Ruthin primestock sale - January 21

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,989 prime hoggets to £122 / 277ppk; 266 cull ewes and rams to £130 and five prime heifers to 236ppk / £1,158.85.

Hoggets (auctioneer: Elfor Morris):

A good entry of 1,945 prime hoggets achieved an SQQ of 2.147ppk and an overall average of 2.101ppk.

Another brisk trade and an excellent average, with lighter lambs in better demand.

A larger entry of heavier lambs were slightly back on the previous week.

The top price went to Mr D E Owen, Golygfa’r Dyffryn for a 48.5kg lamb achieving £112, a 40kg lamb from H L Griffiths, Ty Isa achieved £111 and a 59kg lamb from D E Owen, Golygfar’s Dyffryn achieved £110.

Top price per kilo: H L Griffiths & Son 40kg 2.775ppk; M Williams & Son 35kg 2.743ppk; John Jones 32.5kg 2.677ppk

Super Lights to 1.74, Average 1.74; Light to 2.47, Average 2.248; Standard to 2.74, Average 2.218; Medium to 2.775, Average 2.118; Heavy to 2.326, Average 1.960; Overweight to 2.00, Average 1.75; Overall Average 2.101; SQQ 2.147.

More lambs are required on Friday, contact Richard Lloyd to discuss.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

Strong ewes were in keen demand, with the top price of £130 for Beltex ewes shown by O L Jones, Fferam y Llan.

Lleyn ewes to £90; Texel rams to £100; Texel ewes to £100; Suffolk ewes to £98; Mule ewes to £85; Beltex ewes to £130; Welsh rams to £78; Welsh ewes to £53; Overall ewes / rams average £50.15.

Prime cattle

Top priced Heifer per kilo was 2.365ppk by Emrys Davies, Groes Fawr.

Top price Heifer overall was £1,158.85, again by Emrys Davies, Groes Fawr.

The overall heifer average was 2.143.

St Asaph livestock market - January 16

OLD season lambs (1,644):

Top price Super Light - 208p/kg shown by M J M Cordiner, Tafarn y Gelyn Farm and £52/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Light - 228p/kg shown by T W & M Jones, Cefn Fran and £73/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Standard - 260p/kg shown by H Williams a’i Gwmni, Dolau and £100/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Medium - 276p/kg shown by Ll Williams & Sons, Hendre and £120/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Heavy - 254p/kg shown by O T & H C Williams, Hendre Blaenau and £121/head shown by Ll Williams & Sons, Hendre.

Top price Overweight - 205p/kg shown by Gwyn Jones, Nant Gwyn and H Williams a’i Gwmni, Dolau and £124/head shown by Ieuan Davies, Lloc Farm; SQQ 216.35.

Super Light ave 192.45p/kg to 208.00p/kg to £52.00/hd; Light ave 208.43p/kg to 228.00p/kg to £73.00/hd; Standard ave 218.63p/kg to 260.00p/kg to £100.00/hd; Medium ave 220.88p/kg to 276.00p/kg to £120.00/hd; Heavy ave 212.60p/kg to 254.00p/kg to £121.00/hd; Overweight ave 189.20p/kg to 205.00p/kg to £124.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (866):

Ewes to £160.00/hd, ave £74.98/hd; Rams to £126.00/hd, ave £86.48/hd.

Llanrwst market - January 21

THERE were excellent entries in all sections, with hoggets selling to 232ppk, cull ewes to £129 and Welsh ewes to £62.

Hoggets (822):

S/lights (37) to 175p, av 163p; Lights (210) to 224p, av 204p; Standards (444) to 232p, av 212p; Mediums (116) to 225p, av 207p; Heavy (12) to 212p, av 195p; Overs (3) to 171p, av 162p.

Cull ewes / rams (224):

Welsh ewes to £62; Xbred to £129; Welsh rams to £80; Xbred rams to £90; 2 tooth hoggets to £67.

Beef (7):

BB hfrs to 180p; Chx hfrs to 190p; Herx hfrs to 170p; Limx hfrs to 180p.

