Ruthin primestock sale - January 14

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,939 prime lambs to 284ppk / £119 and 199 cull ewes and rams to £110.

Old season lambs:

There was an increased entry.

A flying trade with all breed and weight categories in keen demand.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light hoggets: 250.8ppk by R Jones, Gwern Elwy and £80 from G W & H L & D W Roberts, Cil Llwyn.

Standard hoggets: 276.3ppk by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa and £105 from the same vendor.

Medium hoggets: 223.0ppk by Dyfan Evans, Pendref and £115 by G & E V Roberts, Simdde Hir.

Heavy hoggets: 206.1ppk by M & G & M Thomas, Carneddol and £118 by C M Owen, Rhos Isa.

Light to 250.8, Average 205.7; Standard to 276.3, Average 220.3; Medium to 284.0, Average 223.0; Heavy to 241.7, Average 206.1; Overall average 215.3; SQQ 220.5.

Cull ewes:

A smaller entry was forward, with big ewes in demand.

Ewes are required on Fridays.

A total of 199 cull ewes up to £110 overall, average £61.64.

Texel ewes to £110; Cross bred ewes to £96; Mule ewes to £89; Char ram to £85; Lleyn rams to £80; Welsh rams to £60; Welsh ewes to £50.

Prime heifers:

Heifers to 179.5ppk; Top price 179.5ppk by E W & E Roberts, Ty Nant Llan.

St Asaph livestock market - January 9

OLD season lambs (2,535):

A good entry forward contained some good quality Hoggs as usual, but also a large number of more mixed quality and hill bred Hoggs.

Top price Light - 247p/kg shown by E W Edwards, Ty Nant Gell and £74/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard - 250p/kg shown by B H Davies, Ochr y Gop and £96/head shown by E W Edwards, Ty Nant Gell.

Top price Medium - 268p/kg shown by A Rowlands, Anneddwen and £111/head shown by O T & H C Williams, Hendre Blaenau.

Top price Heavy - 257p/kg shown by K E Williams, Penrallt and £118/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Overweight - 218p/kg shown by I R Jones, Ty Draw and £122/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 211.24.

Light ave ave 194.18p/kg to 247.00p/kg to £74.00/hd; Standard ave 210.95p/kg to 250.00p/kg to £96.00/hd; Medium ave 214.75p/kg to 268.00p/kg to £111.00/hd; Heavy ave 204.92p/kg to 257.00p/kg to £118.00/hd; Overweight ave 189.11p/kg to 218.00p/kg to £122.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (1,019):

A large number forward were met with a brisk trade, with Texel Ewes to £165/head, Mule Ewes to £102/head and Welsh Ewes to £50/head.

Tups were up to £136/head.

Ewes to £165.00, ave £73.29; Rams to £136.00, ave £88.37.

Llanrwst market - January 14

HOGGETS and cull ewes were yet again an improved trade.

Hoggets sold to 239ppk and £107.50 a head, with cull ewes to £118.

Hoggets (565): SQQ av 212p (overall av 206p).

S/lights (86) to 186p, av 179p; Lights (102) to 217p, av 199.8p; Standards (158) to 226p, av 218p; Mediums (141) to 239p, av 213p; Heavy (65) to 229p, av 209p; Overs (13) to 193p, av 180p.

Ewes / rams (95):

Welsh ewes to £60; Xbred ewes to £118; Xbred rams to £80; Welsh to £77.

Beef (6):

OTM steers to 180p; BB hfrs to 183p; OTM heifers 175p.

OTM cows (1):

Fri cows to 82p.

Highest priced:

Hoggets (per head and ppk): G & E Jones, Garthbigau, Nantyrhiw, Llanrwst.

Ewes / rams: G & E Jones, Garthbigau, Nantyrhiw, Llanrwst.

Beef (ppk): C W Davies, Coedybryn, Llansannan, Denbigh.

Beef (per head): E Jones, Fedw, Nantyrhiw, Llanrwst.

Mold primestock sale - January 13

ANOTHER huge show of 288 beef and cull cows, being 12 more than the previous week

Trade for beef cattle remained brisk with all types in demand, but a premium was still being paid for the best cattle.

Starting to notice a difference between OTM and younger cattle, so it's worth keeping an eye on this going forward.

