Ruthin primestock sale - February 25

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,455 prime lambs to 291.9ppk / £124 and 209 cull ewes and rams to £144.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer: Elfor Morris):

A smaller entry was seen of 1,455 prime hoggets and trade was not quite as brisk.

However, there was still a very good SQQ of 234.4.

Top priced:

£121 for a pen of 67kg lambs from Mrs N Davies. Ty’r Efail; £121 for a pen of 61kg lambs from J M Jones & Co, Merllyn; £119 for a pen of 50kg lambs from M H Owens & Co, Glantre.

Top priced per kilo: 37kg at 291.9ppk by M H Owens & Co, Glantre; 39.5kg at 291ppk from M H Owens & Co, Glantre; 37kg at 289.2ppk from M H Owens & Co, Glantre.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss the trade or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Light to 2.492, Average 2.155; Standard to 2.919, Average 2.342; Medium to 2.911, Average 2.374; Heavy to 2.478, Average 2.232; Overall Average 229.7; SQQ 234.4.

Cull ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

A smaller entry was forward, which remained a very good trade.

Ewes are required on Fridays.

Cull ewes up to £144; Overall average £69.58.

Texel ewes to £130; Texel Rams to £144; Cross bred ewes to £90; Mule ewes to £90; Lleyn ewes to £124; Welsh rams to £60; Welsh ewes to £58; Romney Rams to £95.

Prime heifers:

Heifers to 2.295ppk; Top price 2.295ppk by HJ & FJ Williams, Maes Gadfa.

St Asaph livestock market - February 20

OLD season lambs (1,293):

A small entry were a fantastic trade throughout.

Many were selling over £130/head with a top price of £142/head.

Top price Light - 293p/kg shown by G O Lloyd, Bryn Goleu and £88/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard 319p/kg shown by G O Lloyd, Bryn Goleu and £118/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium 323p/kg shown by E H & M Williams, Bryn Betws and £133/head shown by M Tustain, Tandderwen.

Top price Heavy 260p/kg shown by H W Jones, Fferwd and £130/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Overweight 245p/kg shown by M Williams & Son, Criccin and £142/head shown by P A D Jones, School House; SQQ 241.34.

Light ave 217.02p/kg to 293.00p/kg to £88.00/hd; Standard ave 242.30p/kg to 319.00p/kg to £118.00/hd; Medium ave 243.96p/kg to 323.00p/kg to £133.00/hd; Heavy ave 238.50p/kg to 260.00p/kg to £130.00/hd; Overweight ave 225.20p/kg to 245.00p/kg to £142.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (694):

A better show of old ewes were a lot better trade, with any amount getting over £120/head.

The top price for Texel Ewes was £166/head; Mule Ewes to £120/head; Welsh Ewes to £61/head and Tups to £138/head.

Ewes to £166.00, ave £81.14; Rams to £138.00, ave £90.39.

Fodder beet:

Fodder beet sold to £28/tonne.

Llanrwst market - February 25

HOGGETS were slightly easier, but cull ewes remained on fire, with Welsh to £67 and Xbred to £128.

Hoggets (464):

S/lights (9) to 170p, av 167p; Lights (58) to 236p, av 224p; Standards (221) to 242p, av 228p; Mediums (129) to 240p, av 223p; Heavy (38) to 228p, av 217p; Overs (9) to 210p, av 209p.

Cull ewes / rams (105):

Strong Welsh to £67; Welsh to £55; Plain Welsh to £33; Xbred to £128; Mules to £100; Rams (Welsh) to £78.

Beef (11):

Limx strs to 187p; Simx strs to 165p; OTM Sim strs to 170p; OTM limx strs to 185p; OTM herx strs to 165p; BB hfrs to 180p; AA hfrs to 180p; OTM limx hfrs to 185p; OTM BB hfrs to 175p.

OTM cows (2):

Fri Cows to 93p.

Highest priced:

Hoggets (ppk): A & M Evans & Co, Cwrt y Llyn, Pentrefoelas, Betws y Coed.

Hoggets (per head): D Jones, Parc Farm, Great Orme, Llandudno.

Beef (ppk): G J Hughes, Cilmeityn, Glanwydden, Llandudno.