Highest priced:

Hoggets (ppk): AC & MO Jones, Carreg Coediog, Pentrefoelas Rd, Betws y Coed.

Hoggets (per head): C Roberts, Tyddyn Coed, Llanbedr y Cennin, Conwy.

Ewes (xbred): M Jones, Llwyn Richard, Carmel, Llanrwst.

Ewes (Welsh): J Roberts & Sons, Tyddyn Coed, Llanbedr y Cennin, Conwy.

Beef (ppk): W E Evans, Nant y Fedwen, Carmel, Llanrwst.

Beef (per head): C W Davies, Coedybryn, Llansannan, Denbigh.

Mold primestock sale - January 20

LESS beef about than the previous few weeks, but there was still a pleasing entry of 150.

Trade was firmer again.

Cows continue to meet a flying trade, with more needed each week.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 221.80 (1420.11); Top 20 Beef 216.10 (1386.11).

Prime cattle (150 entries - 58 hfrs, 78 strs, 14 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 210 (1375.50), Av 196.90; Medium Continental Heifers to 210, Av 196.64; Light Continental Heifers to 210, Av 207.50; Heavy Native Heifers to 180, Av 178; Medium Native Heifers to 174, Av 165.50; Light Native Heifers to 156, Av 145.33; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 147, Av 138.50.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 221 (1465.75), Av 192.50; Medium Continental Steers to 229 (1454.15), Av 204.64; Light Continental Steers to 205, Av 205; Heavy Native Steers to 197 (1398.70), Av 182.50; Medium Native Steers to 194 (1251.30), Av 185; Heavy Friesian Steers to 155 (1216.80), Av 149; Medium Friesian Steers to 169, Av 164.

Bulls (under 30m): Medium Continental Bulls to 206, Av 186.50; Light Continental Bulls 159, Av 154.50; Medium Native Bulls to 172, Av 160; Light Native Bulls to 119, Av 119; Medium Friesian Bulls to 159, Av 152; Light Friesian Bulls to 143, Av 135.33.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 210 (1323), Av 210; Medium Continental Heifers to 210 (1228.50), Av 180.80; Light Continental Heifers to 130, Av 130; Medium Native Heifers to 164, Av 149; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 157 (1201.05), Av 145; Medium Friesian Heifers to 135, Av 132.50.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 205 (1373.50), Av 188; Medium Continental Steers to 210, Av 180.56; Light Continental Steers to 120, Av 120; Heavy Native Steers to 168, Av 168; Medium Native Steers to 170, Av 160; Light Native Steer to 169, Av 169.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 189 (1228.50), Av 170.67; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 140 (1197), Av 136.67.

Cull cows (78 entries): Young Beef cows to 164; Aged beef cows to 161, 149 etc (£1356), (£1326.10), (£1218), (£1038.45); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 144.40 (1089.68); Young Dairy cow to 145; Aged Dairy Cows to 133, 128, 121, 120 etc (1024.10); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 123.60 (847.95); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 116.90 (780.73).

Cull bulls (1 entry): HF Bull to 110 (1127.50).

Lambs: Standard to 211, Av 210.20; Medium to 211, Av 205.57; Sqq 206.81.

Ewes: Ewes to 77, Av 70.91.

Dolgellau market - January 17

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 126 store cattle, one breeding bull, five breeding cows and calves, and 499 cast ewes, rams, store and ewe hoggets.

