Getting supplies financial advice

PEOPLE in isolation are being given financial safety pointers while getting household supplies.

One of the big challenges facing those in isolation is getting household supplies and groceries.

Payments should be made through electronic exchange systems wherever possible - such as bank transfers, card payments made over the phone - so that they are traceable and separate from the act of delivery.

Where the householder isn’t able to make electronic payments, perhaps a nominated family member could do so on their behalf.

Many smaller shops are able to take electronic payments. Local volunteers can then just pick up the shopping and deliver.

Cash exchange should be avoided at all costs, and residents are being urged not to give someone else their bank car and PIN.

Volunteers should take photographs on mobile phones to share with the household to create evidence of the purchases, costs and delivery.

If the householder suffers from confusion or issues with phones, a nominated family member could receive texts with photos attached to safeguard against financial risks.

Working with Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council, Denbighshire County Council has created a list of community resources, which includes businesses that are able to carry out over-the-phone transactions or deliver.

Visit or call the council on 01824 706000.