Beef (per head): H Hughes a'i fab, Ddolcastell, Rowen, Conwy.

OTM cows: M O & I J Hughes, Rhiwlas, Eglwysbach, Colwyn Bay.

Mold primestock sale - February 24

BEEF trade continued to meet an excellent demand.

There was no let up on the cull cow trade, while lambs were in short supply, but they remain dear.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 226.10p (1460.38); Top 20 Beef 220.80p (1430.95).

Prime cattle (138 entries - 56 hfrs, 66 strs, 16 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 205 (1476), Av 184.90; Medium Continental Heifers to 216, Av 196.16; Light Continental Heifers to 198, Av 194; Heavy Native Heifers to 180, Av 170.50; Medium Native Heifers to 184, Av 167; Light Native Heifers to 110, Av 107.50; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 171 (1120.05), Av 171; Medium Friesian Heifers to 144, Av 144.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 218 (1493.30)(Twice), Av 204.67; Medium Continental Steers to 235, Av 211.61; Light Continental Steers to 145, Av 145; Heavy Native Steers to 198 (1314.45), Av 176.80; Medium Native Steers to 207, Av 179.88; Light Native Steer to 178, Av 167; Heavy Friesian Steers to 165 (1276), Av 154.14; Medium Friesian Steers to 163, Av 159.50; Light Friesian Steers to 149, Av 149.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 215 (1444.50), Av 214.50; Medium Continental Bulls to 213, Av 186.80; Light Continental Bulls 212, Av 191; Medium Friesian Bulls to 130, Av 130; Light Friesian Bulls to 125, Av 117.50.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 169, Av 161; Medium Continental Heifers to 180, Av 175.75; Heavy Native Heifers to 176, Av 162.83; Medium Native Heifers to 160, Av 150; Medium Friesian Heifers to 154, Av 154; Light Friesian Heifers to 135, Av 135.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 165, Av 165; Medium Continental Steers to 186, Av 170; Light Continental Steers to 180, Av 160; Heavy Native Steers to 185 (1267.25), Av 182.50; Light Friesian Steers to 150, Av 150.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 169, Av 160; Medium Native Heifers to 137, Av 137.

Steers (over 36m): Heavy Native Steers to 166 (1344.60), Av 166.

Cull cows (79 entries - 51 dairy, 28 beef): Young St Cow (33m) to 176 (1056); Aged Lim (14 yr old) to 165 (1295.25); Aged WB (12 yr) to 150 (1185); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 143.80 (1044.24); Overall beef cow av 124.79; BF to 122p (893.20); HF to 120p (974.40); HO to 120p (881.40); Flec to 118p(839.50); Fr to 116p (824.90); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 117.70 (854.89); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 115.50 (806.60); Overall dairy cow av 103.63.

Cull bulls (2 entries): AA to 128 (1401.60).

Lambs (171 entries): Standard to 241, Av 226.10; Medium to 239, Av 227.98; Heavy to 222, Av 211.12; Sqq 226.70.

Ewes (29 entries): Ewes to 103, Av 78.41.

Dolgellau market – February 21

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 288 store cattle and 684 cast ewes, rams, in-lamb ewes and hoggets.

Prices: 26m Limousin x Heifers to £1100; 24m Limousin x Heifers to £1075; 22m Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £905; 22m Limousin x Heifers to £995; 22m Charolais x Heifers to £1050; 20m Aberdeen Angus x Heifers to £922; 20m Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £900; 20m Stabiliser x Heifers to £842; 20m Charolais x Heifers to £1040; 20m Limousin x Heifers to £1020; 18m Charolais x Heifers to £1135; 16m Charolais x Heifers to £1192; 16m Organic Pure Limousin Heifers to £1295; 14m Charolais x Heifers to £1100; 14m Limousin x Heifers to £928; 12m Charolais x Heifers to £912; 24m Limousin x Steers to £1008; 22m Charolais x Steers to £1068; 22m Welsh Black Steers to £1095; 22m Saler x Steers to £1158; 20m Charolais x Steers to £1165; 20m Saler x Steers to £1122; 20m Welsh Black Steers to £1095; 20m Limousin x Steers to £1012; 18m Charolais x Steers to £1145; 18m Pedigree Welsh Black Steers to £1000; 18m British Blue x Steers to £985; 18m Organic Pure Limousin Steers to £1120; 16m Saler x Steers to £1068; 16m Organic Pure Limousin Steer to £1250; 16m Charolais x Steers to £1185; 14m Charolais x Steers to £1102; 14m Limousin x Steers to £1112; 12m Limousin x Steers to £945; Yearly Welsh Ewes to £72; Welsh Rams to £57; Welsh Cast Ewes to £57; Texel Rams to £75; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £65; Speckled Face Rams to £50.40; Speckled Face Cast Ewes to £50; Texel Cast Ewes to £80; Welsh In-lamb Ewes from £32 to £76; Crossbred In-lamb Ewes to £73; Welsh Ewe Hoggs to £52.40; Welsh Hoggets to £59; Crossbred Hoggets to £72; Crossbred Ewe Hoggs to £69.