Prices: OTM Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £1095; Pedigree Welsh Black Bulls to £890; 26m Simmental x Heifers to £1002; 26m Charolais x Heifers to £1112; 24m Charolais x Heifers to £1098; 24m Limousin x Heifers to £1042; 22m Charolais x Heifers to £1112; 20m Welsh Black Heifers to £838; 20m Charolais x Heifers to £962; 18m Saler Heifers to £895; 16m Saler Heifers to £825; 16m Welsh Black Heifers to £740; 14m Limousin x Heifers to £910; 26m Limousin x Steers to £1112; 24m Welsh Black Steers to £1035; 24m Charolais x Steers to £1150; 22m Pedigree Welsh Black Steers to £1100; 22m Lim x Steers to £1060; 20m Saler Steers to £880; 20m Welsh Black Steers to £852; 20m Limousin x Steers to £1100; 20m Aberdeen Angus x Steers to £1098; 20m Charolais x Steers to £1082; 18m Limousin x Steers to £1098; 18m Charolais x Steers to £1040; 18m Saler Steers to £930; 16m Limousin x Steers to £1105; 16m Beef Shorthorn x Steers to £892; 14m Limousin x Steers to £1055; 12m Charolais x Steers to £895; 10m Charolais x Steers to £860; 7m Welsh Black Steers to £500; Hereford x Friesian Cow with Simmental x Calf to £1000; Welsh Black Cows with Limousin x Calf to £1000; Limousin x Friesian Second Calver with Charolais x Calf to £1060; Limousin x Friesian Heifer with Limousin Calf to £1750; Welsh Black In Calf Cow to £620; Strong Welsh Cast Ewes to £52 Welsh Rams to £55.40; Welsh Cast Ewes to £45 Crossbred Rams to £73; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £67; Welsh Ewe Hoggs to £52; Welsh Store Hoggs to £53; Mule Ewe Hoggs to £73.40; Strong Welsh Store Hoggs to £67; Organic Crossbred Hoggs to £70.

Bryncir fatstock sale - January 15

THERE was another cracking trade in all sections, with hoggets selling to £116 per head (248p/kg) and cull ewes topping at £134 (sale average £83.45).

Cull cows were also much sharper.

Large entries are required in all sections weekly to satisfy strong orders.

Hoggets: Overall average, 208.0p.

Lights to 217p - G & M Hughes, Bronllwyd Bach.

Standard to 2.40p - T Jones, Bodychain.

Medium to 2.48p - T Jones, Bodychain.

Heavy to 2.26p - R & J Williams, Rhydmerin.

Cull ewes:

Tex Ewes to £134 - Messrs Parry, Aberkin.

Suff Ewes to £129 - R G Owen & Partners, Llawrdref.

Bel/Tex Ewe to £128 - Wil Hughes, Tan Y Bryn.

Mules Ewes to £126 - MP & LM Hughes, Mochras Isaf.

Crossbred Ewes to £119 - M Griffiths & Co Berthlwyd.

Welsh to £68.

Cull cows:

Lim to 150p - (£1109.25) R & CM & RW Jones, Crugan.

WB to 120p - Parry Bros, Caerau.

AAx to 118p; Her to 115p; Dairy to 110p.

Ruthin primestock auction - January 17

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 725 hoggets, 324 ewes and 115 pigs.

Prime hoggets:

Another excellent Friday sale with an entry of 723 hoggets of predominantly hill breeds achieving an SQQ of 2.09ppk.

Lights 1.98; Standards 2.13; Mediums 2.08; Heavy 1.91; Over weight 1.89.

Lighter hoggets were in better demand, but competitive bidding on all categories and more hoggets are required weekly.

Contact Richard Lloyd to discuss.

The top price per kilo went to R E Williams & Son, Hendre, Betws GG with a

31kg hogget achieving 2.45p per kilo.

J Phillips, Glanrafon, with a 37kg lamb achieving 2.32ppk, was close behind.

The top price went to G A Owen, Plassau with a 53kg Cheviot lamb achieving £104 and R Howatson, with a Texel cross lamb, also achieved £104.

A consignment of Welsh lambs from E Owens, Sarphle had 34kg achieving £75,

28kg achieving £58 and 31kg achieving £64.

Cull ewes:

A total of 302 Cull ewes were also in keen demand to an overall average of £67.24.

A crossbred ewe achieved £124 from Jack Robinson, a Beltex ewe from Martin Sivill achieved £118 and £99 for a Hampshire ewe from the same vendor. Linda Curtiss had £90 for a Blue Faced Leicester ram, whilst H P Thomas a'i Mab had £70 for a Welsh ram and C T Roberts, Fron had two pairs of Welsh ewes achieving £60.