Cull cows continued to meet an incredible demand with a ringful of buyers looking for all types of cows.


Top 10 Beef 221.10p (1427.88); Top 20 Beef 218.45p (1411.38).

Prime Cattle (194 entries - 80 hfrs, 87 strs, 27 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 214 (1420), Av 192.88; Medium Continental Heifers to 220, Av 194.71; Light Continental Heifers to 205, Av 171.33; Heavy Native Heifers to 173, Av 165.67; Medium Native Heifers to 181, Av 164.13; Light Native Heifers to 141, Av 135.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 220 (1452.55), Av 198.50; Medium Continental Steers to 225 (1451.25), Av 205.58; Light Continental Steers to 190, Av 190; Heavy Native Steers to 191 (1398.60), Av 175.50; Medium Native Steers to 183, Av 170.33; Light Native Steer to 167, Av 157.50; Heavy Friesian Steers to 157 (1326.65), Av 155; Medium Friesian Steers to 154, Av 148.33.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls to 220 (1430), Av 201; Medium Continental Bulls to 220, Av 199.40; Light Continental Bulls 219, Av 192; Heavy Native Bulls to 191, Av 175.55; Medium Native Bulls to 193, Av 174.42; Light Native Bulls to 170, Av 167; Light Friesian Bulls to 141, Av 125.25.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 175, Av 160.71; Medium Continental Heifers to 157, Av 149; Heavy Native Heifers to 170, Av 170; Medium Native Heifers to 151, Av 140.33.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 174, Av 168.80; Medium Continental Steers to 183, Av 170.50; Heavy Native Steers to 152, Av 152; Medium Native Steers to 159, Av 159; Light Native Steer to 143, Av 143.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 165, Av 156.67; Medium Continental Heifers to 130, Av 130; Medium Native Heifers to 135, Av 133.50.

Steers (over 36m): Medium Continental Steers to 134, Av 134.

Cull cows (91 entries - 53 dairy, 38 beef):

Young Beef cows (over 36) to 165 (1014.75); Young Beef cows (under 36) to 165 (981.75); Aged Beef cows to 152, 150, 144, 144 etc; (1085), (1071.60), (1064), (1014.75) etc; Top 10 Beef Cows Av 148.10p (1012.13); Top 20 Beef cows Av 140.75p (940.04); Overall beef cow av 128.60; Dairy cows to 124, 124, 122, 121, 120 etc; (991.80), (969.90), (930), (925.65) etc; Top 10 Dairy cows Av 119.70p (898.75); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 116.40p (841.65); Overall dairy cow av 98.80.

Cull bulls (3 entries):

South Devon to 105 (1354.50); Lim to 110 (1023); HF to 98.


Standard to 204, Av 189.40; Medium to 204, Av 197.50; Heavy to 194, Av 185.90; Sqq 194.60.


Ewes to 87; Av 52.16.

Bryncir fatstock auction - January 8

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 677 hoggets, 288 cull ewes and 10 cull cows.

Hoggets and cull ewes returning a cracking trade, with record prices achieved.

Cull cows were also in demand.


Overall average 202.9p; Lights to 215p - D L Jones, Cae Hetar; Standard to 245p - Anne Franz, Trefaes; Medium to 222p - RG & ME Williams, Awel Y Foel; Heavy to 238p - D Hughes, Ty Mawr.

Cull ewes:

Tex Ewes to £144 - Messrs Parry, Aberkin; Crossbred Ewes to £138 - W J Williams, Bodtacho Ddu; Suff Ewes to £118 - Aron Owen, Maes Gwyn; Mule Ewes to £114 - W & H Jones, Castellmarch; Welsh to £86 - M & G Parry, Orsedd Fawr; Cull Rams to £100.

Cull cows: Sal to 139p - (£1028.60) A Hughes, Ty Cerrig; Lim to 131p - (£1061.10) R & CM & RW Jones, Crugan; Cha to 129p - (£1141.65) R & CM & RW Jones, Crugan; Dairy to 109p - R H & OT Lewis, Coed Cae Gwyn.

Dolgellau market - January 10

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 824 cast ewes, rams, and store and ewe lambs.

