THE hard work of volunteers, along with a fundraiser, has helped a football club avoid another flood disaster.

In March 2019, Corwen FC Juniors’ facilites were flooded out with damage including a generator costing around £4,000.

The changing rooms and kitchen were also submerged following heavy rainfall, with club officials calling the effects of the storm “heartbreaking”.

However, fast forward nearly a year and following a storm Ciara, and the club has managed to escape a repeat scenario this time around.

This is due to a fundraiser which collected more than £10,000 which in turn enabled the club to raise its facilities to a higher level in order to avoid any real flood damage.

Corwen FC Juniors’ head of youth development Ian Evans says the “hard work has paid off” for the club.

Corwen FC Juniors’ head of youth development Ian Evans continued: “We have been lucky now we have elevated the changing rooms and club house, so there’s been no real damage there.

“However, we were due to move the container housing our ride-on mower and tractor but that didn’t happen. So, we will need to asses the damage to these when the water allows us to gain access again.

“On the whole, and due to the work carried out in the summer, it’s certainly not as bad as it could have been.”

Corwen Juniors currently has more than one hundred young players on their books. The club is known for being the only one in South Denbighshire to offer football to young girls aged 10 to 16 years old.

Their pitch, which also caters for a women's team, is seperate to the first team's, who play on the War Memorial Park ground in the Cymru North division.

Mr Evans, who has been with the club for 15 years, continued: "It's been a positive outcome this time around, although we will need to do a clean up.

"Without the hard work to raise our cabins being carried out, we would have ended up in the same boat again - if you pardon the pun!"