A heavily pregnant woman found drunk in a Llangollen park had been told her child might be stillborn or might not survive long after birth.

But magistrates in Llandudno heard that the baby had, in fact, been born without the expected health problems.

The court heard that the police were called to Llangollen’s Riverside Park on October 17 by passers-by who were concerned to see Amy Louise Dunne, and thought she had fallen over.

Prosecutor James Neary said she was clearly drunk and immediately began swearing at the officers as they tried to help her.

Paramedics then arrived but she struggled with the officers as they tried to walk her to the ambulance.

Told she was being arrested for being drunk and disorderly, she tried to bite PC Alan Davies as he attempted to handcuff her, and kicked PC Catherine Morris in the shins.

“The irony is that the officers were there for her welfare because she was drunk,” said Mr Neary, who told the court that the incident was witnessed by several children.

Dunne, 34, continued to kick out as they tried to put her in the police car.

Dunne, an activities co-ordinator as a care home, pleaded guilty to two offences of assaulting emergency workers .

Her solicitor Catherine Jagger said she was “deeply ashamed” of her behaviour and wished to apologise.

“She had been told that her child, if it survived at all, would not survive for long, She was absolutely distraught and took some prescribed Diazepam and mixed it with alcohol,” she said.

Dunne had been sent home from work that day because of the news.

“Thankfully her baby has now been born and doesn’t have the health issues,” she added.

Dunne, of Ty Newydd, Vivod, Llangollen, was given two four-week jail sentences, to run consecutively and suspended for 12 months.

She was also ordered to pay the officers £100 each in compensation, court costs of £85 and a £122 surcharge.

Chairman Sandra Ogden-Jones said the custodial sentences were justified because it was a serious incident over a prolonged period and involving officers who were trying to help her.