Ruthin primestock sale - February 21

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 486 hoggets and 296 ewes.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer: Rich Lloyd):

Hoggets continue to sell very well, with an entry of 486 at the sale and an SQQ of 231.5.

Top priced: 49kg at £123 by Edwards Bros, Pencraig; 49.5kg at £122 by Edwards Bros, Pencraig; 55kg at £122 by Nantclwyd Farms.

Top priced per kilo: 40kg at 260ppk by H Williams, Llawr y Betws; 33kg at 257ppk by MH, ME & G Williams, Ysgeibion Fawr; 42kg at 257ppk by Nantclwyd Farms.

It was a good trade throughout once again and more are required weekly.

Cull ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

Another good show of ewes, with the trade on fire.

A top price on the day of £178 went to a pen of Charollais ewes from MA Evans, Tan yr Accar.

Tal y Bont ewes from D T Jones, Plas yn Rhal sold to £92, while Welsh mountain ewes reached £72, sold by H Roberts, Cae Du.

Beltex ewes from R Pilkington, Shordley Hall made £137.

More ewes are required on a weekly basis please.

Texel ewes to £138; Lleyn ewes to £133; Charollais ewes to £178; Mule ewes to £115; Beulah ewes to £78; Suffolk ewes to £125.

An overall average of £82.20 was seen.

St Asaph livestock market - February 22

OLD season store lambs (286):

A few less lambs forward were met with another good trade, with a top price of £100/head from J Pugh, Celston Farm.

Super Light ave 173.39p/kg to 202.00p/kg to £50.00/hd; Light ave 181.67p/kg to 204.00p/kg to £59.50/hd; Standard ave 209.83p/kg to 277.00p/kg to £91.50/hd; Medium ave 205.31p/kg to 211.00p/kg to £95.00/hd; Heavy ave 200.00p/kg to 200.00p/kg to £92.00/hd; Overweight ave 167.15p/kg to 179.00p/kg to £100.00/hd.

Old ewes and rams (9)

Ewes to £90.00, ave £44.17; Rams to £50.00.

In-lamb ewes (32):

Welsh to £60/head; Texel to £105/head; X Bred to £75/head; Speckled to £40/head.

Ewe and lamb couples (3):

Mule doubles to £155.

Fodder beet:

Fodder beet to £28/tonne.

Mold stock sale - February 21

CATTLE of all ages and types were in demand again.

Another pleasing entry of 321 were forward on the day.

Dairy met good demand for a show of quality, although numbers were lacking.

A wide variety of calves were on offer at the sale, however buyers were in attendance for all types.

Store Cattle (209 entries): BB str (22m) to 1150; FLECV str (22m) to 1145; LIM str (22m) to 1095; AA str (22m) to 1085; CHAR str (21m) to 1040; ST str (23m) to 975; BSH str (19m) to 945; Sim Str (23m) to 935; HER str (22m) to 930; WB str (20m) to 925; SAL str (21m) to 890; HF str (22m) to 875; BF str (22m) to 795; FLECV hfr (23m) to 1000; CHAR hfrs (19m) to 990; SIM hfrs (23m) to 985; AA hfrs (23m) to 980; LIM hfrs (22m) to 940; BB hfrs (23m) to 925; BAZ hfr (22m) to 890; BSH hfr (20m) to 845; WB hfr (21m) to 830.

