BUS fares for passengers in North Wales will increase tomorrow.

On Sunday, January 5, adult fares on some Arriva Bus Wales services will go up; the increase is between 10p and 20p.

Changes to fares in the Denbighshire and Deeside areas are as follows:

Wales Areas

Adult (day): £5.70

Child (day): £3.70

Adult (weekly): £19

Child (weekly): £12.70

Adult (4-weekly): £66.50

Child (4-weekly): £44.45

All Areas (Wales and North West England)

Adult (day): £6

Child (day): £4

Adult (weekly): £21

Child (weekly): £14.50

Adult (four-weekly) £70

Child (four-weekly) £49

Passengers have taken to the Arriva Buses Wales Facebook to voice their views on the changes.

One said: "Raising prices again?!!! No wonder people drive everywhere and not use public transport. It's too expensive!"

Another said: "My weekly ticket has increased 50 per cent in three years but I see no improvement on your services. Like everyone is saying, always late if they turn up at all! "Your drivers need to have a personality too!"

For full information, and to see changes for fares in the Gwynedd area, www.arrivabus.co.uk