St Asaph livestock market - January 18

OLD season lambs (703):

A better trade again on store lambs, reaching 264p/kg from J T Rowlands, Mynydd.

Super Super Light ave 153.42p/kg to 179.00p/kg to £35.00/hd; Super Light ave 177.67p/kg to 200.00p/kg to £46.00/hd; Light ave 212.81p/kg to 259.00p/kg to £70.00/hd; Standard ave 212.16p/kg to 264.00p/kg to £87.00/hd; Medium ave 196.15p/kg to 210.00p/kg to £84.00/hd; Heavy ave 182.16p/kg to £84.00/hd; Overweight ave 168.46p/kg to 179.00p/kg to £95.00/hd.

Old ewes and rams (21):

Ewes to £71.00/hd, ave £47.33.

Ewe and lamb couples (104):

Texel X full mouth Doubles to £225 and Singles £155.

In-lamb ewes (80):

Texel full mouth to £124/head; Texel 4 tooth to £135/head; Brokers to £105/head; Suffolk full mouth to £105/head.

Pet lambs (4):

Pet lambs sold from £2/head to £7/head.

Ruthin store and breeding sale - January 16

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 86 cattle to £1,295; 101 calves to £355; seven OTM cattle to £867.30; 1,021 store lambs to £92.50; 16 stirks to £700; 222 breeding ewes to £168 and 126 couples to £220.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

Over 100 calves were sold, with calves remaining a firm trade for the time of year.

Blue bulls from Jones, Gables were in good demand with his best meeting £355 and another close behind achieving £345, with several others hitting the £300 mark.

A 4 week old Blue bull from Hughes, Ffrith Isa hit £315, as did Edwards, Maes y Llyn at £300 and Williams, Ffordd Las had two making £290.

Lims in short supply with the best from Hughes, Ffrith Isa at £245 for a 4 week old bull.

Best Angus bulls with named sire sold on a fast trade with calf after calf from Jones, Gables hitting the £200 mark.

In the friesians, Roberts, Bodynys hit the £60 mark.

The heifers trade would be similar to previous weeks with 4 week old Blues from Edwards, Maes y Llyn to £280 and others from Jones, Pengwer to £250. Others sold around the £200 mark, with smaller younger ones to £120

Top Lims from Evans, Grugor, again to £290 for a 5 week old, with a 3 week old to £185 from Jones, Cefn Fran.

Angus all over the £120-£150 mark.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

There was an exceptional trade on cattle.

Quality young cattle were in very keen demand.

The overall average of the steers throughout the sale was £1,033, with the overall average of the steers and heifers being £1,003.

More are required weekly to meet demand, call Glyn Owens to discuss.


Top priced: £1,160 by EG & E Evans & Son, Sylfaen Farm; 20 month Charolais £1160; 21 month Lim £1040; 14 month Charolais £875; 16 month Lim £800; 11 month Lim £760.


Top priced: £1,295 by M Williams & Son, Llys; 20 month Lim £1295; 21 month Simmental £1205; 20 month Simmental £1150.

OTM cattle:

A 127 month Lim cow weighing 675kg achieved 118ppk. A 158 month Lim cow weighing 555kg achieved 110ppk. A 48 month British Blue weighing 645kg achieved 107ppk.


In the weanling department, not enough were forward with trade remaining strong.

A reduction sale on behalf of Humphreys, Tai Draw obtained keen interest, with 4 month old Sim bulls to £500, Charolais bull to £525 and Lim hfrs to £330.

An 8 month old Brit Blue Hfr from Williams, Hendre, Clawddnewydd sold to £700 and bullocks to £650, and an 8 month old Angus Hfr to £560 from the same shop.

Sheep section:

Store lambs: An excellent entry of 1,021 store hoggets considering the time of year, with an overall average of £62.89.