Stirks (112 entries): CHAR strs (12m) to 755; LIM strs (10m) to 720; BB strs (10m) to 700; SIM strs (11m) to 680; HER strs (11m) to 630; Flecv strs (10m) to 485; LIM hfr (8m) to 810; Char hfrs (7m) to 690; BB hfr (11m) to 670; HER hfr (11m) to 625; Flecv hfr (11m) to 490; AA hfr (8m) to 450.

Dairy (9 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1700, others to 1650, etc.

Cows: HF cows (6th) to 1350, others to 1320.

Calves (92 entries):

Bulls: Lim bull to 235; BB bull to 228; SIM bull to 210; Her bull to 180; AA bull to 140; HF bull to 100; HOL bull to 58; BS bull to 26.

Heifers: LIM hfr to 170; BB hfr to 160; SIM hfr to 145; Her hfr to 115; AA hfr to 95.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - February 20

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 141 Cattle to £1380; 34 Calves to £375; 11 OTM Cattle to £841.80; 878 Store Lambs to £117; 277 Breeding Ewes to £165; 185 Couples to £252; 17 Cade Lambs to £23; Stirks to £465.

Sheep section:

Store lambs (auctioneer: Rich Lloyd):

There was a larger entry of 878 store lambs with the trade remaining as buoyant as ever to see an overall average of £71.39.

Top prices of the day:

£104 for a pen of Texel ewe lambs from Mr T Davies, Cae Glas; £101 for a pen of Texel ram lambs from J Yaxley, Carrog Ucha; £95 for a pen pf Texel ram lambs from N L Rowlands, Dre Goch; £77 for two pens of Welsh mountain ram lambs from J Yaxley, Carrog Ucha; £68 for a pen of Welsh mountain ewe lambs from R H Roberts, Llygad yr Haul; £90.50 for cross bred ram lambs from A L Davies, Cwmarddau; £88 for cross bred ewe lambs from Dylan Jones, Merllyn

Still plenty of demand and more are required weekly.

Couples (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

There was a fantastic show of 185 couples forward on the day, including 75 Texel and Lleyn doubles with Paul Slater Beltex lambs at foot shown by G Edwards, Fferm.

Younger lamb couples were harder to sell due to the weather conditions, but couples with strong lambs met with a brisk trade.

Mule singles to £150, Doubles to £255; Texel singles to £175, Doubles to £262; Crossbred singles to £154, Doubles to £232; Charollais X singles to £155, Doubles to £220; Lleyn singles to £148, Doubles £232; Halfbred doubles to £188.

More couples are required to meet demand.

In lamb ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

Mule 4&6 tooth ewes in lamb at 218% to £140; Texel full mouth ewes in lamb singles to £122; Texel full mouth ewes in lamb doubles to £132; Blue Domaine in lamb ewes, mixed ages to £128; Welsh in lamb singles to £68; Welsh in lamb doubles to £76.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Glyn Owens and Emyr Lloyd):

More young cattle were forward on the day, remaining a buoyant trade with a brisk trade on all ages.

More cattle are required weekly to satisfy demand.


Top priced: £1,120 from I Evans, Wern Derw for a 23 month British Blue heifer; a 27 month Lim achieved £1110; 21 month Lim achieved £1050; 15 month British Blue achieved £1015; 17 month Charolais achieved £990; 20 month Simmental achieved £930; Overall average of heifers £869.11.

Steers: Top price £1220 from RJ & ED Breese, Gogarth for a 21 month Lim steer and I Evans, Wern Derw who achieved £1220 with a 23 month British Blue; 23 month British Blue achieved £1160; 15 month Limousin achieved £1220; 18 month Charolais achieved £1100; 21 month Saler achieved £1005; Overall average of Steers £931.73.

OTM cattle: A 69 month Lim cow weighing 660kg achieved 166ppk; A 68 month Lim cow weighing 785kg achieved 165ppk; A 149 month Lim cow weighing 715kg achieved 138ppk; A 200 month Lim cow weighing 725kg achieved 137pk; A 93 month British Blue cow weighing 805kg achieved 120ppk.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

Trade was on fire on the day with quality calves selling to a premium.

Jones, Penbryn Rhydd topped the market for a 4 week old Lim bull selling to £390, with another close behind at £380.