Prices: Crossbred Cast Ewes to £59; Welsh Rams to £56; Welsh Cast Ewes to £50; Yearly Welsh Wethers to £55.40; Suffolk Cast Ewes to £80; Crossbred Store Lambs to £93; Crossbred Ewe Lambs to £69.40; Welsh Store Lambs to £56; Welsh Ewe Lambs to £50; Scotch Ewe Lambs to £46.

Ruthin primestock sale - January 10

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 722 prime hoggets to 248.6ppk / £106 and 236 cull ewes and rams to £145.

Old season lambs:

An entry of 722 lambs, being predominantly Welsh or Welsh cross, ended up meeting a buoyant trade and an SQQ of 196.7.

Top priced: £106 from G Edwards & Son, Fferm (52kg); £105 from R G Roberts & Co, Berwynfa (55kg); £103 from R G Roberts & Co, Berwynfa (57kg).

Top priced per kilo: 248ppk from N E Lloyd, Galchog (35kg); 224ppk from S L Jones, Bryn Pin (41kg); 221ppk from S L Jones, Bryn Pin (42kg).

Overall average 196; SQQ 196.7.

Contact Richard Lloyd to discuss the trade or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

More lambs are required weekly.

Cull ewes (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There was a good show of ewes, with just shy of 250 ewes penned.

A continued demand and a firm trade was seen throughout for all grades / types and an overall average of £67.13.

The top price of the day went to P E Parrish for Texel ewes selling for £145, with Roberts, Berwynfa close behind with Texel ewes selling to £144.

Mules were well over £90, with Suffolks to £120.

Large plain ewes were very dear, with Suffolks £95 and mules £95.

Hill ewes to £80; Improved Welsh to £70; Plain Cheviot ewes to £60; Lleyn ewes to £98; Cross bred ewes to £108; Welsh ewes to £60.

More ewes are required weekly. Contact Paul Roberts to discuss.

St Asaph livestock market - January 11

OLD season store lambs (548):

There was a very good trade on all types of Hoggs, with the best selling to 241p/kg from J G & E V Roberts, Simdde Hir.

Super Super Light ave 166.40p/kg to 175.00p/kg to £35.00/hd; Super Light ave 166.13p/kg to 204.00p/kg to £50.00/hd; Light ave 208.45p/kg to 241.00p/kg to £71.00/hd; Standard ave 203.47p/kg to 227.00p/kg to £78.00/hd; Medium ave 182.08p/kg to 199.00p/kg to £82.50/hd; Heavy ave 190.22p/kg to 190.00p/kg to £87.50/hd.

Old ewes and rams (20):

Ewes to £40.00, ave £35.16; Rams to £34.00.

Ewe and lamb couples (37):

There was a good trade with a total clearance!

Doubles averaged £200 and Singles averaged £168.75.

Texel Doubles to £230 and Singles to £170.

Mold stock sale - January 10

THERE were pleasing entries in all sections again.

Stores and stirks were in clear demand again, with many buyers going home empty handed.

The dairy trade mirrored previous weeks, while a large crowd was around the ring for calves.

Store cattle (222 entries):

CHAR str (22m) to 1150; LIM str (24m) to 1115; BB str (24m) to 1090; BSH str (24m) to 975; HER str (19m) to 940; AA str (17m) to 935; BA str (18m) to 925; HF str (26m) to 890; WB str (21m) to 870; Sim Str (21m) to 865; BF str (22m) to 765; CHAR hfrs (22m) to 1085; BB hfrs (23m) to 1020; LIM hfrs (22m) to 970; SIM hfrs (19m) to 830; HER hfrs (18m) to 805; AA hfrs (19m) to 790; BA hfrs (18m) to 765; ST hrs (17m) to 685.

Stirks (62 entries): CHAR strs (7m) to 725; LIM strs (7m) to 700; SIM strs (6m) to 515; HOL strs (10m) to 290; HER bulls (3m) to 270; ST bulls (3m) to 265; BF bulls (4m) to 220; CHAR hfr (6m) to 695; Lim hfr (3m) to 370.

Dairy (20 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1880, others to 1860, 1780, 1680, etc.

Cows: HF (2nd calvers) to 1700, others to 1500; HF (4th calvers) to 1350, others to 1280, 1240.

Calves (93 entries):

Bulls: SIM bull to 295; Lim bull to 365; BB bull to 245; Her bull to 195; AA bull to 265; BF bull to 125; HOL bull to 72; BSH bull to 65; HF bull to 40.