Plenty of buyers in attendance with a very competitive trade throughout.

Texel Ewe lambs to £92.50 by G B Jones, Ty Isa, Llanelidan; Texel Ram Lambs to £90 by J Morris, Pen y Coed; Cross Bred Ewe Lambs to £89.50 by D V Evans, Garnedd; Cross Bred Ram Lambs to £85 by J Bellis, Ty Hir; Suffolks to £86 by D V Evans, Garnedd; Mules to £80 by O Ll Jones, Fferm y Llan; Welsh to £70 by EL & ML & DA Evans, Nant y Merddyn; Charollais to £78 by TO & WJ Morris & Sons, Bronant.

Very good demand on all types.


Xbred Singles to £160; Romney twins to £218; Romney singles to £150; Texelx Singles to £162; Texelx Doubles to £220; Lleyn twins to £202; Half bred twins to £185; Mule Singles to £160; Mule Doubles to £218.

In-lamb ewes:

Texel yearling to £168; Tex/Mule yearling to £155; Mule yearlings to £150; Mule 3 year old to £140; Lleyn 4/5 year old to £120; Welsh 5 year old to £82.

Rhayader livestock sale - January 16

PRIME hoggets (836):

SQQ 217.35p/kg; Overall 214.95p/kg.

Lights (16): Average - 179.29p/kg. Sold to 208p/kg from B Watkins & Son, Dolau House or £66.50/head from the same vendor. Others to 175ppkg from J Raw, Tyllwyd.

Standards (149): Average - 215.16p/kg. Sold to 225p/kg from JB & H Davies, Ffosyrhyddod or £86.80/head from the same vendor. Others to 219ppkg from DWT Davies & Partners, Danycomin.

Mediums (500): Average - 218.73p/kg. Sold to 239p/kg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym or £105/head from the same vendor. Others to 230ppkg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym.

Heavies (142): Average - 211.13p/kg. Sold to 220p/kg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym, or £108/head from the same vendor. Others to 215pkg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym.

Overweights (15): Average - 184.48p/kg. Sold to 203p/kg from JT Davies & Son, Graves End or £122/head from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym. Others to 200ppkg from AAT Pugh, Bwlchmawr.

Cull Ewes (113): Average - £60; Sold to £100.

Texel Ewes to £100 from HC Davies, Ty Canol.

Mule Ewes to £90 from B Watkins & Son, Dolau House and F Hamer & Sons, Home Farm.

Cull rams to £80 from JTE Jones, Dderw Bungalow

A tremendous trade seen in both sections once again.

One vendor sold 117 prime hoggets to average £103.57 or 217.19p/kg!

Welshpool market - January 20

Barren and cull cows (18)

A similar number of OTM cattle were on offer during the week, seeing a top price of £1058.20 (148ppkg) for a Limousin x OTM weighing in at 715kg from GP Vaughan & Son, Dolcorsllwyn.

DW & SE Richards, Rhallt Farm made 160ppkg for a Salers x weighing 577kg making £923.20.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1117.95 (145ppkg) for a Limousin x weighing 771kg from TP Jerman, Church Farm.

GP Vaughan, Dolcorsllwyn made 146ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 670kg making £978.20.

Steers under 48 months topped at £876.68 (176ppkg) for a Salers Steer weighing 493kg from DW & SE Richards, Rhallt Farm.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (14) 116.18ppkg / £720.47; Cows 48-72 Months (3) 139.66ppkg / £1005.06; Steers Under 48 months (1) 176ppkg / £867.68; Overall Average 123.25ppkg.

Prime lambs (3,356):

A larger entry of hoggs were forward during the week were sold to return an average of 215.37ppkg, with a top price of the day of 262ppkg going to BH Jerman, Amblecote Farmhouse, who sold 45kg Beltex x hoggs at £118 per head. Another tremendous run of hoggs shown by TK Robinson, Tynewydd averaged 249ppkg.

Another strong trade was seen throughout with a good number of buyers present resulting in competitive bidding on all weights and grades of hoggs.