Best Lim heifers sold to £300, with second qualities to £200.

Roberts, Tir y Glyn was rewarded for his quality British Blue bulls, which sold to £385 (4 weeks old) and others to £375 and £350.

Young British Blue heifers from Morris, Marian Mawr sold to £260.

Three week old Angus bulls sold to £200, with heifers to £120.

A three week old Charolais bull sold to £365

A five week old Holstein Friesian sold to £80, with the smalls around the £20 mark.


Weanlings remain a firm trade for all types.

Second qualities met an even more buoyant trade.

8 month Hereford bullocks sold to £465; 3 month Angus bulls sold to £330; 3 month Angus heifers sold to £220; 3 month Holstein Friesian bulls sold to £170.

More weanlings are required on a weekly basis, with buyers waiting for all types.

Please get in touch with Dafydd Parry.

Dolgellau sale - February 14

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 646 cast ewe rams, store and ewe hoggets, and in-lamb ewes.


Welsh cast ewes to £53; Texel cast ewes to £90; Speckled face cast ewes to £60; Crossbred cast ewes to £70; Texel rams to £96; Blue face Leicester rams to £87; Speckled face rams to £84; Welsh rams to £60; Speckled face in-lamb ewes from £76 to £80; Welsh in-lamb ewes from £58 to £73; Welsh hoggets to £80.40; Welsh ewe hoggets to £55.40; Speckled face hoggets to £75; Speckled face ewe hoggets to £58; Crossbred hoggets to £93.40; Crossbred ewe hoggets to £88.

Rhayader livestock sale - February 20

Prime Hoggets (781):

SQQ 233.95/kg; Overall 230.67/kg.

Lights (21) average - 215.64/kg. Sold to 220/kg from JE Evans & Son, Middle Nantserth or £66/head from the same vendor.

Standards (110) average - 231.85/kg. Sold to 244p/kg from CJ Thomas, Beili Ddol or £95/head from the same vendor. Others to 241ppkg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym.

Mediums (395) average - 235.23/kg. Sold to 265p/kg from H & E Powell, Llwyngwilym or £108.20/head from C Jones, Craigol Farm. Others to 243ppkg from MJ & NE Samuel, Ffoeslapray.

Heavies (406) average - 228.06p/kg. Sold to 235p/kg from WK Morris, Coedtrewernau or £115/head from C Jones, Craigol Farm. Others to 234ppkg from BI Powell, Wernhargest.

Cull Ewes (103):

Average - £74.70; Ewes sold to £126/head for ewes from E Jones & Son, Penbontpren and rams to £105 from RBW Hughes, Dolhelfa Ganol.

Texel x ewes to £126; Suffolk x ewes to £110; Mule ewes to £105.

There was a fantastic trade on ewes!

More ewes needed each week to satisfy demand.

Welshpool market - February 24

Barren and cull cows (39):

A larger number of OTM cattle were on offer during the week, seeing a top price of £1284.78 (161ppkg) for a British Blue x OTM weighing in at 798kg from IE & M Gittins & Sons, Lower Ucheldre.

DW Griffiths & Son, Penybryn made 148ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 652kg making £964.96.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1106.91 (147ppkg) for a Beef Shorthorn x weighing 753kg from WM Astley & Sons, Llwynmawr.

A Roberts & Sons, Dolau made 159ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 631kg making £1003.29.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £1062.40 (166ppkg) for a Charolais heifer weighing 640kg from MR Bound & Co, Penybanc.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (23) 128.94ppkg / £825.35; Cows 48-72 Months (12) 141.63ppkg / £946.34; Heifers Under 48 months (3) 155.64ppkg / £937.48; Bull Under 72 months (1) 169ppkg / £971.75; Overall Average 135.83ppkg.

Prime hoggs (4060):

An entry of hoggs forward sold to return an average of 227.98ppkg, with a top price of 281ppkg for pen of hoggs weighing 40kg making £112.50 from RA Davies, Llwynderw, and £143.50/head for 66kg hoggs from RA Davies, Llwynderw.

A larger number of hoggets, which was a surprise considering the wet weather and floods, sold to, as expected, a slightly slower trade throughout which was in line with other national and local livestock market returns from later last week.