Heifers: SIM hfr to 245; LIM hfr to 240; BB hfr to 210; CHAR hfr to 185; Her hfr to 80; AA hfr to 60.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - January 9

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 42 cattle to £1,195; 49 calves to £410; 10 OTM cattle to £1,137.60; 582 store lambs to £90; 109 in-lamb ewes to £140, and 70 ewes and lambs to £280.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There were close to 50 calves in with a ring full of buyers.

More calves could easily have been sold.

It was a day for the Blues, with a 7 week old Blue bull selling for £365 from Jones, Rhydwen and a 6 week old Blue hfr to £300 from Davies, Plas Isaf.

5 week old Char Bull to £360; 5 week old Lim Bull to £290; 5 week old Lim Hfr to £250; 4 week old Aberdeen Angus to £150; 4 week old Aberdeen Angus hfrs to £80.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):


Top priced: 21 month Lim to £1,170 by M Williams & Son, Llys; 17 month Charolais to £1090; 16 month Lim to £900; 22 month Saler cross to £820; 19 month Brit Blue to £790; 17 month Hereford to £625.


Top priced: 21 month Charolais to £1,195 by M Williams & Son, Llys; 18 month Lim to £1140; 20 month Charolais to £1080; 22 month Brit Blue to £1000; 18 month Aberdeen Angus cross to £950; 19 month Hereford to £850.

OTM cattle:

A 104 month Lim cow weighing 720kg achieved £1.58ppk; 163 month Lim cow weighing 710g achieved £1.40ppk; 48 month British Blue cow weighing 745kg achieved £1.14ppk; 93 month Lim cow weighing 590kg achieved £1.20ppk; 61 month Hereford cow weighing 710 achieved £1.00ppk.

Sheep section:

Store lambs: Numbers are slowly getting less with 582 store lambs forward, with the trade ever increasing alongside a current buoyant fat lamb trade.

Texel ram lambs sold to £90; Texel ewe lambs sold to £89; Kerry lambs sold to £78; Suffolk lambs sold to £75; Welsh lambs sold to £72; Mule ewe lambs sold to £85.50.

More lambs are required weekly to meet demand.

Please contact Richard Lloyd to discuss.

Ewes and lambs:

An entry of 70 couples sold as follows:

Xbreed singles to £148; Xbreed twins to £252; Mule singles to £138; Mule twins to £246; Beltex twins to £280; Texel singles to £168.

In-lamb ewes: 3 year old Tex to £140; 4 tooth crossbreed to £114; 6 tooth Dorset to £102; 6 tooth Llanwenog to £102; 4 year old Mules to £98; Full mouth Welsh to £78.

Bryncir couples sale - January 13

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 75 ewe and lamb couples, and 30 store lambs.

Plenty of interest in couples ensured an excellent trade, with demand very much outstripping supply.


Suffolk X Doubles to £230 by R and I Williams, Muriau; Texel X to £220 by M Hughes, Mochras Isaf; X Bred Doubles to £225 by A L Williams, Ty Mawr; Suffolk X Singles to £163 by A L Williams, Ty Mawr; Texel X to £160 by M Hughes, Mochras Isaf; X Bred Singles to £153 by G T Roberts, Garth.,

Doubles average £222.12; Singles average £150.36; £73.40 per life.

Texel store lambs to £67 by W G Williams, Fron Olau.

Rhayader livestock market - January 9

PRIME lambs (965):

SQQ 212.08p/kg; Overall 209.29p/kg.

Lights (65) average - 200.2p/kg. Sold to 213p/kg from P Ridley & S Roughton, Brook House or £66 from JEG & CO Price, Ddulley Bank, Llaithddu. Others to 210ppkg from JEG & CO Price, Ddulley Bank.

Standards (141) average - 213.56p/kg. Sold to 221p/kg from DWT Davies & Partners, Danycomin, Felindre or £85.20 from DK & AO Price & Sons, Brynawel, Crossgates. Others to 218ppkg from JE Evans & Son, Middle Nantserth and DK & AO Price & Sons, Brynawel.

Mediums (476) average - 212.87p/kg. Sold to 224p/kg from EGC Davies & Co, Llwyncwtta Farm, Rhayader or £97 from AH Jones, Cerrig y Brain, Llanwnog. Others to 223ppkg LR Drew, Gwystre Farm.

