DUE to the restrictions in place cancelling races and group training, Denbigh Harriers set up a virtual fell race.

This was for those individuals who wanted to solo run a pre-defined 10k / 6.2-mile course at a time of their own choosing over the weekend, between sunrise on Friday until sunset on Sunday.

The runners all recorded their own times on the route from the Llangwyfan Forest car park between Pen y Cloddiau and Moel Arthur, then on a low route to Moel y Parc and then back over Pen y Cloddiau to the car park.

The competitive spirit was evident even in a virtual race with some superb times recorded over this course.

All runners were advised to observe social distancing precautions and avoid other members of the public as much as possible.

Times: Brett Jones 48.09; Huw Williams 49.46; Vic Belshaw 50.42; Dan Jones 51.18; David Baugh 56.30; Mel Morris 57.01; Emma Collins 57.04; Owen Conry 1-01.12; Mari Williams 1-01.22 (with a dog!); Katy Baugh 1-01.27 (longer route); Tony Benton 1-01.33; Duncan Jones approx 1-02.00; Tracey Williams 1-03.34 (with a dog); Peter Lester-Owen 1-04.00; Mat Jones 1-06.56; Glen Price 1-06.56; Sue Hewitt 1-13.00; Menai Baugh 1-15.09.

Another virtual race along the same lines was run on a handicap basis on footpaths around the fields in Denbigh.

This was a 5.5k cross country course, which was still muddy in places.

Again, competition was on offer with some runners doing the course more than once to improve their times.

Each person recorded their own actual time after their solo run and the handicapper then gave them a virtual finishing time as if the race had started at 6.30pm with each individual’s handicap added.

The winner won one point, with the last runner winning 10 points.

It is hoped that this can continue and after time a league table will result crowning the overall winner.

Results: 1, Mari Williams 30.21; 2, Peter Lester Owen 32.03; 3, Elen Baugh 31.45; 4, Vic Belshaw 28.17; 5, Fred Jones 31.49; 6, Arwel Jones 34.09; 7, Ed Brown 38.32; 8, Menai Baugh 34.33; 9, David Baugh 29.29; 10, Chris Baldwin 35.54.

The border league race in Wrexham on March 15 was held in excellent conditions for fast road racing.

A noticeably reduced field assembled on the start line, with 267 making it to the finish on the two-lap, 9.4k course.

The season has now been cut short because of the current health emergency, but three Denbigh Harriers were lucky to run in the last race and one of the last races to be run until the ban for racing and mass gatherings is lifted.

Emma Collins, who was the first F55, kept a steady pace throughout and passed Mat Jones in the last half-a-kilometre.

Mat was seconds behind, finishing 140th in 41.25 and Tony Benton was 166th in 43.10.