Better quality, better shaped hoggs continue to find a very strong demand with plenty of pens selling above 240ppkg and up to a high of 281ppkg for 40 kilo hoggs from Mr R A Davies, Llwynderw.

Also in strong demand were the very heavy weight hoggs (55+ kilos), especially the better bred ones with again plenty of pens selling at £130+.

Export and supermarket weight hoggs sold to a slightly reduced trade but keen competitive bidding was again found on all grades.

Light weight hoggs remained in strong demand especially the better meated types.

Overall, although a slightly reduced trade, prices remained very strong and hopefully prices will remain at similar price levels in the near future.

Vendors are encouraged to keep selling hoggs as they become well fleshed.

Lights (229) to 241ppkg from TC Jones, Blaenwaun. Others to 238ppkg from JH Morris, Brynaber. Average of 220.51ppkg.

Standards (710) to 255ppkg from TK Robinson, Tynewydd. Others to 253ppkg from MC Davies, Lower Brynelyn. Average of 229.03ppkg.

Mediums (1860) to 281ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 255ppkg from AS & Em Goolden & Sons, Cil Bach. Average of 228.29ppkg.

Heavies (949) to 268ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 246ppkg from H Isaac, Llwynderw. Average of 225.45ppkg.

Cull ewes (1419):

A reduced entry of cull ewes met the best trade seen in Welshpool Livestock Market for many years.

A big storage of heavy ewes forward, however almost 25 per cent of the entry sold for over £100!

Top price of the day went to DS Evans, Coedhirion, Llanddarog that sold Texel ewes at £186.

Plenty of Texel x ewes £130 plus, Mules £110 plus and Welsh at £80 plus. Overall average of £78.27, but a large proportion of the ewes forward were small/medium sized hill ewes.

A total of 63 cull rams forward averaged £89.43, with a top price of £127.50 being achieved by JO & BA Jenkins, Ty Uchaf.

Texel ewes to £186; Charollais ewes to £150; Beltex ewes to £145; Suffolk ewes to £136; Mule ewes to £125; Welsh ewes to £96.

Store hoggs:

There was an increased entry with a run of 232 from one vendor that hit £90 and averaged £88.50!

Theaves: Texels to £71.50, Suffolks to £85, £77.50 and Mules to £90.

Mixed and clean: Texels to £90 seven times, £84 ans £83 twice, Mules to £90, £67.50 twice and £62.50 and Charollais to £65 and £63.50.

Wethers: Mules to £63 and Swaledales to £57.

Tups: Texels to £75 and £74, Suffolks to £84 and £69, Mules to £80 and £53 and Welsh to £60 and £55.


Theaves £64.74; Mixed & clean - £79.98; Wethers - £56.04; Tups - £67.44; Overall - £74.26.

In-lamb ewes:

Again, despite the terrible weather conditions, the auction was met with an entry of over 300 and a few more buyers up and down the alley.

60 Charollais x full mouth ewes sold in pens of ten scanned at 180% sold to £132 and averaged £122.50.

146 Lleynx Texel x ewes in flock ages from 2 to 4 year old scanned at 178% sold to £126 and averaged £102.

Full mouth Texels sold to £132 for 15 scanned at 147% from RJ Morris, Woodside with full mouth Mules from the same home to £112.

Pure Texels sold to £160 for 3 year old scanned twins from S Smith, Penybryn with others to £148 and £145.

A run of 62 Welsh 3 and 4 year old ewes scanned twins sold to £66 and averaged £64 from RSPB, Tynygarreg.

Overall average - £100.59.


An entry of over 100 couples sold to a slightly harder trade although the best outfits were keenly contested and proved a very good trade.

DS Evans, Coed Hirion sold Texel ewes with single lambs to £240, £230 and £200 with 6 outfits averaging £101.50/life.

TM Davies, Wynnstay Farm sold aged ewes with twins to £200, £199 twice and £197.

M & C Parry, Caeau Gleision sold yearling Suffolks with singles to £218 and twins to £200.

Ryan Morris, Maestanyglwyden sold full mouth Texel ewes with singles to £151 and £150 with twins to £185, £182 and £180.

Averages - £160.09/unit or £62.12 a life.