imp Welsh Ewes: 1, M & G Parry, Orsedd Fawr.

Pen of 4 or more Mule Ewes: 1, W Owen, Gwnhingar; 2, W Owen, Gwnhingar.

Bryncir store sale - December 16

THERE was a seasonal entry of 80 store lambs, with trade exceptionally fast and demand was much stronger than supply.

Crossbred to £73.00 by E T Williams, Coedty Mawr.

Welsh to £52.00 by G P Williams, Llwyn Ffynnon.