INTERNATIONAL students at the independent Ruthin School can continue to be looked after by the staff in the school.

A spokesman for the school said: “Ruthin School confirms that in line with the instructions of the Welsh Government the school will close from 5pm on Friday March 20.

“Day pupils will leave the site at this point and will be taught on-line, at least until the end of this term.

"Boarders are being encouraged to return home as quickly as possible.

“Those international students who are unable to return to their homes will be offered the opportunity to remain at the school where they will be looked after by staff members who will remain on site.

"These pupils will be taught on line with their fellow pupils.”

Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, has today announced that the Easter break will be brought forward and from next week schools will be given "a new purpose" as part of efforts to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

She explained: "We are in an unprecedented period, one that is changing hour-by-hour, and governments around the world are having to make quick decisions. I have been clear up to now that the continuity of education and the wellbeing of our learners has been at the heart of my decision making."