Yet again, the best quality better shaped hoggs sold very strongly topping at 262ppkg or £118/head, with plenty of other pens selling for over 230ppkg.

Heavyweight hoggs also sold a very strong demand once again, especially the better bred types.

Export and supermarket weight hoggs continue to sell to a good competitive trade, as do the lighter weight hoggs with plenty of hill bred hoggs selling above 200ppkg.

It is advised that all hoggets are belly clipped before being presented for sale.

Lights (209) to 250ppkg from DE Morgan & Co, Cefntwlch. Others to 238ppkg from CJ & ME Williams, Minysarn. Average of 204.41ppkg.

Standards (766) to 242ppkg from DE Morgan & Co, Cefntwlch. Others to 241ppkg from CJ & ME Williams, Minysarn. Average of 214.51ppkg.

Mediums (1262) to 262ppkg from BH Jerman, Amblecote Farmhouse. Others to 253ppkg from TK Robinson, Tynewydd. Average of 217.33ppkg.

Heavies (800) to 234ppkg from M & H Evans, Nantgolau. Others to 232ppkg from F & MJ Williams, Cefngwilgy Fach and BH Jerman, Amblecote Farmhouse.

Average of 204.65ppkg.

Overweights (194) to 207ppkg from MPB Ashton & Son, Belan Du. Average of 192.85ppkg.

Cull ewes (1,942):

The week we saw an increased entry of 1,853 cull ewes that met another solid trade, with an overall average of £68.13 being achieved.

The trade wasn't quite as fast as seen in recent weeks due to the slightly increased supply of ewes across the country as many farmers have now scanned their ewes.

However, the trade was still very strong throughout with any amount of the best Texel x and Suffolk x ewes at £95-plus.

The cull ewes average on the corresponding week last year was £51.85! Generally, the strength of ewes on offer the week weren't as strong as the previous week, that also would have influenced the week's average.

Top price of the day went to GL & SE Lloyd, Middle Gwerneirin, who sold Texel ewes for £156.

EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Ychain sold a tremendous run of Texel x Mule ewes, with the best of the run reaching £127.50.

A total of 82 cull rams were forward averaging by EN & EJ Bound, Cefnbeidiog.

Texel ewes to £156; Texel x Mule ewes to £127.50; Suffolk x ewes to £121; Mule ewes to £102.50; Welsh ewes to £74; Speckled ewes to £72; Dolgellau type Welsh ewes to £54.50.

Store lambs:

An entry of just over 850 was on show and, without doubt, double the amount could have been sold as the strong trade continues.

Theaves: Texels to £79.50, £69, £68.50, Mules to £64, Welsh £62.50, Beltex to £67.50 and Bluefaced Leicesters to £81 and £71.

Mixed and clean: Texels to £83, £82 and £81, Suffolks to £68, Mules to £64 and £60, Welsh to £71.50, £66 and £55 and Charollais to £62.

Wethers: Mules to £76 twice, £75 twice and £74.50, Welsh to £82.50, £63.50 and £51.

Tups: Texels to £88, £87 and £85 twice, Suffolks to £73.50, Mules to £72 and £67 and Welsh to £76, £75.50 and £74.

Averages: Theaves - £69.42; Mixed & clean - £64.13; Wethers - £66.48; Tups - £70.92; Overall - £67.02.

Cows and calves:

A seasonal entry of cows and calves met with a solid trade for the outfits presented.

Leading the way at £1620 was a 2014 born Blonde d'Aquitaine x cow with a Limousin x heifer calf at foot from FJ Owens & Co, Llettygynfach.

From the same home was a Welsh Black x cow with a Limousin x heifer calf, which sold at £1180.


A large entry for the first fodder sale of the year.

Round bale silage ranged from the £10-15 mark, with hay bales £14-15.

This was probably due to the good weather and plentiful harvest last summer and it early into this season, in addition to experiencing a mild winter. However, straw was well sold to £82 a tonne for spring barley.