PLANS for a 28,000 free range bird egg laying production unit in Denbigh are set to be given the green light.

Denbighshire County Council's planning committee will consider proposals - for a free range egg production unit at Plas Llanynys, Llanynys - on Wednesday, January 15.

Planning permission is being sought for a free range poultry building, to be located about 300 metres to the South East of the farmyard, at Plas Llanynys.

A document, to be presented to the committee, said: "It would measure approximately 123 metres x 20 metres, with eaves at three metres and its ridge at 5.4 metres.

"There would be four silos [a structure for storing bulk materials] for feed located at the North Western end of the building.

"There would be 10 roof mounted mechanical fans along the ridge of the roof."

Access to the site would be via an existing field entrance that would be improved, and a track would be laid from the highway access to serve the building and its associated hardstanding.

The application has been recommended for grant.

No major objections have been raised.

Planning officers at Denbighshire County Council stated: "It is officers’ opinion that the proposals merit support in principle as there are benefits for the rural economy and the development would assist in sustaining employment in the local area.

"The siting and appearance of the free range egg unit is considered acceptable and unlikely to have any significant detrimental effect on visual amenity, or the character of the special landscape area, subject to suitable landscaping."