Heavies (273) average - 203.50p/kg. Sold to 215p/kg from GP Pugh & Son, The Garth, Pantydwr or £104.80 from LR Drew, Gwystre Farm. Others to 211ppkg from JB & H Davies, Ffosyrhyddod.

Cull Ewes (68) average - £64.73 and selling to £92 from E Mills, Bailey Bevan. Followed by ER Harris, Pantycarragle at £86.50.

Ruthin store and breeding sale - January 16

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 86 cattle to £1,295; 101 calves to £355; seven OTM cattle to £867.30; 1,021 store lambs to £92.50; 16 stirks to £700; 222 breeding ewes to £168 and 126 couples to £220.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

Over 100 calves were sold, with calves remaining a firm trade for the time of year.

Blue bulls from Jones, Gables were in good demand with his best meeting £355 and another close behind achieving £345, with several others hitting the £300 mark.

A 4 week old Blue bull from Hughes, Ffrith Isa hit £315, as did Edwards, Maes y Llyn at £300 and Williams, Ffordd Las had two making £290.

Lims in short supply with the best from Hughes, Ffrith Isa at £245 for a 4 week old bull.

Best Angus bulls with named sire sold on a fast trade with calf after calf from Jones, Gables hitting the £200 mark.

In the friesians, Roberts, Bodynys hit the £60 mark.

The heifers trade would be similar to previous weeks with 4 week old Blues from Edwards, Maes y Llyn to £280 and others from Jones, Pengwer to £250. Others sold around the £200 mark, with smaller younger ones to £120

Top Lims from Evans, Grugor, again to £290 for a 5 week old, with a 3 week old to £185 from Jones, Cefn Fran.

Angus all over the £120-£150 mark.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

There was an exceptional trade on cattle.

Quality young cattle were in very keen demand.

The overall average of the steers throughout the sale was £1,033, with the overall average of the steers and heifers being £1,003.

More are required weekly to meet demand, call Glyn Owens to discuss.


Top priced: £1,160 by EG & E Evans & Son, Sylfaen Farm; 20 month Charolais £1160; 21 month Lim £1040; 14 month Charolais £875; 16 month Lim £800; 11 month Lim £760.


Top priced: £1,295 by M Williams & Son, Llys; 20 month Lim £1295; 21 month Simmental £1205; 20 month Simmental £1150.

OTM cattle:

A 127 month Lim cow weighing 675kg achieved 118ppk. A 158 month Lim cow weighing 555kg achieved 110ppk. A 48 month British Blue weighing 645kg achieved 107ppk.


In the weanling department, not enough were forward with trade remaining strong.

A reduction sale on behalf of Humphreys, Tai Draw obtained keen interest, with 4 month old Sim bulls to £500, Charolais bull to £525 and Lim hfrs to £330.

An 8 month old Brit Blue Hfr from Williams, Hendre, Clawddnewydd sold to £700 and bullocks to £650, and an 8 month old Angus Hfr to £560 from the same shop.

Sheep section:

Store lambs: An excellent entry of 1,021 store hoggets considering the time of year, with an overall average of £62.89.

Plenty of buyers in attendance with a very competitive trade throughout.

Texel Ewe lambs to £92.50 by G B Jones, Ty Isa, Llanelidan; Texel Ram Lambs to £90 by J Morris, Pen y Coed; Cross Bred Ewe Lambs to £89.50 by D V Evans, Garnedd; Cross Bred Ram Lambs to £85 by J Bellis, Ty Hir; Suffolks to £86 by D V Evans, Garnedd; Mules to £80 by O Ll Jones, Fferm y Llan; Welsh to £70 by EL & ML & DA Evans, Nant y Merddyn; Charollais to £78 by TO & WJ Morris & Sons, Bronant.

Very good demand on all types.


Xbred Singles to £160; Romney twins to £218; Romney singles to £150; Texelx Singles to £162; Texelx Doubles to £220; Lleyn twins to £202; Half bred twins to £185; Mule Singles to £160; Mule Doubles to £218.

In-lamb ewes:

Texel yearling to £168; Tex/Mule yearling to £155; Mule yearlings to £150; Mule 3 year old to £140; Lleyn 4/5 year old to £120; Welsh 5 year old to £82.